Guns N’ Roses / Ritz 1987/ 1CD+1DVD

Guns N’ Roses / Ritz 1987/ 1CD+1DVD / Zodiac

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Live at the Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 23rd October 1987 PRO-SHOT/SBD+AUD

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What, what a shock! Currently, Pro Shot shaking all over the world mania appears as a permanent preservation press title !!
The shock image is “The Ritz Performance on 23rd October 1987”. Speaking of “Early GUNS N ‘ROSES’ Ritz”, there is a large standard pro shot familiar in our “RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION (Zodiac 110)”, but over there in 1988. This work is completely different from that, it is the early 1987 year, only three months have passed since the release of the revolutionary board “APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION”. Speaking of images in 1987, unplugged “CBGB’S 1987” is also famous, but this work is a week before that. Although it is a live which had been known for audience recording until now, it is no excuse for pro shots to be discovered ….
This work is a set of two pieces that arranged the new excavation pro shot on Disk 1, the sound board + to Disk 2 + the live album finished to a complete version with Audience.

【Disc 1: Pro Shot DVD】
First of all, shock pro shot anyway. The existence itself is a miracle, but the quality is also a special grade. Master said to have flowed out of GEFFEN is strange beauty. Of course, it is not an official quality like “RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION”, but freshness comes with origami, neither dubbing nor aged deterioration is felt. It is a beautiful high quality image even if it is seen with the modern eyes of digital primeval.
However, it is different from the pro shot like the official work. The angle is captured in one direction from the back of the audience seats (probably 2 turtles?), And screen shuffle, wipe, stop motion, superimposition of distant view and zoom, etc. are also given an image like home video. It seems that GEFFEN performed shooting / editing, but what on earth did you produce for …? Although such handmade feeling drifts, this work is definitely a professional specification. It is proved by a super beautiful do-up. If you go to the accelerator, each hair is beautiful, and if you move to the hands of the slash you will see the nails and wrinkles of the first joint. Of course, the visibility is not interrupted by the shadow of the audience, and it is a sense of stability that can only be achieved by professional shots. It is drawn with smooth and dynamic camera work while keeping it brisk.
It is the sound that makes it more prominent than such visual beauty. It is perfectly mixed sound board sound, direct brainstorm instead of ears. The cheers are also screwed into the fierce lock with a distant direct connection glaring line recording. Unfortunately the first 4 songs have not been recorded and we start from the middle of “Welcome To The Jungle” but still about 1 hour · 11 young nonstop young GUNS N ‘ROSES is fully open (27 seconds when introducing members , “Mama Kin” at the beginning there is a missing picture of about 15 seconds, there is supplemented with audiences recording + still picture).
Among such surprises is “Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door.” It is MEGADETH ‘s Dave Mustain to come to where Axel is singing rust plenty of mood. We are compromised to sing together, but Lordy came immediately and is picked out. It is about 1 second in time and it is really a Mustain himself, just a fans who are just like …… I think that is not surprising, but when I pay attention to Lordy, “Oh, is that so? It is like a music companion also when I follow calmly with the feeling that I feel good. After all, it must be himself / herself. Full of smell of “1987” for anything. It’s amazing, it’s a terrific pro shot.

【Disk 2: SBD + Supreme AUD Full Live Album】
Because of this big excavation, this work also recorded press albums that make the best use of the possibilities. Four songs that were missing at the top sound board included in the Pro Shot Master “It’s So Easy” “Move To The City” “Out Ta Get Me” “Mr. Brownstone” and “Welcome To The Jungle” It is a full live album that complemented the first half of the audience with an audience recording.
Moreover, it is not just a matter of simply making it long. Mastering carefully in consideration of enjoying by voice alone. I finished it for a sound for a better missing audio. Of course, the audience recording that we used for complementation is not just a matter. While using the same recording as Langley label masterpiece “RITZ ’87”, use a fresh master. Also fine adjustment so that the connection with the sound board becomes natural as much as possible. Fine entering existing material, put it in fine, realized “full recording of highest peak sound”.

The “1987 GUNS N ‘ROSES” drawn in the Pro Shot & Live album created in this way … …. This is already beyond description. “Do not Cry” “You’re Crazy” “Reckless Life” that I could not taste even though “MUSIC MACHINE 1986” “RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION” is valuable, but it is not that story at all. Anyway, the monster lock of “Original GUNS” which was returning the whole earth to the basket. All the songs are furious, and that is whispered with “Pre Shoot Proshot” and “Noh Direct Hit Sound Board” …. It is exactly new discovery of wonder. Please enjoy it with a press DVD + CD that will not lose its spirit forever!

