Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner / Made In Moscow / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner / Made In Moscow / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Non Label
Made In Moscow plus Bonus DVDR “Chelyabinsk 2004”. PRO-SHOT

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Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, the names of the nobility who have titles of “former DEEP PURPLE”. An official studio album where two soulful singing voices intersect is an emergency arrival. That album is a phantom “MADE IN MOSCOW”. It is an official work which is not an exaggeration to say it is the 3rd album of HUGHES TURNER PROJECT.
This album was a famous artist who knows. As you know, Glenn and Joe were acting as a HUGHES TURNER PROJECT (hereinafter HTP), but at the end of that they also had recorded the third studio work. The key person is Russian politician Michael Men. Ultimately, he was a minister of the Russian government until 2018, but this person is a big fan of classic rock. He served as a bass player and also had semi-pro band activities. This work is a studio album created by Michael Men inviting Glenn and Joe to Moscow in September 2004 (Michael Men was deputy mayor of Moscow).
Originally, it was not amusing to be known worldwide as HTP’s 3rd album, but this album is a limited release only in Russia, and it is also the first time in July 2005 only. At that time, it was imported to Japan to a very slight extent, but of course a brief moment. At present it is a rare item whose second hand is traded at premium price. This work is a super board which added a delicious bonus track which adds perfect collection to such rare album.

【Phantom masterpiece “MADE IN MOSCOW”】
First of all, the main “MADE IN MOSCOW” appears. This studio work is exactly right to call HTP’s 3rd album. Recording members are Glen and Joe as the main axis, while Michael Men’s band is the back. Glen also served as base for HTP, but here the full-time bassist and Michael Men himself are playing.
Sound quality (as a matter of course) is perfectly indecisive official grade, but its content is also wonderful. Russian writes the songs, lyrics (and perhaps melodies as well) are Glenn & Joe. Its style is legitimate European melodic rock. In Russia, DEEP PURPLE popularity is overwhelming, it seems that even LED ZEPPELIN surpasses it. Because of that longing, the melody of melancholy is more important than groove, the melody is really delicious. The basics are rocky in England, but there is a barely exotic flavor. “Arianna” “I’m Alive” “The Alchemist” in which the admiration for the West Rock is exuded “Let The Fire Rage” with a strong impression of folk songs, “Warrior Of The World” Even though reggae beat, “Forgive Her” in European mood, “On your Marks” with melancholy from the intro riff, name ballad “Old Friend” with a combination of two people, a lively phrase and a mysterious phrase dance “Circus Life” …… While none are orthodox, all the interesting songs that the hidden taste with habit is simple and straightforward. Moreover, it sings it is the classic rock ‘s name singer two people. Although it is infinitely HTP-like, it is also a hard rock unique to Russia.

