Eric Clapton / Atlanta 2001 Soundboard Master / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Atlanta 2001 Soundboard Master / 2CD / Beano
Live at Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA, USA 21st May 2001 STEREO SBD

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From Eric Clapton’s treasure trove, a new master came from a familiar British heavyweight taper! Since 2001 “Reptile American Tour First Leg”, it is a stereo sound board master of a complete recording of the Atlanta performance on May 21st. There are already released boards in this sound source, but the master to be released this time has acquired the outflow master from the members of The Impressions, a black vocal group who participated in the album “REPTILE” and also participated in the tour first leg … apparently … The existing sound board and this board have the highest sound quality similar to the official live board, but the existing board has a slightly flat impression, but this board has become a more dynamic and three-dimensional sound image, and it is an upgraded version It is clear that there is. This is a stage that starts with acoustical narratives, and the delicate sound that spreads like a fluffy rattle is also captured wonderfully in the heart of the squeak of a Martin guitar. And the song of Clapton, who sings politely, is also clear enough to understand his breath. There is no doubt that it will be a new reign title as the definitive edition of this tour. Well, let’s review the tour dates for this year here.

・ February 3-April 11, 2001: Europe tour including Russia and Northern Europe, starting with Royal Albert Hall in London
・ March 13, 2001: <Album “REPTILE” release>
・ May 10-June 23, 2001: American Tour First Leg ← 【here】
-July 17-August 18, 2001: American Tour Second Leg
・ October 4-October 19, 2001: Tour of Latin America
・ November 19-December 15, 2001: Japan Tour

In this way, you can see that it was a large-scaled world tour. Clapton’s love for the album “REPTILE” was at a considerable level (in a complex background, he touched on the uncle who loved at a young age, touched the nephew of his uncle, and put a nostalgia for his childhood), and then The tour was also exciting. Because, at the start of the tour, Clapton declared that he would retire from the live activity with this tour. The reason for my late family was that I would like to place importance on the family in order to cherish the present family. That’s why Clapton fans all over the world were upset. “Now it’s the last time to see Clapton.” From that thought, all venues in the world were sold out, and all performances were thankful for all performances in Japan performances held over a long period of almost one month. At the beginning of the tour, it was announced that the Los Angeles tour on August 18 was the last concert, but after that tours in Latin America and Japan were additionally announced, and Japanese fans were given the opportunity to watch ( Despite such a fuss, please take a look at Clapton, who also performed in Japan this year 18 years later). The great thing about this American Tour First Leg was that The Impressions who participated in the album became the same as the tour and was featured in the midstage and encore. One of the goals that Clapton wanted to achieve in the “last” was that Clapton’s late Curtis Mayfield, a former respected Crapton member, also hired this active group. With their participation, we were able to reproduce on stage the “nostalgic = old school” feeling that Clapton aimed at in the album. The R & B color of the stage has risen at once in the Doo Wap chorus with their participation, and it has become one of the most soulful stages in Clapton’s live history. From this tour, the official live board that released the aforementioned August 18 Los Angeles performance and the December 3 Japanese Budokan performance is released, but the take that The Impressions participated in is not recorded in this It was Therefore, it may be said that this tour, which reproduces the taste of the album originally intended by Clapton, can be realized in this edition. It is also worth noting that not only The Impressions’ participation but also the keyboardist Billy Preston, who boasted a brilliant collaboration with the Beatles and Stones in the 60’s and 70’s, was hired. You can listen to his particular organ work everywhere and color each song. By the way, David Sanchas on the keyboard plays Laurila’s intro and obligato in the chorus part on the guitar, Andy Fairweather Low on Cocaine’s first solo on Cocaine, and Billy on the second solo. It was a cozy band for Clapton, who was determined to be the last tour so much that he could delegate important parts to the trusting members. This time, the sound pressure is raised to bring out a more dynamic sound image. If you compare it with the existing board, you will see the difference. A tour that Clapton might have thought of quitting and retiring for a while. It is this board that caught the essence. It will be a limited press CD release, so please order early.


・2001年5月10日~6月23日:アメリカン・ツアー・ファースト・レッグ ←【ここ】



Disc 1 (60:57)
1. Key To The Highway 2. Reptile 3. Tears In Heaven 4. Bell Bottom Blues
5. Change The World 6. My Father’s Eyes 7. River Of Tears 8. Going Down Slow
9. She’s Gone 10. It’s Alright * 11. Finally Got Myself Together *

Disc 2 (61:43)
1. Got You On My Mind * 2. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight * 3. Travelin’ Light *
4. Hoochie Coochie Man 5. Stormy Monday 6. Cocaine 7. Wonderful Tonight 8. Layla
9. Sunshine Of Your Love 10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow *

The Impressions – vocals *

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Andy Fairweather Low – guitar, vocals
Billy Preston – hammond organ★ David Sancious – keyboards, guitar, vocals
Nathan East – bass, vocals Steve Gadd – drums



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