Eric Clapton / Budokan 2001 Ultimate Edition / 1DVDR

Eric Clapton / Budokan 2001 Ultimate Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 4th December 2001 PRO-SHOT


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We will release the definitive image to decorate the “Clapton Week” this week! Contents, broadcast on the official is also, the official DVD has also been released, but’s the Budokan performances of the familiar December 4, 2001, this time, was to obtain a “super high-quality version” from a certain root of the finest is. If those who have seen the software of the same image that has been officially sold, is the best the best image quality that can totally feel the “different thing”! ! To say that the difference between the heavens and the earth there is no exaggeration. This work at the high image quality and high-quality video up to this point, is about say that there is not that our staff was also seen. If the degree of quality up the hair grew to already issued of the video, be set to a much gift items, you will not even look if you are familiar of the fan. It our shop is not fully recognized. But this is different. This is really amazing. Come to this opportunity, please refer to the image of this legend in the most beautiful image quality. This concert, Clapton heard the obituary of a close friend George Harrison to four days ago, with all your many thoughts in the “Badge” of this stage is what is famous it was commented that “This is for George!” (Overseas from here, “This Song For George,” that has been on DVD in the title). Japanese, no that will be engraved forever in the hearts of fans around the world, so you may want to say that the performance of the video no doubt. The video of this tour, “ONE MORE CAR, ONE MORE RIDER,” but have been video software of the official as, this is one of Los Angeles performances of the US tour, the only still there is the aforementioned episode, this board is It does not have to say a special of the video. Performance has become a workmanship surpass the official software. The keyboard, in a tour that instead Greg Phillinganes has joined the Billy Preston, and Billy so have different play nuances, is that there is no absolute loss in that sense. With the original menu.

今週の「クラプトンウィーク」を飾る決定的映像をリリースさせていただきます!内容は、オフィシャルで放送もされ、公式DVDもリリースされている、お馴染み2001年12月4日の武道館公演なのですが、今回は、あるルートから極上の「超高画質ヴァージョン」を入手したのです。公式に販売されている同映像のソフトをご覧になった方なら、まったく「別物」と感じていただける最高最良画質です!!天と地の差と言っても過言ではありません。ここまで高画質・高品質な映像でのこの作品は、当店スタッフも見たことがないと言うほどです。既発の映像に毛が生えた程度のクオリティアップなら、いくらギフトアイテムに設定しても、よくご存知のファンなら見向きもしないでしょう。それを当店は十分に認識しています。しかしこれは違います。これは本当に凄いです。是非この機会に、最も美しい画質でこの伝説の映像をご覧ください。この公演は、4日前に親友ジョージ・ハリスンの訃報を聞いたクラプトンが、このステージの「Badge」で万感を込めて「This is for George!」とコメントしたことで有名なものです(海外ではここから「This Song For George」というタイトルでDVD化されています)。日本人、いや世界中のファンの心に永遠に刻まれるであろうことは間違いない公演の映像と言っていいでしょう。このツアーの映像は、「ONE MORE CAR, ONE MORE RIDER」としてオフィシャルで映像ソフト化されていますが、これは全米ツアーのロサンゼルス公演のものであり、やはり前述のエピソードがあるだけに、本盤は別格の映像と言わざるを得ません。パフォーマンスもオフィシャルソフトを凌ぐ出来映えとなっています。キーボードには、ビリー・プレストンに代わりグレッグ・フィリンゲインズが参加したツアーで、ビリーとはプレイニュアンスが異なっていますので、そういう意味でも絶対損はないものです。オリジナル・メニュー付き。

1. Introduction 2. Key To The Highway 3. Reptile 4. Got You On My Mind 5. Tears In Heaven
6. Layla (acoustic) 7. Bell Bottom Blues 8. Change The World 9. River Of Tears
10. Goin’ Down Slow 11. She’s Gone 12. I Want A Little Girl 13. Badge 14. Hoochie Coochie Man
15. Five Long Years 16. Cocaine 17. Wonderful Tonight 18. Layla (electric)
19. Sunshine Of Your Love 20. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 21. Outroduction

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals Andy Fairweather Low – guitar / vocals David Sancious – keyboards / guitar / vocals Greg Phillinganes – keyboards Nathan East – bass / vocals Steve Gadd – drums

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 120min.


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