【Super bonus bonus 2 songs】
After such “MADE IN MOSCOW” main part, two songs of bonus tracks that complete Glen & Joe’s collaboration collection are recorded. Both songs are not a kind of live or demo, but an official studio take of 100% perfection. By combining “HTP” “HTP 2” with this work, we can complete a studio collection where the voices of two people overlap.
The first piece is “Chosen Man” of Niccolo Kotzev released in 2001, which is just before the start of HTP. Nicolo is a guitarist / violinist known as the DEEP PURPLE / RAINBOW straightball follower. Although famous also for BRAZEN ABBOT, Glenn & Joe gathered together for his first two-disc two-disc concept concept work “NOSTRADAMUS”. This album is a rock opera where various singers were cast, Joe was the leading role Nostradamus, Glen was playing Henry II of the French. Although they are singing a number of songs in an important role, only “Chosen Man” became a duet (Although it is a digression, “NOSTRADAMUS” also includes Dougy · White, Yolan · Edman, Jorun · Rande, Arana Miles and Sus Jordan also participated.Besides, rhythm corps and keyboards are EUROPE members.What is already out of print, it was a masterpiece that sublimated RAINBOW’s worldview to a luxurious rock opera).
This “Chosen Man” is also a masterpiece inspired. BRAZEN ABBOT was also a RAINBOW follower of RATA BLANCA Bura, but the concept work “NOSTRADAMUS” is even grand and dramatic. Moreover, this song is a song of a texture that will become a highlight of the story. The scene is the floor of Death of Henry II. Henri II (Glen) said, “The remainder is chosen, but it is over, we do not want to die” singing the word of life and that Nostradamus (Joe) said, “(Why did you predict) why you learn Did not you? “And return the song of regret. Place such lines on a spectacularly melody, and the two name singers will soulfully multiply in a gospel-like style. A conversational-style vocal battle that could not be DEEP PURPLE or HTP is an awesome super-name take.
And the last song is amazing by hanging around the circle. This is “Republic Hymn” of THE VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCK released in 2001 as well. 9.11 A style of American singing song created at the time of simultaneous multiple terrorism, a style in which various singers follow like songs like “We Are The World” and HEAR ‘N AID. That ment is too amazing. Bobby · Kimball, Jimi · Jamison, Mike · Reno, Spencer · Davis, Pat Traverse, Leslie West with Glen & Joe as the lead. Furthermore, Alex Ligertwood of SANTANA, Larry Hoppen of ORLEANS, Nick Guilder of SWEENEY TODD, Peter Rivera of RARE EARTH, John Caffe Luty, David Jenkins … …. It is a great praise by the heavyweights of classical rock.

Glenn & Joe showed up the twin vocal style hard rock boasted by the 3rd and 4th DEEP PURPLE in the 21st century. To the studio album which becomes the final form, there are 2 bonus songs that make the collaboration collection of two persons perfect. It is a studio work that becomes 3rd album following just “HTP” “HTP 2”. A stunning official masterpiece suitable for the new spring of 2019. It is permanent preservation press CD, it is finally appearing.
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「元DEEP PURPLE」の肩書きを持つ希代の名シンガー、グレン・ヒューズとジョー・リン・ターナー。2人のソウルフルな歌声が交差する公式スタジオ・アルバムが緊急入荷です。そのアルバムとは、幻の『MADE IN MOSCOW』。HUGHES TURNER PROJECTの3rdアルバムと言っても過言ではないオフィシャル作品です。
このアルバムは、知る人ぞ知る名作でした。ご存じの通り、グレンとジョーの2人はHUGHES TURNER PROJECT(以後、HTP)として活動していたわけですが、その末期にも3枚目となるスタジオ作品をレコーディングしていました。キーマンとなるのは、ロシアの政治家マイケル・メン。2018年までロシア政府の大臣を務めていた超大物ですが、この人物はクラシック・ロックの大ファン。自身がベーシストを務め、セミプロ的なバンド活動もしていました。本作は、そんなマイケル・メンが2004年に9月にグレンとジョーをモスクワに招いて制作したスタジオ・アルバムなのです(当時のマイケル・メンはモスクワ副市長でした)。

まず登場するのは、メインとなる『MADE IN MOSCOW』。このスタジオ作は、まさにHTPの3rdアルバムと呼ぶに相応しい。録音メンバーはグレンとジョーを主軸にしつつ、バックを務めるのはマイケル・メンのバンド。HTPではグレンがベースも務めましたが、ここでは専任ベーシストとマイケル・メン自身が弾いています。
サウンド・クオリティは(当然の事ながら)完全無欠の公式級ですが、中身も素晴らしい。曲を書いたのはロシア側で、作詞(と恐らくメロディも)はグレン&ジョーです。その作風は正統的な欧州メロディック・ロック。ロシアではDEEP PURPLE人気が絶大でして、LED ZEPPELINさえも凌駕しているそう。その憧れ故か、グルーヴよりも哀愁のメロディを最重視しており、そのメロディが実に美味しい。基本は英国ロック的なのですが、そこはかとないエキゾチックな風味が漂うのです。西側ロックへの憧れが滲む「Arianna」「I’m Alive」「The Alchemist」、民謡調のリフが強烈な印象の「Let The Fire Rage」、哀愁のサビが心くすぐる「Warrior Of The World」、レゲエ・ビートなのに欧州ムードの「Forgive Her」、イントロのリフから哀愁が咽ぶ「On Your Marks」、2人のコンビネーションが絶品な名バラード「Old Friend」、軽快ながらフッと謎めいたフレーズが舞う「Circus Life」……どれも正統派でありつつ、クセのある隠し味が一筋縄ではいかない面白い曲ばかり。しかも、それを歌うのがクラシック・ロックの名シンガーたる重鎮2人。限りなくHTP的ではあるものの、ロシアならではのハードロックでもあるのです。

