Gary Moore / Blues For Green Live / 1DVD

Gary Moore / Blues For Green Live / 1DVD / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK 27th April 1995 PRO-SHOT


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Finally, came the day when finally able to deliver this great masterpiece video. Out of print is the history of the finest version of the long official video “BLUES FOR GREENY LIVE”. So far I also continue to reprint the discontinued video works such as “AN EVENING OF THE BLUES” and “LIVE BLUES,” but, this work is of a the star performer.
When the reprint of the analog video will talk again because it is after a long time, this work is abandoned by the official, the series to reprint not even Out of the video could be on DVD. Point, “excavation of the finest master” and “digitization of the environment”. Unearthed also mint quality of the finest quality goods at the time of the laser disk or video, it you entrusted to analog video professional manufacturer of overseas have been digitized. This manufacturer is white to laser disk, white on the VHS / Beta, and align the high-end equipment of the professional that has been used in the broadcasting station, it is possible to draw a different dimension of visual beauty and sound is a consumer machine. So far the series “clean than the why of my house LD!?” Is also in the surprised and “was it so good sound?”, Reported comes a lot of customers to us purchase with repeat.
Well, the latest bullet of such reprint series, why, speaking of whether the reprint was delayed so far, located in the release status at the time. This work is DVD, let alone also not been released worldwide laser disc, was the only VHS. This work is not being reprinted from the finest quality goods of mint quality even such VHS, but this mint-tape was not hard to find. Apparently, this time Gary is like stagnant activity, it may be that the number floating around was itself was small. So far there is a slight deterioration in the core collector of the master gave us provide a masterpiece group, follow to follow his go-between, I was tossed to finally Perfect state master. Only survived such circumstances, the quality of this work is perfect. One, let alone of line noise, not at all be a slight twist. In the case of tape master, of the I fate would out distortion of a few millimeters in the corner of the screen, it even is the glossy vivid visual beauty is realized without.
Voice is wonderful over the wheel to be. It means of course an official quality, but some from the pin is also the official criteria to Kiri. Sound of this work is a pin, just the sound name board class. Gary of Les Paul, of course, super-beautiful from the nuances of brush up to the delicacy of the orchestra. When it comes to quality of so far, there is no early even with a laser disk. No way …… the amount of information up to this point in the analog VHS has been recorded. It sounds to be surprised by the media of the possibility itself.

Well, such a quality more than to be referred to as “star performer” is a music-playing itself. Gary, but had devoted about half of the carrier to the blues, was close to the most “real” in that it was “BLUES FOR GREENY”. Crying Heavy blues seems to Gary in this work also shows off, but make me hear plenty also acoustic and natural blues. And, also great music selection. Was dedicated to Peter Green “BLUES FOR GREENY” from 9 songs ( “The Supernatural,” “Looking For Somebody” than the songs of) is showing off, rhea song jostling. Of course, there is also the familiar songs such as “Since I Met You Baby,” but, “If You Be My Baby,” “Long Grey Mare”, “The Same Way” is to do not have a 2, 3 once or record, “World Keep On Turning, “” Driftin ‘ “led to the” Love that Burns “,” Dust My Broom “it is said that only this work once. Rhea as well, far from being Tatamikake in large quantities is extremely rare even in Gary all history. In addition, also it has entered the hall playing the first time since the crowded made with “BLUES FOR GREENY” on top of the song that has been revered for many years. And that’s the great performance …… anything and everything delicious one to become the flesh and blood even uncommon.
And, this work is also the arrival point of Gary Bruce. Although in 1990 from “STILL GOT THE BLUES” was Gary, who came through the blues road, the last THE MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND also disbanded the 1995, away from the blues. And later, until Bruce regression declaration of the “BACK TO THE BLUES” of 2001, it is to migrate to modern music. This work, that just before. Chasing the blues, and is the first in a best picture the moment you feel “was fully spear” was recorded.

In the is also the origin of Peter Green tribute to Gary, was also the arrival point of his blues “BLUES FOR GREENY LIVE”. That is a large masterpiece revived the official video in history highest quality. Not a big hit, popular term at the time, would not be expected now on the official DVD of. However, there is also a single because it is such a time what “Gary of real face” can taste plenty. His life, the more think about the career, I think about the heavily official video that weight is gradually increased. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

遂に、遂にこの大傑作映像をお届けできる日が来ました。廃盤久しいオフィシャル映像『BLUES FOR GREENY LIVE』の史上最高級バージョンです。これまでも『AN EVENING OF THE BLUES』や『LIVE BLUES』といった廃盤映像作品を復刻して参りしましたが、本作はその真打ちなのです。

さて、そんなクオリティ以上に「真打ち」と呼ぶのは、音楽・演奏そのものです。ゲイリーはキャリアの約半分をブルースに打ち込んでいましたが、その中で最も“本物”に近づいたのが『BLUES FOR GREENY』だった。本作でもゲイリーらしい大泣きヘヴィ・ブルースも披露していますが、アコースティックやナチュラルなブルースもたっぷりと聴かせてくれる。そして、選曲も素晴らしい。ピーター・グリーンに捧げられた『BLUES FOR GREENY』から9曲(「The Supernatural」「Looking For Somebody」以外の全曲)が披露され、激レア曲が目白押し。もちろん、「Since I Met You Baby」のようなお馴染み曲もありますが、「If You Be My Baby」「Long Grey Mare」「The Same Way」は2・3回しか記録がありませんし、「World Keep On Turning」「Driftin’」「Love That Burns」「Dust My Broom」に至っては本作1回だけと言われています。激レアなだけでなく、ここまで大量に畳みかけられるのはゲイリー全史でも極めて珍しい。しかも、長年敬愛してきた曲の上に『BLUES FOR GREENY』で作り込んているので演奏ぶりも堂に入っている。珍しくても血肉になっている名演……何から何まで美味しい1本なのです。
そして、本作はゲイリー・ブルースの到達点でもある。1990年の『STILL GOT THE BLUES』からブルース道を貫いてきたゲイリーでしたが、この1995年を最後にTHE MIDNIGHT BLUES BANDも解散させ、ブルースから離れる。以降、2001年の『BACK TO THE BLUES』でのブルース回帰宣言まで、モダン・ミュージックへ移行するのです。本作は、その直前。ブルースを追い求め、そして最初に“やりきった”と感じた刹那を記録した極上映像なのです。

ゲイリーにとって原点でもあるピーター・グリーンのトリビュートにして、彼のブルースの到達点でもあった『BLUES FOR GREENY LIVE』。そのオフィシャル映像を史上最高峰クオリティで蘇らせた大傑作です。当時は大ヒット・大人気期ではなく、これからもオフィシャルDVD化は望めないでしょう。しかし、そんな時期だからこそ“ゲイリーの素顔”がたっぷりと味わえる1本でもある。彼の人生、キャリアを考えるほど、思うほどにずっしりと重みが増していくオフィシャル映像。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。


1. World Keep On Turning 2. I Loved Another Woman 3. Merry Go Round 4. If You Be My Baby
5. Long Grey Mare 6. Need Your Love So Bad 7. You Don’t Love Me 8. Driftin’
9. The Same Way 10. Since I Met You Baby 11. Love That Burns 12. Stop Messin’ Around
13. Showbiz Blues 14. Dust My Broom 15. Jumpin’ At Shadows 16. End Credits
17. Need Your Love So Bad (Music Video)


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