Gary Moore / After The Irish War / 1DVDR

Gary Moore / After The Irish War / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Live At King’s Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland 9th March 1989.



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“Hard Rockin ‘Gary” press 2 Disc you have summed up the “FIGHTING FOR GERMANY”. Once you have a masterpiece audience album was completely recorded full show, there are things you do not if enough, it still image. True value of Gary, which is said to be up to the “play in the face” are those that Tsukuseru taste and what is seen in the eye. It is not for the have to say as a joke. See Gary in the video, the expression, the song and have been growing synchrotron completely of guitar,, convincing outstanding was the emotional ups and downs that seen in the eye. Also contracting this feeling in sincere look towards the microphone. It is people have never heard of are called filled with beautiful, but it does not get tired even watching much.
Only famous images that have appeared several times, but I think people often have ever seeing, still this video is great. Occasionally, sometimes slight horizontal line noise from entering, but the basic picture quality and sound quality complete official level. Mix is also perfect, ranging from Neil Carter of chorus, sound played by the band you can enjoy ideally.
Although it is not what a full recording, such as a bass drum barrage of “Blood Of Emeralds” bother to Chris Slade in separate frame, attractions about 70 minutes which is holding a tightly the response plenty. Especially bass solo that can be seen in the “Empty Rooms” is a must-see. Although it is attention is prone Bob Daisley to Ozzy era, this solo what you’ll be in his best shot. Of course, long solo of “Parisienne Walkways” to wait for the tired cry audience is also perfect.
When you play the “Military Man” and will introduce a “song written by my great friend,” but, in this work, co-starring the video of the Gary and Phil were also bonus included. In the video of the UK music program of 1985 “ECT”, it’s a short broadcast two songs worth, but this also super beautiful image quality. As a co-starring Gary and Phil is a video of last season, high performance density, such as surpass even the main live is overwhelming.
Main press 2CD is “hard rock bottom line” That’s why, it was finished in superset can be said, “This one OK”. And to listen to the performance of maturity, for “FIGHTING FOR GERMANY” tour final performance, two performances eyes of momentum overflowing this work just tour began. It is one interesting when compared. Never do not forget Gary Shokei, will deliver with a tremendous confidence!

“ハードロッキン・ゲイリー”を総括したプレス2枚組「FIGHTING FOR GERMANY」。フルショウを完全収録した傑作オーディエンス・アルバムに、もし足りないものがあるとしたら、それはやはり映像。“顔で弾く”とまで言われたゲイリーの真骨頂は、目で見てこそ味わい尽くせるというもの。冗談で言っているのではありません。映像で見るゲイリーは、その表情、その歌、そしてギターの高まりが完全にシンクロしていて、目で見た感情の起伏は説得力抜群。マイクに向かう真摯な表情にこちらの気持ちも引き締まる。美形と呼ばれているのを聞いたことがない人ですが、いくら見ていても飽きません。
フル収録でこそありませんが、「Blood Of Emeralds」のバスドラ連打ではわざわざクリス・スレイドを別枠にするなど、見どころをキッチリと押さえた約70分間は手応えたっぷり。特に「Empty Rooms」で観られるベースソロは必見。オジー時代に注目されがちなボブ・デイズリーですが、このソロこそ、彼のベストショットではないでしょうか。もちろん、観客が叫び疲れるのを待つ「パリの散歩道」のロング・ソロもばっちりです。
「Military Man」を演奏する際に「俺の素晴らしい友人によって書かれた曲」と紹介しますが、本作には、そのゲイリーとフィルの共演映像もボーナス収録しました。1985年のイギリス音楽番組「ECT」の映像で、2曲分の短い放送なのですが、これまた超美麗画質。ゲイリーとフィルの共演としては最後期の映像であり、本編ライブをも凌ぐような密度の高いパフォーマンスは圧倒的です。
本編プレス2CDが“ハードロックの総決算”だからこそ、「コレ1つでOK」と言えるスーパーセットに仕上げました。円熟の演奏を聴かせる、ツアー最終公演の「FIGHTING FOR GERMANY」に対し、ツアーが始まったばかり2公演目の勢い溢れる本作。比較しても面白い1枚です。決してゲイリーを忘れない諸兄に、絶大な自信を持ってお届けいたします!

1. After The War 2. Military Man 3. So Far Away 4. Empty Rooms 5. Blood Of Emeralds
6. Out In The Fields 7. Over The Hills And Far Away 8. Johnny Boy 9. Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Neil Carter – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal
Bob Daisley – Bass Chris Slade – Drums

Bonus Track
Live tracks with Phil Lynott from ECT, UK TV 1985

10. Out In The Fields with Phil Lynott 11. Military Man with Phil Lynott

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Phil Lynott – Bass, Vocal
Neil Carter – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocal Charlie Morgan – Drums


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