Dream Theater / Images Words And Beyond 2017 / 3CDR

Dream Theater / Images Words And Beyond 2017 / 3CDR / Lost And Found
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Live at Forum Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic 6th February, 2017. Audience

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The Astonishing Live tour ended last year and a live performance from the latest tour of the Dream Theater that began the 25th anniversary of “IMAGES AND WORDS” anniversary tour started this year!

I recorded the complete performances of the Prague performances on February 6th this year with the highest sound quality, and all the songs from “IMAGES AND WORDS”, as well as “A CHANGE OF SEASONS” which was performed for a while after long tour, You can not miss content that has changed completely.

Even if it says anything, it is an item that can not be translated to listen to the old songs only for all songs “IMAGES AND WORDS” that gave the world a shock!
The Astonishing Liveツアーを昨年いっぱいで終了させ、今年は「IMAGES AND WORDS」発売25周年アニヴァーサリー・ツアーを開始したドリーム・シアターのその最新ツアーからのライヴが登場!

今年2月6日のチェコ、プラハ公演を極上音質で完全収録しており、「IMAGES AND WORDS」からの全曲は勿論、久々にフルで披露された「A CHANGE OF SEASONS」等昨年のツアーから、がらりと変わった内容は見逃せません。

なんと言っても世界中に衝撃を与えた名盤「IMAGES AND WORDS」全曲だけに、オールド・ファンも聴き逃す訳にはいかないアイテムです!
disc one: Act 1
1. Intro: The Colonel
2. The Dark Eternal Night
3. The Bigger Picture
4. Hell’s Kitchen
5. The Gift of Music
6. Our New World
7. Portrait of Tracy (Bass Solo)
8. As I Am
9. Breaking All Illusions

disc two: Act 2 – Images and Words
1. Intro: Happy New Year 1992
2. Pull Me Under
3. Another Day
4. Take the Time
5. Surrounded
6. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
7. Under a Glass Moon
8. Wait for Sleep
9. Learning to Live

disc 3: Act 3
1. A Change of Seasons: I The Crimson Sunrise / II Innocence / III Carpe Diem / IV The Darkest of Winters / V Another World / VI The Inevitable Summer / VII The Crimson Sunset

Live at Forum Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic 6th February, 2017

Lost And Found. LAF 2423/2424/2425

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