GUNS N’ Roses / Ritz 1988 Definitive Edition 3rd Edition / 1DVD+1CD

GUNS N’ Roses / Ritz 1988 Definitive Edition 3rd Edition / 1DVD+1CD / Non Label
Translated text:

Live at the Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 2nd February 1988 PRO-SHOT/STEREO SBD

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GUNS N ‘ROSES’ … … No, Rock The best masterpiece has arrived again. That “the strongest and the best masterpiece” is a traditional super-masterpiece Proshot containing “1988 February 2nd New York” performance. It is a super upgrade board which updated the highest peak quality of the big classic image “Club · Ritz” ever.
This work appeared two years ago and it was sold out shortly. “Second edition” also arrived, this is also sold out immediately. After that, although the regular release was announced from the official, for some reason it was torn down. Voices calling for vertex pictures that still do not exceed have come constantly, and thus the “third edition” came into appearance (contents are completely identical because of the apex). How funny this “Ritz performance” is, and how the book is at the top. Let’s explain.

【Super high quality exceeding the peak】
This live is repeatedly broadcasted on television and radio, and as it has produced a number of unexpected titles, there will be many people who have seen it. However! This work is different from the upgrade from Sakeji. It is recorded from the VHS for promotion to the DVD, and from the broadcast master LP of Westwood One ‘s “SUPERSTAR CONCERT” on the CD. That is, both DVD and CD are “before broadcasting”. Far more than air checking, there is absolutely no deterioration, it is literally “two or more presses of super quality” that can not be more than this!
Indeed, even with the already-released title which was surprised as “the image quality is good!” Without the MTV broadcasting logo in the video, after watching this work, the screen blur is worrisome and I feel like playing again Not so. Only the Promo VHS had “Mama Kin” missing, so only the best ones were selected carefully and recorded only there. Although there was something that the order of the songs is out of order in the conventional board, this work is faithful to the day of the live. Likewise, the quality of the CD is completely perfect. Because it is raising from the radio show / disc, not the picture drop, it is the optimum mix for audio. On top of that, he gave a polite full power remaster, and he was undoubtedly the best ever. No, I will finally make it the best sound that will never go beyond the future.

[Original of GUNS original that turned the earth up] It does not say “video / sound is ultra-quality only” the ultimate one “. The live that is contained is the ultimate. Because it is a raw version of APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, an iconic version of the age in which it is unnecessary to call “name board” or the like anymore. Not only 9 songs in 12 albums are showing, but still “GN’R LIES” is not yet released, just as GUNS N ‘ROSES, which has just created “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”, is rampant.
The latter live entering a lot of guests and scattering the monster for the first time is also amazing, but the one that is enclosed here is a sudden lock that wobbles with only “that five people”. The momentum that gets scattered every live item of every band is its spirit as it is its freshness. Why did GUNS N ‘ROSES even become a social phenomenon, and why were they only special? Right now, I can only think of it as a dream, that bustle is in front of my eyes. If you look at the picture you will be touched by the crispy movements of youthful Axel Rose, listening to the CD will make the heart of the body hotter than the beat that is too wild and a bold Les Paul Sound burns her heart. Fu, I was in trouble. Even if we do a thousand words, I am not confident of talking about this “phenomenon” ….
As long as the long history has proven, this is exactly “the strongest rock” and “the ultimate live”. CDs and DVDs are just dishes filled with some images and sounds. However, what jumps out of this work that should be a dish is the “phenomenon” that changed the history of the world. Whether it is a powerful unrivaled “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”, only that one did not become a “phenomenon”. GUNS N ‘ROSES has repainted everything as it appeared. It is a press two-piece set packed with the identity of that “phenomenon” with perfect quality. Nobody can ignore this work!

★ Overwhelming quality that surpasses all previous episodes. Ultimate title that can assert as being special in every sense. In response to the request, 3rd press board is released urgently. All the boards and jackets were renewed, Collector necessities.

