Gary Moore / London 1985 1st Night / 2CD

Gary Moore / London 1985 1st Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 27th September 1985



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Not limited to Japan tour, it was to record the raw rock of the field carrying the foot even to overseas Kinney. The original cassette reprint series latest munitions, Gary Moore of the world’s first appearance. It is also a live album that contains the stage which was played with in his later years of Phil Lynott! Of this work has been recording, “September 27, the Hammersmith Odeon concert 1985”. Of the Hammersmith two days Phil and Gary has co-starred in last, I audience recording that contains the first day.
Prior to detail introduce this work, let’s organize to easy the two great men last History gave birth Ireland. 1978 – 1979 over the “BACK ON THE STREETS”: such as “BLACK ROSE A ROCK LEGEND” and the single “SPANISH GUITAR”, of the two great men that produced many masterpieces was another Tsu the sleeve is, September THIN LIZZY 1979 years that of the US during the tour. The farewell is said that it was crucial discord, but you listen to co-star with even war of words through the media was waged (solo album of Phil of the production end of the year 1979 “SOLO IN SOHO” or “Jamaican Rum”, at the time It might take out of the). It is to that reunion is such two, session for the single “OUT IN THE FIELDS”. Then, is why co-starred “RUN FOR COVER TOUR 1985” even several of Gary of Ireland tours and 1985. Let’s take a step-by-step in a little time series.

– November 1984: OUT IN THE FIELDS session
– December 1984: (co-starring in two shows in 5 performances) Ireland tour
– January 1985 over June: “RUN FOR COVER” production
– May 1985: “OUT IN THE FIELDS” release (UK 5)
– September 1985: “RUN FOR COVER” release
– September 7, 1985 over October 2: UK tour (16 performances in co-star in three performances)

In this series of flows, Phil and “Belfast of 17 December 1984, 18 day” the co-star of Gary is that there was the “September 23, 1985 Manchester,” “September 27, 1985 , 28 LONDON “. There was also a performance of other TV recording, but in the public concert was only just five times. Among the only this much of a chance, Kinney staff happened to Hammersmith performances that becomes the fourth time. Site, such as the miracle’s the this work.
And, the sound is, indeed expected of Kinney recording. Next “September 28” is also known as “TOGETHER AT LAST” from the analog era, Kano Uaimh even hazy stunning thing. Although vivid scene feeling it is a definitely audience recording, clear of the musical tone, direct feeling is compare favorably to the sound board. Also up to each sound of machine gun-picking it stands out as clearly, even vocals of Gary and Neil Carter direct as a laser beam in the shield zero. Even more than the drums and keyboard, you listen Katsuaki and beautifully up to the poetic sentiment-based Bob Daisley.
Fururaivu that unfolds in its sound, just the best “hard Rockin ‘Gary” Gatappuri. Even in the same HR line, but then will extensively Fichua the Irish melody from the name board “WILD FRONTIER”, this work is that just before. Roots sense is the best set is lined Zurarito live that of “Out In The Fields” only to bear, “orthodox HR style”. Of course, but also Irish style that can not be anyone in the world there is a crowning, old as those of the fans, I think in the breast becomes hot to paint compacted show in this orthodox style.
And still, the last refrain, “Out In The Fields,” “Parisienne Walkways” is what the highlight of this work. Until then in even the venue it is not has become a lot hotter in the HR of Gary, but the temperature and the fill is the call at once soared. As it is to rush “Out In The Fields” is a large chorus occur wound if there even in the midst a big hit. While you listen to co-star live in Belfast in single B-side, completely different from the faintly hear the chorus to the other side of the official sound, even where the singing voice of the flesh-and-blood audience hot. Of course, clear of the Kinney recording are fully captures the musical tone that cut through even the blazing enthusiasm, Gary, I fill the figure to reigning followed by a large chorus are drawn beautifully.
And, the last one song “Parisienne Walkways”. Since this song intro was missing in the recording mistake, we have complemented with the same venue recording of the next “September 28”. She began singing in choppy as emotion, yet deeply deeply fill of vocal Komu sing. And chopped to cry Musebi again and again, the guitar of Gary spun out 30 seconds choking of climax. And Gary guitar defeat climax after smoothly cry, warm base of the fill is intertwined …. Although it soon two should not know that marks the eternal farewell, as if they were expecting it though, is this when you regret or eight go Kasanea’ the notes and of minutes now.

Late now, of Ireland two great men. Masterpiece live album that we have fully left the site where two people not stop was Kasanea’ the sound I love you in a stunning sound, has finally come when you see the light of day. This only happiness that recording was left of, joy Tachiaeru to the scene. Even beyond the time 30 years, you also can not forget the two people.

