Eric Clapton / Costa Mesa 1990 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Costa Mesa 1990 / 2CD / Beano

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Live at Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA. USA 4th May 1990

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The third edition of “Eric Clapton Week” this week is also an unreleased sound source here, but it will become the master uploaded recently on the net. From the “Journey Man · World Tour” where Clapton was the most “rock” to say, the concert performed at Costa Mesa in California state on May 4, 1990 is recorded completely with high-quality stereo · audience recording This is the main board. This sound source has not been fully announced so far, of course it was never released in Japan, but the reason why I uploaded it on the net at the moment is why the sound source of such a good quality was asleep for 27 years, I was obliged to be surprised. Let’s look at the trend of this year in time series to see what kind of timing this concert was done in the career of Clapton. Early in the year of 1990, Clapton’s activities were active.

«November 7, 1989: Release of album ‘JOURNEYMAN’»
· January 14 – March 5, 1990: London, Royal Albert Hall, England, Scandinavia, Europe tours including 18 consecutive performances
· March 24 – May 5, 1990: National Tour · First Leg ← ★ Coco ★
· June 6, 1990: Attended the “Elvis Award” award ceremony at Lexington · Armony, New York.
· June 30, 1990: Appear in “Silver · Cref Award Winners Concert” at Nebworth, England.
· July 21 – September 2, 1990: National Tour · Second Leg
· September 29 – October 21, 1990: South American Tour
· November 7 – November 29, 1990: Oceania & Southeast Asia Tour
· December 4 – 13, 1990: Japan tour

You can see that the year of 1990 was a year of promotion of the album “JOURNEYMAN” released at the end of the previous year. While driving in and synthesizing, take up the old blues. It was a melting ballad, there was an intense number of edges, and it was an album that created a “modern active artist, Eric Clapton” by herself with a variety of approaches, and its fascination with a world-scale tour It seems that he wanted to know. From the album, it was an ambitious tour with Pretending, No Alibis, Bad Love, Running On Faith, Before You Accuse Me, Old Love and 6 songs in numbers set. This performance to be released this time was hitting 2 performances from the last day of the National Tour · First Legg. As it were, so far it got a good feeling in Europe and the whole country, and the confidence full of Clapton was a stage that took a total finish sense. At the end of the second national tour · Second leg, I will lose Stevey Ray Vaughn who co-starred in accident and fall into the depth of disappointment, but at this point there is no cloudiness of one point, confidence full We were showing off a magnificent dignitary stage that would hit the sound. Although it was a good netmaster who caught the moment, former master had numerous drawbacks included. While the high sound quality, the mid range was too strong and the sound balance was broken. Furthermore, due to aged deterioration the balance left and right balance changed, the pitch was +20% and slightly moved up and down. Pro experienced professional engineer who has become familiar there now completely eliminated all these shortcomings. By lowering the midrange range, raising the high and low frequencies, the musical sound became clearer and the pitch became normal. It became a grade-up version which is very easy to hear. The sound image of the part up to Disc 1 – 3 trk and later part which the person who uploaded the sound point pointed out in the review is different (it says “the sound is shaking like the wind blows”) In the analysis of our shop, was not it a change due to the adjustment of PA at the venue? I felt. Therefore, this part is unadjusted. Anyway, it will surely be satisfied with the sound quality of the main board which was brushed up remarkably than the state of the net as it is, and the power of the sound. As I mentioned earlier, Clapton’s play in this performance is also awesome! Guitar play coming out from the opening is too sharp. Listeners will be knocked out altogether with the flow of I Shot The Sheriff, White Room, Bad Love. Around this time, a composition such as inserting an acoustic set in the middle stage was not taken. With the electric set alone, we are putting a rampage difference, and we are developing a stage of ripe stones. I would like you to listen to this violent performance. Before Old Love, I’m announcing “I’d like to dedicate this song to my friends.” At this time there would have been a friend who either lost a loved one or broke up. It was also a day when I thought such a special feeling, it was reasonable that play was in reason. For those who want to hear Kire crawling, the best sound source is the main board. A good sound source that I slept for 27 years. We will release the first time eyes of the day raised it to the highest quality only our shop. We are releasing on the limited press CD with the sticker only for the first time, so please take your order as soon as possible.
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・1990年3月24日~5月5日:全米ツアー・ファースト・レッグ  ←★ココ★