そんな『MADE IN MOSCOW』本編の後には、グレン&ジョーの共演コレクション完璧にするボーナス・トラックが2曲収録されています。両曲ともライヴやデモの類ではなく、完成度100%の公式スタジオ・テイク。『HTP』『HTP 2』と本作を合わせれば、2人の声が重なり合うスタジオ・コレクションをコンプリートできるわけです。
その1曲目は、HTPの始動直前となる2001年にリリースされたニコロ・コツェフの「Chosen Man」。ニコロはDEEP PURPLE/RAINBOWの直球フォロワーとして知られるギタリスト/ヴァイオリニスト。BRAZEN ABBOTでも有名ですが、彼の一世一代となる2枚組コンセプト大作『NOSTRADAMUS』には、グレン&ジョーが揃って参加。このアルバムは様々なシンガーが配役されたロックオペラで、ジョーは主役のノストラダムス、グレンはフランス王アンリ2世を演じていました。2人は重要な役どころで何曲も歌っていますが、デュエットとなったのは「Chosen Man」だけでした(余談ですが、『NOSTRADAMUS』には他にドゥギー・ホワイト、ヨラン・エドマン、ヨルン・ランデ、アランナ・マイルズ、サス・ジョーダンも参加。しかも、リズム隊やキーボードはEUROPEの面々。すでに廃盤ですが、RAINBOWの世界観を豪華なロックオペラに昇華した傑作でした)。
この「Chosen Man」がまた感動の名曲。BRAZEN ABBOTもRATA BLANCAばりのRAINBOWフォロワーでしたが、コンセプト作『NOSTRADAMUS』はさらに壮大でドラマティック。しかも、この曲は物語のハイライトとなるキメの1曲なのです。シーンはアンリ2世の死の床。アンリ2世(グレン)が「余は選ばれし者。だが、もう終わりだ。死にたくはない」と命がけの言葉を歌い、そのノストラダムス(ジョー)は「(予言したのに)なぜ学んでくれなかった?」と悔恨の歌を返す。そんなセリフを壮大極まるメロディに乗せ、2人の名シンガーがソウルフルに、ゴスペル風に掛け合う。DEEP PURPLEやHTPでもあり得なかった会話風のヴォーカル・バトルが凄まじい超名テイクなのです。
そして、最後の1曲は輪をかけて凄い。これまた2001年にリリースされたTHE VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCKの「リパブリック讃歌」です。9.11同時多発テロに際して制作されたアメリカ愛唱歌のシングルで、「We Are The World」やHEAR ‘N AIDのようにさまざまなシンガーが歌い継いでいくスタイル。そのメンツが凄すぎる。グレン&ジョーを筆頭に、ボビー・キンボール、ジミ・ジェイミソン、マイク・レノ、スペンサー・デイヴィス、パット・トラヴァース、レスリー・ウェスト。さらにはSANTANAのアレックス・リガートウッド、ORLEANSのラリー・ホッペン、SWEENEY TODDのニック・ギルダー、RARE EARTHのピーター・リベラ、ジョン・カフェルティ、デヴィッド・ジェンキンス……。まさにクラシック・ロックの重鎮たちによる一大賛歌なのです。