GUNS N’ ROSESの……いや、ロック最強にして最高傑作が再び入荷いたしました。その“最強・最高傑作”とは、「1988年2月2日ニューヨーク公演」を収めた伝統の超・名作プロショット。大定番映像“クラブ・リッツ”の史上最高峰クオリティを更新した超アップグレード盤です。

このライヴはテレビやラジオで繰り返し放送され、数限りない既発タイトルを生み出してきただけに、ご覧になった方もさぞや多いことでしょう。しかし! 本作はそんじょそこらのアップグレードとはワケが違います。DVDにはプロモーション用VHSから、CDにはWestwood Oneの“SUPERSTAR CONCERT”の放送原盤LPから収録しているのです。つまり、DVDもCDも“放送前”。エアチェックどころか劣化も一切なく、文字通り“これ以上はあり得ない”スーパー・クオリティのプレス2枚組みなのです!
実際、映像にはMTVの放送ロゴもなく、かつて“すげぇ画質だ!”と驚いていた既発タイトルでさえ、本作を観た後では画面ボケが気になって二度と再生する気になれないほどです。唯一、プロモVHSには「Mama Kin」が抜けていましたので、そこのみ既発の中からベストなものを厳選して収録しました。従来盤には曲順が狂っているものもありましたが、本作こそがライヴ当日に忠実な内容です。同様に、CDのクオリティもまったくパーフェクト。映像落しではなく、ラジオショウ・ディスクから起こしていますので、オーディオに最適なミックス。その上に丁寧な全力リマスターを施し、間違いなく過去最高。いや、これからも未来永劫、超えようがないベスト・サウンドに仕上げました。

映像/サウンドがウルトラ・クオリティなだけでは“究極の1本”とは言いません。収められたライヴこそが究極なのです。もはや「名盤」などと称するのも気が引けるほどの時代の象徴盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』、その生バージョンなのですから。アルバム12曲中9曲が披露されるだけでなく、まだ「GN’R LIES」すらリリースされず、まさに『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』を創り上げたままのGUNS N’ ROSESが暴れているのです。
ゲストを大量に投入してモンスターぶりを撒き散らす後年のライヴも凄いのですが、ここに封入されているのは“あの5人”だけでぶちかます激ロック。その生々しさたるや、あらゆるバンドのあらゆるライヴ・アイテムを蹴散らしてしまう勢いが噴き出してくるのです。なぜGUNS N’ ROSESは社会現象にさえなったのか、なぜ彼らだけが特別だったのか。今、思い起こしても夢のようにしか思えない、あの喧騒が目の前にあるのです。映像を見れば若々しいアクセル・ローズのキレッキレな動きに目を奪われ、CDで聴けばワイルド極まりないビートに身体の芯が熱くなり、図太いレスポール・サウンドが胸を焦がす。ふぅ、困った。千の言葉を尽くしても、この“現象”を語る自信がない……。
もう長い歴史が証明している通り、まったくもってこれこそが“最強のロック”“究極のライヴ”ってやつなのです。CDやDVDなんて、いくばくかの映像と音声が詰まっただけの皿に過ぎません。ところが、皿であるはずの本作から飛び出してくるのは、世界を、歴史を変えた“現象”なのです。いかな強力無比な『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』であろうと、あの1枚だけでは“現象”にはならなかった。登場と共にすべてを塗り替えてしまったGUNS N’ ROSES。あの“現象”の正体を、パーフェクト・クオリティで余すことなく詰め込んだプレス2枚組です。何人たりとも、本作を無視することはできない!


Promo VHS
★放送前のもので、MTVテロップなし ★史上ベストのクオリティを保証

1. Intro 2. It’s So Easy 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. Out Ta Get Me 5. Sweet Child O’ Mine
6. My Michelle 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Welcome To The Jungle 9. Nightrain
10. Paradise City 11. Mama Kin 12. Rocket Queen


Westwood One Radio Show LPs
Taken from the Original Westwood One Superstar Concert Series 3LP Records

1. Intro 2. It’s So Easy 3. Mr. Brownstone 4. Out Ta Get Me 5. Sweet Child O’ Mine
6. My Michelle 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. Welcome To The Jungle 9. Member Introduction
10. Nightrain 11. Paradise City 12. Mama Kin 13. Rocket Queen




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