Nirvana / Radio Friendly / 2CD

Nirvana / Radio Friendly / 2CD / Zodiac
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KAOS Radio/VPRO Radio/BBC Radio 1 Sessions, etc STEREO SBD


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A superb stereo sound board album that summarizes the initial NIRVANA radio sound source appears. In our shop, we received supervision of the worldwide authority of NIRVANA research, and have delivered numerous sound board albums. Especially, the research collection before the debut exceeds mere rarity value, even if it is a take familiar with the ear, the high quality sound which was never heard was shocking. We are very popular as “over official”. This work is a decisive collection with its latest bullets.
What is contained in this work is a collection of radio recordings from December 1991 during the acclaimed revolution with “NEVERMIND” from May 1987 right after the formation. While it is a live performance different from a well-formed studio album, a studio live different from the chaos who crowded the audience in front of it is a superb music heritage that will be held for 149 minutes and 32 seconds. Although I feel that it seems a little difficult if I say “early compilation”, the sound quality is only for radio broadcasting, and it is also a lot of takes since becoming a major. Although it is first-class research materials to explore extreme early, it is also a simple “listening and cool collection” collection.
Of course, this time also the researcher himself carefully selected the best master which both existing sound sources exist. We are also making full use of the pre-broadcast master that was discovered in recent years, but we are pursuing “the best” with a flexible attitude that is not limited to just that. In general, the pre-broadcast master will be the best, but in the case of old broadcasts there are cases in which air checks are better with aged deterioration. In this work, I pursue every case of that every one, it is a selection that sticks to “the best sound” to the last.
Such a work is a two – piece set, but roughly it is recorded on disc 1 as “KAOS OLYMPIA COMMUNITY RADIO” in home country and “VPRO RADIO” in the Netherlands. Disk 2 is a British “BBC” recording. Let’s take a closer look at each disc.

Two kinds of sound sources of “KAOS RADIO” and “VPRO RADIO”, time series “May 1987 KAOS” → “November 1989 VPRO” → “September 1990 KAOS” → “November 1991 VPRO” In order of recording.
Although six songs were recorded in the American “KAOS RADIO” 2 program on the official BOX “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT”, this work is a master equivalent to that, but full of 14 existing songs are recorded. Of particular note is the top-notch version using the pre-FM master just discovered in 2016 with 10 songs “May 6, 1987” decorating the beginning. It is NIRVANA ‘s first radio appearance, but sitting on a stool is original drummer at the time of formation: Aaron Burke Hard.
On the other hand, the two programs of “VPRO RADIO” in the Netherlands are ultra precious sound sources that can not be heard even at “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT”. Also, after the total of 20 tracks of 4 radio programs, 2 bonus tracks are also recorded. This is British broadcast of 1991, but recorded on TV rather than radio. The superb version of that sound board sound is recorded.

【Disk 2: BBC RADIO 1】
On behalf of Disk 2, master of rock broadcasting, UK “BBC RADIO 1” recording master. We have 11 songs and 3 songs of “MARK GOODIER EVENING SESSION” for 3 songs of the famous program “THE JOHN PEEL SHOW”. This is also a time series, in order of “October 1989 TJPS” → “1990 October TJPS” → “September 1991 TJPS” → “November 1991 MGES”. Of these, except for “D – 7” in the session on October 21, 1990 and “Dumb” “Endless, Nameless” in September 3, 1991 session, it is a treasure take that can not be heard even in the official BOX “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT” .
And the sound quality that forget that preciousness is terrible. As expected it should be said to be a well-established BBC, sounds much better than disc 1, beautiful sound almost like a studio album. To that extent, the chaotic energy is also stronger on Disk 1, but it is a masterpiece take that hears as “Another Version / Album” side by side with “Bleach” “NEVERMIND”.
Finally, 3 types of bonus tracks are also recorded on this disc 2. First, there is one test mix of “October 21, 1990 BBC RADIO 1”, followed by 4 different sessions of “November 25, 1991 VPRO RADIO”. And, like the bonus of Disc 1, it contains one songboard sound of TV program “TOP OF THE POPS”.

It is a treasure of 43 tracks 149 minutes and 32 seconds. As much as a reference to the research fans’ maniacs, a lot of detailed talk has become many. However, even if you overlook such precious things, plenty of studio live stuff “Studio and live interviews” plenty, album where hot locks explode. Listen and it is cool, if you pursue it is a deed stock of the treasured collection. We will deliver this gem at your convenience this weekend.
そんな本作は2枚組ですが、大まかに言うとディスク1が本国アメリカの“KAOS OLYMPIA COMMUNITY RADIO”と、オランダの“VPRO RADIO”で収録されたもの。ディスク2はイギリスの“BBC”収録です。それでは各ディスクを詳しく見ていきましょう。

“KAOS RADIO”と“VPRO RADIO”の音源を2種ずつ、時系列に“1987年5月KAOS”→“1989年11月VPRO”→“1990年9月KAOS”→“1991年11月VPRO”の順で収録しています。
アメリカの“KAOS RADIO”2番組はオフィシャルBOX『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』に6曲が収録されていましたが、本作ではそれと同等のマスターでありながら、現存する14曲分をフル収録。特に注目なのは、冒頭を飾る「1987年5月6日」の10曲で2016年に発見されたばかりのプレFMマスターを使用した極上版。NIRVANA初のラジオ出演なのですが、スツールに座るのは結成時のオリジナル・ドラマー:アーロン・バークハードです。
一方、オランダの“VPRO RADIO”の2番組は『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』でも聴けない超・貴重音源です。また、ラジオ4番組の計20トラックの後には、ボーナス・トラックも2曲収録しています。こちらは1991年のイギリス放送なのですが、ラジオではなくテレビ収録。そのサウンドボード音声の極上版を収録しています。