第3・4期DEEP PURPLEが誇ったツインヴォーカル・スタイルのハードロックを21世紀にアップデートして見せたグレン&ジョー。その最終形ともなるスタジオ・アルバムに、2人のコラボ・コレクションを完璧にするボーナス2曲。まさしく『HTP』『HTP 2』に続く3rdアルバムとなるスタジオ作品です。2019年の新春に相応しい見事なオフィシャルの名作。永久保存プレスCDで、遂に登場です。


1. Arianna 2. Let The Fire Rage 3. Warriors Of The World 4. Forgive Her
5. On Your Marks 6. I’m Alive 7. Old Friend 8. Circus Life 9. The Alchemist

Bonus Track
10. Chosen Man (Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus)
11. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (The Voices Of Classic Rock)


Glenn Hughes – Vocals
Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals

Track 1-9
Alex Tumanov – Guitar Nikolay Devlet-Kildeyev – Guitar Dmitry Chetvergov – Guitar
Michael Men – Bass Valery Diorditsa – Bass Petr Makienko – Bass
Alexander Filonenko – Drums, Percussion, Producer
Valery Diorditsa – Keyboards Michael Men – Executive Producer

Track 10
Nikolo Kotzev – Guitars, Violin Mic Michaeli – Organ John Leven – Bass
Ian Haugland – Drums

Track 11 feat. Mike Reno, John Cafferty, Leslie West, Larry Hoppen, Peter Rivera, Nick Gilder, Alex Ligertwood, Spencer Davis, David Jenkins, Pat Travers, Jimi Jamison & Bobby Kimball



Glenn Hughes Turner Project / Chelyabinsk 2004 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label
Opera Theatre, Chelyabinsk, Russia 26th February 2004 PRO-SHOT

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The main press press CD is an official daimyo board where the hidden name singer is cutting hoes while letting the scent of Russia a secret race of rock. Of course, bonus etc is unnecessary if it is originally, but the live which became a primitive birth of the masterpiece is left also in the pro shot. Therefore, I decided to include a bonus even if I read the collaboration history of the two.
There are 2 kinds of pro shots recorded in such work. One is HTP special number for TV show “Chelyabinsk performance on February 26, 2004” known as the longest pro shot of HTP. The other is a documentary of “MADE IN MOSCOW” production. Speaking of HTP, only two (+1) visits to Japan are known, so let’s organize their activities here.

● 2000
· October 18 – 22: Japan # 1 (4 performances: Glenn participates in the guest)
● 2002
“February 6” HTP “release”
· May 11th – 19th: Japan # 2 (7 performances)
“August 21” LIVE IN TOKYO “Release”
· September 6 – October 5: Europe # 1 (21 performances)
● 2003
“September 29” HTP 2 “release”
● 2004
· February 3 – 8: Japan # 3 (5 shows)
· February 23 – April 8: Europe # 2 (33 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“September” MADE IN MOSCOW “Production → Release in July 2005”

This is Glen & Joe’s collaboration history. Besides this, there are also THE VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCK project, event appearance, co-starring in the session, but the tour activities with the two leading characters as a whole are all with this. Among them, the biggest scale was the final “Europe # 2”. This work’s Chelyabinsk performance is a concert that will be the 3rd performances that will be right after that Japan. Russia · tour was three performances, it was also the last day. With this Russian performance, Michael Men invited Glenn & Joe to talk to Glenn & Joe, and in September six months later it was linked to the creation of “MADE IN MOSCOW”.

