Dokken / Osaka 2016 Unreleased In The East / 2CD

Dokken / Osaka 2016 Unreleased In The East / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 5th October 2016


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DOKKEN of 2016, “four golden” played a visit to Japan of the miracle of all together. The best live album is the appearance.
Although in November 2009, there was also “impromptu only two songs reunion” at home, this time of reunion realized in the form to respond to the request of the Japanese side. I ran the Japan tour of all six performances. This work, among them the Japan first day “2016 October 5, 2011: Namba HATCH performance” is the audience album.
4 people that played a reunion of the miracle, but the main is another activity in each of the current. Last but was re-gathered in “for Japan”, it does not have any plans of subsequent activities continued. First of all, let’s put together such a time of live activities.

– September 29, 2011: Sioux Falls (invitation-only Showcase)
– September 30, 2011: Sioux Falls performance
– October 5, 2011: Namba HATCH [this work] – October 6, 2011: Fukuoka Civic Hall
– October 8: Saitama Super Arena
– October 11: ZEPP NAGOYA

All over the live music that have been made in this reunion. While doing twice the warm-up gig at home the United States, it was the reunion of only eight times plus the subsequent Japan 6 performances. This person, is “West strongest taper” Mr. exquisite latest speaking was recorded such a monumental concert with the “HR / HM + Osaka”. “West of live are knows the spot,” but is a virtuoso in a virtuoso, which is rumored to “Locle in better sound than the field”, such he for “Namba HATCH” is elated in good. That’s what has knows the sound at home in the garden par, was please to deliver the best sound that this work was also missing Zuba.
Its quality is, super-clear & de fastball sound to go the so-called “like a sound board” in the land. 2 seems to have been recorded from the upper deck, but the sound that flows from this work is a sense of distance zero. But was formerly spoken as “distance counteract the feeling there is a Settings”, … whether that can be such a feat if hell What Settings. On top of that, the second floor unique flavor and plenty. First of all, exquisite enthusiasm balance of audience. 1 floor seats but I is understood to have raised furiously, it has been captured by the sense of rising from below, customers who make noise up close to the reverse is nil. This has to produce a wonderful three-dimensional sense, let alone does not interfere with the musical sound that reaches as straight laser, but rather feel like more of the audience is far away.
There is in such a “usual strongest sound” but, To a little different from the usual, more vivid edge. Perhaps because the site PA was a metallic sound, stands out metallic luster than usual, it is up to portray rather IEMs Kano such sharpness. This is also, perfect for this time of reunion. After all, here to there is that George Lynch. Once Standing sharpness sharp edge that has been referred to as a “razor-guitar” is to Bisshibishi, riff solo also come in sharp chopped! Coincidentally, but Rudolf Schenker of the SCORPIONS had been simultaneous visit to Japan was let me listen to the physical beauty and sharp rhythm guitar that I do not think 68-year-old, I do not think even 62-year-old George. We actually also rife reputation of “It’s still terrible tut body,” but, guitar Kirekkire is also not at all decline from the heyday.
Show that unfolds in the super clear sound and razor guitar, literally of GREATEST HITS on parade. If you hail of ultra-classic enough even if the fan vote “I think I think we will remain just like this?”. However, where there is likely veteran to there in a little spice. It has been mixed with “Do not Close Your Eyes” of “Will The Sun Rise” and “TOOTH AND NAIL” of “UNDER LOCK AND KEY” in between de best famous song rush. The former It is since the first visit to Japan in 1985 (!), Is led to the latter’s the first time in Japan! New song that I wrote before coming to Japan is a place that also wanted to listen, but also “rare Classics” what is the appropriate special to this time.
Such luxury to play the gorgeous live “four golden” Kamata, ridiculously wonderful. Although I mention the razor guitar of George, unlike also responsible for chorus and his now 80s. 4 voice chorus that became further blanking thicker than the golden age is you decorate the masterpieces. Deterioration of Don Dokken thanks that has been supported by the chorus was also stopped hand was about to write with …. The net has come out also candid advice to the vocals in the Loud Park, but the Osaka of this work is sing pat! Of course, not the originally perfect singer, but there is also a part left to the chorus not shout in the direction, sounded the yesteryear beautiful voice in the ballads and mid. Also from the fans chased the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka has sent the voice of the “Osaka is the Best” (Will condition was good in the first day).