【ディスク2:BBC RADIO 1】
代わってのディスク2は、ロック放送の老舗、英国“BBC RADIO 1”収録のマスター。名物番組“THE JOHN PEEL SHOW”を3回分11曲と“MARK GOODIER EVENING SESSION”4曲を収録しています。こちらも時系列になっており、“1989年10月TJPS”→“1990年10月TJPS”→“1991年9月TJPS”→“1991年11月MGES”の順です。このうち、1990年10月21日セッションの「D-7」と1991年9月3日セッションの「Dumb」「Endless, Nameless」以外はオフィシャルBOX『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』でも聴けないお宝テイク揃いです。
最後に、このディスク2にもボーナス・トラックが3種収録されています。まず、「1990年10月21日BBC RADIO 1」のテスト・ミックスが1曲、次いで「1991年11月25日VPRO RADIO」の別セッションが4曲。そして、ディスク1のボーナスと同じようにテレビ番組“TOP OF THE POPS”のサウンドボード音声を1曲収録しています。

Disc 1 (73:21)

Out Of Order/Toy Train Crash Backside Bone Beefcake. KAOS Olympia Community Radio
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA TX: May 6, 1987
Host: Donna Dresch / Producer/Engineer: John Goodmanson [2016 Restoration]

01: Love Buzz 02: Floyd The Barber 03: Downer 04: Mexican Seafood 05: White Lace And Strange
06: Spank Thru 07: Anorexorcist 08: Hairspray Queen 09: Pen Cap Chew 10: Vendetagainst

Nozems-a-GoGo. VPRO Radio Villa 65. Hilversum, The Netherlands TX: November 1, 1989
Host/Producer: Fons Dellen/Lotje IJzermans Producer: Fred Hermsen / Engineer: Anne Bakema

11: Dive 12: About A Girl 13: Love Buzz

Boy Meets Girl. KAOS Olympia Community Radio The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA
TX: September 25, 1990 Host: Calvin Johnson

14: Introductions 15: Opinion 16: Lithium 17: Dumb 18: Been A Son

Twee Meter De Lucht In (VARA Radio) / Nozems-a-GoGo (VPRO Radio) Jingle Production Room 2. NOB Radiostudio
Hilversum, The Netherlands November 25, 1991 / TX: November 26, 1991 (VARA Radio) / 2003 Kink FM
Producer: Leo Blokhuis/Lotje IJzermans / Engineer: Berry Kamer

19: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? 20: Here She Comes Now

Bonus #1
The Word. Channel 4 Television Limehouse Studios, London, UK TX: November 8, 1991 Producer: Planet 24

21: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tonight with Jonathan Ross. Channel 4 Television The Greenwood Theatre, King’s College, London, UK TX: December 6, 1991
Producer: Channel X

22: Territorial Pissings

Disc 2 (76:11)

The John Peel Show. BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale 4/5, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK October 26, 1989 / TX: November 22, 1989
Producer: Dale Griffin / Engineer: Ted De Bono

01: Love Buzz
02: About A Girl
03: Polly
04: Spanx Thru’ (Spank Thru)

The John Peel Show. BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale 3, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK October 21, 1990 / TX: November 3, 1990
Producer: Dale Griffin / Engineers: Mike Engles/Fred Kay

05: Son Of A Gun 06: Molly’s Lips 07: D-7 08: Turnaround

The John Peel Show. BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale 5, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK September 3, 1991 / TX: November 3, 1991
Producer: Dale Griffin / Engineers: Mike Engles/Tim Durham

09: Dumb 10: Drain (Drain You) 11: No Title As Yet (Endless, Nameless)

Mark Goodier Evening Session. BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale 4, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK November 9, 1991 / TX: November 18, 1991
Producer: Miti Adhikari / Engineer: John Taylor

12: Been A Son 13: (New Wave) Polly 14: Aneurysm 15: Something In The Way

Bonus #2

The John Peel Show. BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale 3, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK October 21, 1990 / TX: November 3, 1990
Producer: Dale Griffin / Engineers: Mike Engles/Fred Kay

16: D-7 [Test Mix]

Twee Meter De Lucht In (VARA Radio) / Nozems-a-GoGo (VPRO Radio) Jingle Production Room 2. NOB Radiostudio
Hilversum, The Netherlands November 25, 1991 / November, 2002 (VPRO Radio Webstream)
Producer: Leo Blokhuis/Lotje IJzermans / Engineer: Berry Kamer

17: Dave Grohl Jam 18: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? 19: Here She Comes Now
20: Unknown Song #1

Top of the Pops. BBC 1 Television Studio C, BBC Elstree Centre, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK
November 27, 1991 / TX: November 28, 1991 Producer: Stanley Appel/BBC

21: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Cobain: Guitar / Vocals
Chris Novoselic: Bass
Dave Grohl: Drums / Backing Vocals [Disc 01: 19-22/Disc 02: 05-21] Chad Channing: Drums [Disc 01: 11-13/Disc 02: 01-04] Aaron Burckhard: Drums [Disc 01: 01-10]


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