【Main: HTP’s only long pro shot】
The main part of this work is its Russian performance. It seems that the legendary singer ‘s all – in – one visit has become a hot topic even on the field, and special number is produced. This work is its highest peak master. That quality is superb. Camerawork and mix are rough only in the early 21st century Russian production, but master freshness seems to be digital master clone of the station master, it is completely official.
The composition of the program is live with a documentary who visited Russia. Documentary which is popular in Russia and the live of “Stormbringer” is also interesting is also interesting, but the laptop that can witness the stage of HTP with multiple cameras and professional shots is even more noticeable. It is not full set because it is along the scale of the program, but still more than 50 minutes. There are also other shots shots less than one song, but it is almost the only image that can be seen in Matumo. Moreover, the contents are also special, and the repertory which he could not listen also on the official board “LIVE IN TOKYO” is heaping. Not to mention “Losing My Head” “HTP 2” “Alone I Breathe”, as well as DEEP PURPLE’s “Gettin ‘Tighter” and “You Keep On Moving” are playing. “LIVE IN TOKYO” was a relatively live album of relatively RAINBOW color, but this work is quite deep purple stage.
In addition to such a set, HTP’s original band ensemble is also delicious, unlike the Japanese performances backed by the Japanese. Especially important is the guitarist JJ Marsh which was also necessary for composing “HTP” “HTP 2”. In Glenn’s solo it is funky he, too, here is “Black Chest + White Stratocaster” perfectly Blackmoor mode. It is the first time I’ve been richie like the 70’s until petrel. Besides, the performance is consciously conscious of Richie, and the intro solo of “Mistreated” seems to be Ritchie tone and phrase.
On the other hand, it is also preeminent because it is a regular of Glenn Band. In the middle of “Gettin ‘Tighter”, jam which made Glen the leading character will be unfolded, but the ensemble is thrilling but natural. I feel breathing to understand instantly what Glenn plays next. Richie style, but the copy band does not smell. It is the only professional shot that you can enjoy plenty of the original taste of “Band HTP” which was also felt in the studio album.

【Bonus: MADE IN MOSCOW Documentary】
More valuable official professional shots were added to such a work. It is a documentary at the time of making the main press press “MADE IN MOSCOW”. This image was recorded on bonus DVD of “MADE IN MOSCOW” deluxe board. Even though it is precious “MADE IN MOSCOW”, it is a premier item whose second-hand is being traded for tens of thousands of yen when it becomes a deluxe board. You can enjoy it at once.
The commentary on Michael Men is fresh as it is Russian, but the picture is wonderful. In 1974 Karjamu and 1982 San Antonio also flowed, but the must-see is a recording scene. While Glen & Joe holds a provisional song, he exchanges opinions that he is not even so, and even in real recording he sings together towards a single microphone. Further interested in Russian sightseeing, home party? He sang “Smoke On The Water” to Gokigen. I am immersed in the playback of “MADE IN MOSCOW”. It is realistic that they were musical partners, not just “celebrity combinations” at that time.

On a global scale, HTP of foam which was only between solo activities. However, the collaboration site was a solid unit that reacts to each other ‘s songs and sense. This work is a video work that can enjoy the stage and the studio landscape with official grade professional shots. Even this single work is a masterpiece that assembled pro shots of HTP, but by combining with the main press press “MADE IN MOSCOW”, the depth increases many times. Please, enjoy with the phantom classic “MADE IN MOSCOW”, you can enjoy the vocal unit of the age to your heart’s content.
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そんな本作に収録されているプロショットは2種。1つはHTP唯一の長尺プロショットとして知られる「2004年2月26日チェリャビンスク公演」のテレビ特番。もう1つは『MADE IN MOSCOW』制作のドキュメンタリーです。HTPと言えば、2回(+1回)の来日公演しか知られていませんので、ここで彼らの活動を整理しておきましょう。

《8月21日『LIVE IN TOKYO』発売》
《9月29日『HTP 2』発売》
《9月『MADE IN MOSCOW』制作→2005年7月発売》

これがグレン&ジョーのコラボ史。この他にもTHE VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCKプロジェクトやイベント出演、セッションでの共演もあったりするのですが、2人を主役としたツアー活動はこれで全部です。その中でも最大規模だったのは、最終の「欧州#2」。本作のチェリャビンスク公演はその日本直後となる3公演目にあたるコンサート。ロシア・ツアーは3公演で、その最終日でもありました。このロシア公演がきっかけでマイケル・メンがグレン&ジョーに声を掛け、半年後の9月に『MADE IN MOSCOW』制作へと繋がっていったのです。