Anyway, “four golden” has came back for the first time in 19 years. This is not even in the vision in a dream, I miracle of happened reality in 2016. Also in this work occur roar of the audience who witnessed the Don and George compromise in “The Hunter”, cheers of “See, who was waiting for!” Flies. Not just say that the finest live album, awaited a miracle fan of feelings, this one was containment also to the air a sense of witnessing it. Large masterpiece master craftsman the prestigious Osaka performances of great performance in Japan tour was recorded over by the arm. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

2009年11月には本国で“飛び入り2曲だけ再結成”もありましたが、今回の再結成は日本側のリクエストに応える形で実現。全6公演のジャパンツアーを実行しました。本作は、その中でも日本初日となる「2016年10月5日:なんば HATCH公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。

・10月5日:なんば HATCH 【本作】

以上が今回の再結成で行われた生演奏のすべて。本国アメリカでウォームアップ・ギグを2回こなしつつ、その後の日本6公演を加えた8回だけの再結成でした。そんな記念碑的コンサートを録音したのは「HR/HM+大阪」と言えばこの人、“西日本最強テーパー”氏の極上最新作です。「西日本のライヴスポットを知り尽くしてる」「現場よりも良い音で録る」と噂される名手中の名手ですが、そんな彼にとって“なんば HATCH”は得意中の大得意。それこそ自宅の庭並みに音響を知り尽くしており、本作もズバ抜けた極上サウンドを届けてくださいました。
そんな“いつもの最強サウンド”ではありますが、いつもとちょっと違うのは、一層鮮やかなエッジ。現場PAがメタリックなサウンドだったせいか、いつもよりも金属光沢が際立ち、それがいっそIEMsかのような鋭さまで描き出している。これがまた、今回の再結成にピッタリ。何しろ、ここにいるのはあのジョージ・リンチ。かつて“カミソリ・ギター”と称された切れ味鋭いエッジがビッシビシに立ち、リフもソロも鋭利に切り刻んでくる! 奇しくも同時来日していたSCORPIONSのルドルフ・シェンカーが68歳とは思えない肉体美と鋭いリズム・ギターを聴かせてくれましたが、ジョージも62歳とは思えない。実際に「相変わらず凄ぇ身体だ」との評判も飛び交っておりますが、キレッキレのぎたーも全盛期からまったく衰えていません。
その激クリア・サウンド&カミソリ・ギターで繰り広げられるショウは、文字通りのGREATEST HITSオンパレード。仮にファン投票をしても「そっくりこのままになるんじゃないか?」と思うほどの超名曲の雨あられです。ただし、そこにちょっぴりスパイスを利かせるところがベテランらしい。ド・ベストな有名曲ラッシュの合間に『UNDER LOCK AND KEY』の「Will The Sun Rise」や『TOOTH AND NAIL』の「Don’t Close Your Eyes」を混ぜてきた。前者は1985年の初来日以来(!)ですし、後者に至っては日本初公開なのです! 来日前に書いたという新曲も聴いてみたかったところですが、やはり“レアなクラシックス”こそ、今回には相応しいスペシャルです。
そんな豪華絢爛ライヴを演奏する“黄金の4人”がまた、とんでもなく素晴らしい。ジョージのカミソリ・ギターについては触れましたが、今回の彼は80年代とは違ってコーラスも担当。黄金期よりもさらにブ厚くなった4声コーラスが名曲を彩るのです。そのコーラスに支えられたお陰でドン・ドッケンの劣化も……と書きかけたところで手が止まった。ネットではラウドパークでのヴォーカルに苦言も出ていますが、本作の大阪はばっちり歌えている! もちろん、もともと完璧なシンガーではありませんし、ムキに叫ばずコーラスに任せるパートもありますが、バラードやミッドでは往年の美声を響かせる。東名阪を追いかけたファンからも「大阪がベスト」との声が届いています(初日で調子が良かったのでしょうか)。

なにはともあれ、“黄金の4人”が19年ぶりに還ってきました。これは夢でも幻でもなく、2016年に起きた現実の奇跡なのです。本作でも「The Hunter」で歩み寄るドンとジョージを目撃した観客のどよめきが起こり、「待ってたぜー!」の喝采が飛ぶ。単に極上のライヴアルバムと言うだけでなく、奇跡を待ち望んだファンの想い、それを目の当たりにした空気感までも封じ込めた1本です。ジャパンツアーでも名演の誉れ高い大阪公演を名匠が腕によりをかけて録音した大傑作。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (53:53)
1. Without Warning 2. Tooth And Nail 3. The Hunter 4. Unchain the Night 5. Just Got Lucky
6. Don’t Close Your Eyes 7. Will the Sun Rise 8. When Heaven Comes Down 9. Breaking the Chains
10. Into The Fire 11. Dream Warriors

Disc 2 (52:15)
1. Kiss Of Death 2. Alone Again 3. Guitar Solo 4. Mr. Scary 5. It’s Not Love
6. Member Introduction 7. In My Dreams 8. Paris is Burning

Don Dokken – Vocals George Lynch – Guitars Jeff Pilson – Bass Mick Brown – Drums

Zodiac 207

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