1990年という年が、前年末にリリースしたアルバム「JOURNEYMAN」のプロモーションに懸けた一年だったことがお判りいただけるでしょう。打ち込み、シンセサイザーを取り込みながら、オールドブルースも取り上げる。とろけるようなバラードあり、エッジの利いた激しいナンバーもあり、と多彩なアプローチで自ら「モダンな現役アーティスト、エリック・クラプトン」をクリエイトしたアルバムだっただけに、ワールドスケールなツアーでその魅力をファンに知らしめたいと考えたようです。アルバムからは、Pretending、No Alibis、Bad Love、Running On Faith、BeforeYou Accuse Me、Old Loveと6曲ものナンバーをセットインした意欲的なツアーでした。今回リリースする本公演は、全米ツアー・ファースト・レッグの最終日から2公演目に当たっていました。言わば、ここまでヨーロッパと全米で好感触を得、自信に満ちたクラプトンが総仕上げ的な意味で立ったステージでした。後の全米ツアー・セカンド・レッグ終盤では、共演したスティーヴィー・レイ・ヴォーンを不慮の事故で失い、失意のどん底に陥るという経験をするわけですが、この時点では一点の曇りもない、自信に満ちたサウンドを叩きつけるような、威風堂々たるステージを披露していたのです。その瞬間を捉えた良質なネットマスターでありましたが、元マスターには数々の欠点が内包されていました。高音質ながら、中音域が強過ぎてサウンドバランスが崩れていました。さらに経年劣化により全体を通して左右バランスがコロコロ変わる、ピッチが+-20%で若干上下している、という状態でした。そこを今やお馴染みとなった定評ある当店のプロエンジニアがこれらの欠点すべてを完璧に解消しました。中音域を下げ、高音域&低音域を引き上げることで楽音が鮮明になり、ピッチも正常になりました。非常に聴きやすいグレードアップ・バージョンとなったのです。音源をアップした人物がレビューで指摘していた、Disc1 1-3trkまでとそれ以降の部分との音像が異なる(風に吹かれたように「音が揺れている」と評しています)のは、当店の分析では、会場のPAの調整による変化ではなかったか?と感じました。そのためこの部分は未調整です。とにかくネットそのままの状態よりも格段にブラッシュアップされた本盤の音質、サウンドの迫力にはきっとご満足いただけることでしょう。先述しましたように、本公演でのクラプトンのプレイがまた凄まじい!オープニングからぐいぐい切れ込んでくるギタープレイがシャープ過ぎます。泣く子も黙るI Shot The Sheriff、White Room、Bad Loveの流れでもうリスナーは完全にノックアウトされるでしょう。この頃には、中盤にアコースティックセットを挿むというような構成は執られていませんでした。エレクトリックセットのみで緩急の差をつけ、磐石のステージを展開しています。この激しいパフォーマンスは是非とも聴いていただきたいものです。Old Loveの前には、「この曲を僕の友人に捧げたいと思います。」とアナウンスしています。このタイミングで愛する人を失ったか別れた友人がいたのでしょう。そんな特別な思いを込めた日でもあったわけで、道理でプレイに気合が入っていたわけです。キレ捲るクラプトンを聴きたい方には最適な音源が本盤です。27年間も眠っていた好音源。初めて日の目を見たそれを当店だけが最高のクオリティに高めてリリース致します。初回のみのステッカー付限定プレスCDでのリリースとなっておりますので、どうぞお早めのオーダーをお願いします。

Disc 1 (60:45)
1. Intro. 2. Pretending 3. No Alibis 4. Running On Faith 5. I Shot The Sheriff
6. White Room 7. Can’t Find My Way Home 8. Bad Love 9. Before You Accuse Me

Disc 2 (79:05)
1. Old Love 2. Tearing Us Apart 3. Wonderful Tonight 4. Band Introduction
5. Cocaine 6. A Remark You Made 7. Layla 8. Crossroads 9. Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Phil Palmer – guitar Greg Phillinganes – keyboards
Alan Clark – keyboards Nathan East – bass, vocals Steve Ferrone – drums
Ray Cooper – percussion Katie Kissoon – backing vocals Tessa Niles – backing vocals


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