何という、何という衝撃! 現在、全世界のマニアを震撼させているプロショットが永久保存プレス・タイトルで登場です!!
その衝撃映像とは「1987年10月23日The Ritz公演」。“初期GUNS N’ ROSESのリッツ”と言えば、当店の『RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION(Zodiac 110)』でもお馴染みの大定番プロショットがありますが、あちらは1988年。本作はそれとはまったくの別ライヴで、さらに初期の1987年であり、革命盤『APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION』のリリースから3ヶ月しか経っていない。1987年映像と言えば、アンプラグドの『CBGB’S 1987』も有名ですが、本作はその1週間前にあたるのです。これまでオーディエンス録音では知られていたライヴではあるものの、まさかプロショットが発掘されるなんて……。

まずは、とにかく衝撃のプロショット。存在自体が奇跡的なのですが、クオリティも特級。GEFFENから流出したと言われるマスターは異様な美しさ。もちろん、さすがに『RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION』のようなオフィシャル・クオリティではありませんが、鮮度は折り紙付きでダビング劣化も経年劣化も感じられない。デジタル全盛の現代の目で観ても麗しい高画質ぶりです。
そんな映像美以上にプロ然としているのがサウンド。完璧にミックスされたサウンドボード音声で、耳元どころか脳みそダイレクト。歓声も遠いド直結ギラギラなライン録音で激烈ロックがねじ込まれるのです。残念ながら冒頭4曲が未収録で「Welcome To The Jungle」の途中からスタートするのですが、それでも約1時間・全11曲ノンストップで若きGUNS N’ ROSESが全開なのです(メンバー紹介時に27秒、「Mama Kin」冒頭に15秒ほどの撮影漏れがあり、そこはオーディエンス録音+静止画で補完されています)。
そんな中で驚くのが「Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door」。アクセルがムードたっぷりにサビを歌っているところへやって来るのが、なんとMEGADETHのデイヴ・ムステインなのです。一緒に歌おうと歩み寄るのですが、ローディが即座にやってきてつまみ出されてしまうのです。時間にして1秒ほどの出来事で、本当にムステイン本人なのか、ただ似ているだけのファンなのか……と思うところですが、アクセルは特に驚かず、ローディに注意されると「あ、そう? 別にいいよ」という感じで平静に従うあたりも音楽仲間っぽい。やはり、本人なのでしょう。何から何まで“1987年”の匂い満載。凄い、凄すぎるプロショットです。

これだけの大発掘ゆえに、本作では可能性を最大限に活かすプレス・アルバムも収録しました。プロショット・マスターに収録されていた極上サウンドボードに、欠けていた冒頭4曲「It’s So Easy」「Move To The City」「Out Ta Get Me」「Mr. Brownstone」と、「Welcome To The Jungle」の前半をオーディエンス録音で補完したフル・ライヴアルバムです。
しかも、ただ単に長くしただけではありません。音声だけで楽しむことを考慮して丹念にマスタリング。一層抜けの良いオーディオ向けのサウンドに仕上げました。もちろん、補完に使用したオーディエンス録音もただものではない。Langleyレーベルの名作『RITZ ’87』と同じ録音ながら、さらに鮮度の良いマスターを使用。こちらもサウンドボードとの繋ぎが(可能な限り)自然になるよう微調整。現存する素材を微に入り細に入って整え、“最高峰サウンドのフル収録”を実現しました。

こうして誕生したプロショット&ライヴアルバムで描かれる“1987年のGUNS N’ ROSES”……。これはもう、筆舌に尽くしがたい。『MUSIC MACHINE 1986』『RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION』でも味わえなかった「Don’t Cry」「You’re Crazy」「Reckless Life」も貴重なのですが、それどころの話じゃない。何しろ、全地球をちゃぶ台返ししていた“オリジナルGUNS”の怪物ロック。全曲が激烈で、それが“目の前プロショット”と“能直撃サウンドボード”でブチかまされるのですから……。まさに驚異の新発掘。永久に輝きを失わないプレスDVD+CDでご堪能ください!

1. Welcome To The Jungle 2. My Michelle 3. Don’t Cry 4. Rocket Queen 5. Nightrain
6. Sweet Child O’ Mine 7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 8. You’re Crazy 9. Paradise City
10. Reckless Life 11. Mama Kin


1. It’s So Easy 2. Move To The City 3. Out Ta Get Me 4. Mr. Brownstone
5. Welcome To The Jungle ★3:25からSBDに切り替わる。6. My Michelle
7. Don’t Cry 8. Rocket Queen 9. Nightrain 10. Sweet Child O’ Mine
11. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 12. You’re Crazy 13. Paradise City 14. Reckless Life
15. Mama Kin


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