日本公演に限らず、海外へも足を運んで現場の生ロックを記録していたキニー。そのオリジナル・カセット復刻シリーズ最新弾は、世界初登場のゲイリー・ムーア。それも、晩年のフィル・ライノットと共演したステージを収めたライヴアルバムです! 本作が録音されたのは、「1985年9月27日ハマースミス・オデオン公演」。フィルとゲイリーが最後に共演したハマースミス2日間のうち、初日を収めたオーディエンス録音なのです。
本作を詳しくご紹介する前に、アイルランドが生んだ両雄最後の歩みをカンタンに整理してみましょう。1978年・1979年にかけて「BACK ON THE STREETS」「BLACK ROSE: A ROCK LEGEND」やシングル「SPANISH GUITAR」など、数々の名作を生み出した両雄が袂を別ったのは、1979年9月THIN LIZZYの全米ツアー中のこと。その別れは決定的な不和だったと言われ、メディアを通じての舌戦さえ繰り広げられました(1979年末制作のフィルのソロ作「SOLO IN SOHO」でも「Jamaican Rum」で共演が聴けますが、当時のアウトテイクなのかも知れません)。そんな2人が再会したのは、シングル「OUT IN THE FIELDS」のためのセッション。その後、ゲイリーのアイルランドツアーや1985年の“RUN FOR COVER TOUR 1985”でも何度か共演したわけです。ちょっと時系列で追ってみましょう。

・1984年11月:OUT IN THE FIELDSセッション
・1985年1月ー6月:「RUN FOR COVER」制作
・1985年5月:「OUT IN THE FIELDS」リリース(全英5位)
・1985年9月:「RUN FOR COVER」リリース

そして、そのサウンドは、さすがさすがのキニー録音。翌“9月28日”もアナログ時代から「TOGETHER AT LAST」として知られていますが、かの名盤さえも霞む見事なもの。生々しい現場感は間違いなくオーディエンス録音ではあるものの、楽音のクリアさ、ダイレクト感はサウンドボードにも引けを取らない。マシンガン・ピッキングの1音1音までもがクッキリと際立ち、ゲイリーやニール・カーターのヴォーカルも遮蔽物ゼロでレーザービームのようにダイレクト。ドラムやキーボードもさることながら、ボブ・デイズリーの歌心ベースに至るまで克明かつ美しく聴けるのです。
そのサウンドで繰り広げられるフルライヴは、まさに最高の“ハードロッキン・ゲイリー”がたっぷり。同じHR路線ではあっても、その後は名盤「WILD FRONTIER」からはアイリッシュ・メロディを大々的にフィーチュアしますが、本作はその直前。ルーツ感覚は「Out In The Fields」だけに留め、“オーソドックスなHRスタイル”のベスト・セットがずらりと並んだライヴなのです。もちろん、世界中の誰にもできないアイリッシュ・スタイルも無上ではありますが、古いファンの方ほど、このオーソドックス・スタイルに塗り固められたショウに胸が熱くなるのではないでしょうか。
そしてやはり、最後に控える「Out In The Fields」「Parisienne Walkways」こそが本作のハイライト。それまでも会場中がゲイリーのHRで大いに熱くなっているわけですが、フィルがコールされるや温度は一気に急上昇。そのまま突入する「Out In The Fields」は、大ヒット真っ最中でもあって大合唱が巻き起こる。シングルB面でもベルファストの共演ライヴが聴けますが、公式サウンドの向こうに微かに聞こえる合唱とはまるで違う、血の通った観客の歌声がどこまでも熱い。もちろん、キニー録音のクリアさは、その燃え上がる熱狂さえも切り裂く楽音を捉えきっており、ゲイリーが、フィルが大合唱を従えて君臨する姿が見事に描かれているのです。
そして、最後の1曲「Parisienne Walkways」。この曲のイントロは録音ミスで欠けていましたので、翌「9月28日」の同会場録音で補完いたしました。感極まったように途切れ途切れに歌い出し、それでいて深く深く歌い込むフィルのヴォーカル。そして細切れに何度も何度も咽び泣き、絶頂の30秒チョーキングを紡ぎ出すゲイリーのギター。絶頂後も滑らかに泣き倒すゲイリーのギターと、フィルのウォームなベースが絡み合う……。もうすぐ永遠の別れを迎えるとは知らないはずの2人なのに、まるでそれを予感しているかのように、今このときを惜しむかのようにノートを重ね合っていく8分間なのです。


Disc 1 (41:04)
1. Intro 2. Run For Cover 3. Reach For The Sky 4. Murder In The Skies 5. Shapes Of Things
6. Cold Hearted 7. End Of The World 8. Nothing To Lose

Disc 2 (53:00)
1. So Far Away 2. Empty Rooms 3. Acoustic Guitar Solo 4. Victims Of The Future 5. Guitar Solo
6. All Messed Up 7. Rockin’ Every Night 8. Back On The Streets
9. Out In The Fields (with Phil Lynott) 10. Parisienne Walkways (with Phil Lynott)

Gary Moore – Guitar & Vocal Bob Daisley – Bass
Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guita, Vocal Gary Ferguson – Drums
Zodiac 169

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