番組の構成はロシアを訪れたドキュメンタリーとライヴ。ロシアでの人気ぶりや「Stormbringer」のライヴも挿入されるドキュメンタリーも面白いのですが、それ以上に大注目なのはHTPのステージをマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できるライヴ。番組の尺に沿っているのでフルセットとはいきませんが、それでも50分以上。他に1曲以下の細切れプロショットもなくはないのですが、ほぼ唯一の“マトモに見られる”映像なのです。しかも、中身も特濃で、公式盤『LIVE IN TOKYO』でも聴けなかったレパートリーが山盛り。『HTP 2』の「Losing My Head」「Alone I Breathe」はもちろんのこと、DEEP PURPLEの「Gettin’ Tighter」「You Keep On Moving」も演奏している。『LIVE IN TOKYO』は比較的RAINBOWカラーの強いライヴアルバムでしたが、本作はグッと深紫色のステージなのです。
そんなセットに加え、日本人がバックを務めた来日公演とは違ってHTP本来のバンド・アンサンブルも美味しい。特に重要なのは『HTP』『HTP 2』の作曲面でも要だったギタリストのJJマーシュ。グレンのソロではファンキーな彼も、ここでは「黒装束+白のストラトキャスター」でばっちりブラックモア・モード。モミアゲまで70年代のリッチー風という徹底ぶりです。しかも、演奏も思いっきりリッチーを意識しており、「Mistreated」のイントロ・ソロはトーンもフレーズもリッチーがそこにいるかのよう。
その一方、グレン・バンドのレギュラーだからこその相性もバツグン。「Gettin’ Tighter」中盤ではグレンを主役にしたジャムが繰り広げられますが、そのアンサンブルはスリリングながらも自然。グレンが次に何を弾くか瞬時に理解する呼吸感が素晴らしい。リッチー風だけれど、コピーバンド臭くはない。スタジオ・アルバムでも感じられた“バンドHTP”本来の旨みがたっぷりと楽しめる唯一無二のプロショットなのです。

【ボーナス:MADE IN MOSCOWドキュメンタリー】
そんな本作には、さらに貴重な公式プロショットを追加収録。本編プレスCD『MADE IN MOSCOW』制作時のドキュメンタリーです。この映像は、『MADE IN MOSCOW』デラックス盤のボーナスDVDに収録されていたもの。ただでさえ貴重な『MADE IN MOSCOW』ですが、デラックス盤ともなると中古が数万円で取引されているプレミア品。それを一気にご堪能いただけるわけです。
マイケル・メンの解説はロシア語なのでさっぱりなものの、映像は素晴らしい。1974年カリジャムや1982年サンアントニオも流れますが、やはり必見なのはレコーディング風景。グレン&ジョーが仮歌を口ずさみながらああでもないこうでもないと意見を交わし、本番レコーディングでも1本のマイクに向かって一緒に歌う。さらにロシア観光に興じ、ホームパーティ?で「Smoke On The Water」をゴキゲンに熱唱。『MADE IN MOSCOW』のプレイバックをノリノリで浸りきっている。当時の彼らが単なる“有名人の組み合わせ”ではなく、音楽的なパートナーだった事がリアルに描かれるのです。

大局的に見れば、ソロ活動の合間でしかなかった泡沫のHTP。しかし、そのコラボレーションの現場は互いの歌とセンスに反応し合う確固たるユニットでした。本作は、そのステージとスタジオ風景をオフィシャル級プロショットで楽しめる映像作品なのです。本作1枚でもHTPのプロショットを集成した大傑作ですが、本編プレスCD『MADE IN MOSCOW』と併せることで深みが何倍も増す。どうぞ、幻の名作『MADE IN MOSCOW』と共に、希代のヴォーカル・ユニットを心ゆくまでご堪能ください。

1. Russia Documentary 2. I Surrender 3. Losing My Head 4. Alone I Breathe 6. Mistreated
7. Street Of Dreams 8. Gettin’ Tighter 9. Jam/Bass Solo 10. Gettin’ Tighter(reprise)
11. You Keep On Moving

Bonus Footage
12. Made In Moscow Movie


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