Dream Theater / Amsterdam 2016 / 2CDR

Dream Theater / Amsterdam 2016 / 2CDR / Shades

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Live at Koninklijk Theater Carre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 22nd February 2016


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As early as super blockbuster came out even talk of musical reduction and games of “THE ASTONISHING”. But is DREAM THEATER, which embarked on a complete reproduction tour of the story that spans more than two hours, this work will become the third day, “February 22, 2016 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)” performance of the live album. This week, it was housed the world premiere performances memorable “THE ASTONISHING WORLD PREMIERE (Shades 626)” also appeared, for there is the first day and the second day, this work is of live to be “the next” audience – is the album is.
Only live to continue to precisely reproduce the blockbuster, playing content is very similar to the 4-Pack “THE ASTONISHING WORLD PREMIERE”, the sound is completely different. Although there was a personality shining gem of the stick “usual virtuoso” in warmth of DAT recording, here is superb audience recording of orthodox show off vividly the power of the latest digital equipment. Rather than pack the impression that space is trembling, how accurate the musical sound, sound as challenging or as possible taken in a refined, great direct sense of imminent and bold musical tone and Gugutsu. In a nutshell is the type called “like the sound board.” Especially nice is, rich bass dynamism of. This time, because what a grand story world as well as each person’s finesse is life, when the bass is thin band becomes with feigned ignorance even though grand excitement. However, the dynamics of the rich bass of this work is directly linked to the persuasive power of the story, literally trembling such excitement. Chest to permeate not only, it makes me taste the “welling from the belly” feeling.
‘re Raising the bar for the excitement is, audience. I mean are concentrated to catch one’s breath to live for the first time see a new song, the power of concentration when it comes to inter-track changes to a standing ovation, it plays the role of the intro of the next song. Grand Niwatto cheers boiling in the draw to slip is also like a Japan tour if it were the 1970s. ‘s The audience, such as the reader to read the 1 page 1 page of the story, but this brings the unexpected effect. It is not originally there is a beautiful flow of the story-album, but there “empathy to people” feeling of, as life is blown. Music and not just your heart is trembling to confront, and resonance in all of the mind that are there, it becomes more of a sense of scale.
The world of completely “THE ASTONISHING” is live, which was decorated with such a sound from corner to corner. It has become a hot topic in many places, but the past of the repertoire without any. Just in the sense of musical and movie, do you immersive in the world “only” in the new work. Rock history album reproduction and story live on Although there are many, roughly encore thing called common sense is to revel in the representative music. Shatters the common sense, we of “THE WALL” style to fill in the new song to the end of the last (and, also long !! about 1 hours from “THE WALL” of about 80 minutes).

Outrageous not only created a blockbuster, DREAM THEATER, which had increased more in the place of the world stage. Past in the repertoire Without “story” only the slams were of this tour, very worthy of the name of the “dream theater”. Two sets of “NOSTRADAMUS” remains unexpected fulfill a dream to fully reproduce even in JUDAS PRIEST. While IRON MAIDEN also was a big hit of the two sets of “THE BOOK OF SOULS”, the tour is the normal style. But wonderful just spirit to challenge the so much of the great adventure in the debut 27 years, DREAM brilliantly audience of mind of things have to eagle Zukami THEATER, what that do you a monster.
This work is a large masterpiece recordings that the class had rare blockbuster & dramatic concert in such a lock history can quickly experience superb sound. Famous song none of the rock concert, is to be the impressive thing so far. Soon as possible one day, I want to sink the body into a huge story world. Early as 1 minute 1 second, … I want to experience in Japan. Far from quell the feelings, Tsumitsukuri a single that would further enhance the crush. Along with the audience who give a thick hot cheer every time the story goes, let alone Shira kicking, please enjoy this big 巨編 to fully!


早くもミュージカル化やゲーム化の話も出てきた超話題作「THE ASTONISHING」。その2時間以上に及ぶストーリーの完全再現ツアーに乗り出したDREAM THEATERですが、本作は、その3日目となる「2016年2月22日アムステルダム(オランダ)」公演のライヴアルバム。今週は、記念すべきワールド・プレミア公演を収めた「THE ASTONISHING WORLD PREMIERE(Shades 626)」も登場しますが、あちらが初日&2日目なのに対し、本作は“その次”となるライヴのオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
超大作を精緻に再現していくライヴだけに、演奏内容は4枚組「THE ASTONISHING WORLD PREMIERE」に酷似していますが、サウンドはまったく違う。あちらはDAT録音の暖かみにこだわる“いつもの巨匠”の個性が光る逸品でしたが、こちらは最新デジタル機材の威力をまざまざと見せつける正統派の極上オーディエンス録音。空間が震える感動をパックするというよりは、いかに楽音を正確に、精緻に捉えきるかに挑戦したようなサウンドで、図太い楽音とググッと目前に迫るダイレクト感が素晴らしい。簡単に言えば「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれるタイプです。特に素晴らしいのは、豊かな低音のダイナミズム。今回は各人の技巧だけでなく壮大な物語世界こそが命ですから、低音が痩せているとバンドが壮大に盛り上げていても白々しくなってしまう。ところが、本作の豊かな低音のダイナミクスは物語の説得力に直結し、文字通り震えるような感動。胸に染みるだけでなく、「腹から込み上げる」感覚を味わわせてくれるのです。
そんなサウンドで彩られたライヴは隅から隅まで完全に「THE ASTONISHING」の世界。各所で話題になっておりますが、過去のレパートリーは一切なし。まさにミュージカルや映画の感覚で、新作の世界“だけ”に没入するのです。ロック史にアルバム再現やストーリー・ライヴは数多くありますが、おおよそアンコールは代表曲でお祭り騒ぎするのが常識というもの。その常識を打ち破り、最後の最後まで新曲で埋め尽くす「THE WALL」スタイルなのです(しかも、約80分の「THE WALL」より約1時間も長い!!)。

とんでもない超大作を創り出しただけでなく、その世界をステージの場で一層高めてしまったDREAM THEATER。過去のレパートリー抜きで“物語”だけを叩きつけた今回のツアーは、まさに「夢劇場」の名に相応しい。JUDAS PRIESTでさえ2枚組「NOSTRADAMUS」を完全再現する夢は果たせぬまま。IRON MAIDENも2枚組の「THE BOOK OF SOULS」を大ヒットさせながら、ツアーは通常スタイルです。デビュー27年にしてこれほどの大冒険に挑むスピリットだけでも素晴らしいのに、ものの見事に観客の心を鷲づかみにしているDREAM THEATER、なんという化け物なのでしょうか。

Disc 1(72:08)
Act I

1. Descent Of The Nomacs 2. Dystopian Overture 3. The Gift Of Music 4. The Answer 5. A Better Life
6. Lord Nafaryus 7. A Saviour In The Square 8. When Your Time Has Come 9. Act Of Faythe
10. Three Days 11. The Hovering Sojourn 12. Brother Can You Hear Me? 13. A Life Left Behind
14. Ravenskill 15. Chosen 16. A Tempting Offer 17. Digital Discord 18. The X Aspect

Disc 2(65:04)
1. A New Beginning 2. The Road To Revolution

Act II
3. 2285 Entracte 4. Moment Of Betrayal 5. Heaven’s Cove 6. Begin Again 7. The Path That Divides
8. Machine Chatter 9. The Walking Shadow 10. My Last Farewell 11. Losing Faythe
12. Whispers On The Wind 13. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices 14. Our New World
15. Power Down 16. Astonishing

Shades 627

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