Deep Purple / Live In Japan Budokan 1972 / 2CDR

Deep Purple / Live In Japan Budokan 1972 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 17th August 1972


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Of DEEP PURPLE, yea produced the masterpiece “MADE IN JAPAN” of the lock, the first tour to Japan in 1972. That is the last day, “August 17, 1972: Nippon Budokan” concert audience album is a gift-release decision. This is the first visit to Japan, which has been exhausted talking anymore, but let me start with the schedule while too late.

– August 15, 1972: Osaka Festival Hall
– August 16, 1972: Osaka Festival Hall
– August 17, 1972: Nippon Budokan [this work]

In this way, the first visit to Japan in 1972 for three days. The three performances are all recorded on the official, it was sublimated to the “MADE IN JAPAN” by the hands of Martin Birch. Only produced the ultra-name record, this three-day but is not a great performance complete set of miracle, this work is among the only audience recordings that have been recorded in the record of the Nippon Budokan was the Tokyo show in the. The recording itself has been known for a long time, lord album “LIVE IN JAPAN COMPELETE (Darker Than Blue 044-049)” name recording also became disk 5, and 6 of. In this work again from its original source, dared the remastering of the state-of-the-art technology. Existing airport, but Rashiku had heard a little equalizing is strengthened at the time, and finished with a more natural sound.
Great performance …… that was revived in the sound. To be honest, I should I talk about what afresh. Although historic ultra-name panel to “MADE IN JAPAN”, “The Mule,” “Lazy” has been adopted, not was Tokushutsu only apart from two songs, great songs. Had caused the miracle of “MADE IN JAPAN” is, but I think that is large due to the tension-tension due to the first time the Asian performances, in the Nippon Budokan there is also the fact that 3 performances eyes, also is plus up confidence there It is. Although in one song unit is also playing cede to Osaka Festival Hall, mood that flows through the whole volume, the fulfillment of the “I’ll fully spear!” Is No. 1 even through three days.
And, precisely because it is fully recorded in this production 100% of such “mood”, this work is great. At that time still rare was “real rock” of the Kanto region, which witnessed the Japanese and the band hit a ferocious performance of the band was riding on the glue in Osaka two shows before such them,. DEEP PURPLE at the time, but is not walking to the collapse had begun at the subconscious level, we are full to urge enough to drown it. So, “it urges”. Unlike 1970, already DEEP PURPLE “that promise” had begun to penetration, regained the initial impulse to obtain the power of the first Japan-first Asia-Hatsukoto culture. That’s what is the identity of the miracle that happened to the “MADE IN JAPAN”, for they are going with it the “scene of the truth” are you a this work.
Of that era sensation reaches the apex, the encore before the MC. Appeared in a certain famous DJ the stage was also a pioneer of the Japanese DJ, it has been the scene also tightly recording that tells loudly.
“Very much, thank you. Please, more a grand concert …… .DEEP PURPLE! DEEP PURPLE! It should be noted that, from a single line of DEEP PURPLE tomorrow, uh, already today, the very last concert. Tokyo this concert the and was in the end, finally Japan and another farewell. Therefore the concert a fantastic tonight, and I continued playing in reluctantly likely, perhaps, should be able to do another one song .DEEP PURPLE! ”
While longer become a legend, I did not listen even in the full version of the official MC. And, of audience erupts in Angkor announcement enthusiasm …. Just what if the field, is what the document because the audience recording.

In this work, we are still recording “Lucille” is also of August 16, as a bonus track. The song was done only on August 16, in this work we have recorded reprint take from the phantom of bootleg EP “LIVE (non-label)”.
DEEP PURPLE of history, no remains in the rock history “miracle of three days”. Among them also “urge” and But Not Alone is “self-confidence”, the one and only of the Nippon Budokan performance. Here, there is a them and happened to Japanese and lock “miracle of the truth”. It is a 2-Disc that contains the highest version up to date over the reportedly continued to come was the name recorded for many years. Even beyond the date of 44 years, no one more than great performance. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

DEEP PURPLEの、いやロックの最高傑作『MADE IN JAPAN』を生み出した、1972年の初来日公演。その最終日である「1972年8月17日:日本武道館」公演のオーディエンス・アルバムがギフト・リリース決定です。もはや語り尽くされた初来日ですが、今さらながら日程から始めさせて頂きます。

・1972年8月17日:日本武道館 【本作】

このように、1972年の初来日は3日間。この3公演はすべてオフィシャルに録音され、マーティン・バーチの手によって『MADE IN JAPAN』へと昇華しました。超名盤を生み出しただけに、この3日間は奇跡の名演ぞろいなわけですが、本作はその中で唯一の東京公演だった日本武道館の記録で録音されたオーディエンス録音なのです。この録音自体は古くから知られており、大名盤『LIVE IN JAPAN COMPELETE(Darker Than Blue 044-049)』のディスク5・6にもなった名録音。本作ではその元音源から再度、最新技術のリマスタリングを敢行。既発は、当時らしくややイコライジングが強めに効いていましたが、よりナチュラルなサウンドに仕上げました。
そのサウンドで蘇った名演……。正直に申し上げて、今さら何を語ればいいのでしょう。歴史的超名盤『MADE IN JAPAN』にも「The Mule」「Lazy」が採用されましたが、別に2曲だけが特出していたわけではなく、全曲が素晴らしい。『MADE IN JAPAN』の奇跡を起こしたのは、初めてのアジア公演による緊張感・テンションによるものが大きいと思いますが、日本武道館では3公演目ということもあって、そこに自信までもが上乗せされている。1曲単位では大阪フェスティバルホールに譲る演奏もあるものの、全編通して流れるムード、“やり切ってやる!”の充実感は3日間を通しても1番です。
そして、そんな“ムード”を本生100%で記録しきっているからこそ、本作は素晴らしい。当時はまだ珍しかった“本物のロック”を目の当たりにした関東圏の日本人、そしてそんな彼らを前に大阪2公演でノリにノッたバンドの猛烈な演奏をぶつけるバンド。当時のDEEP PURPLEは崩壊への歩みが潜在意識レベルで始まっていたわけですが、それをかき消してしまうほどの衝動に溢れているのです。そう、“衝動”。1970年とは違い、すでに“お約束”が浸透し始めていたDEEP PURPLEが、初日本・初アジア・発異文化の力を得て初期衝動を取り戻した。それこそが『MADE IN JAPAN』に起きた奇跡の正体であり、それを“現場の真実”で伝えてくれるのが本作なのです。
「どうも、ありがとうございます。どうぞ、より盛大なコンサートを……。DEEP PURPLE! DEEP PURPLE! なお、DEEP PURPLEの一行は明日から、えー、もう今日、一番最後の演奏会。東京のこの演奏会を最後にしまして、いよいよ日本ともうお別れ。従って大変に今晩の演奏会を、名残惜しそうに演奏続けまして、多分、もう1曲やってくれるはずです。DEEP PURPLE!」

DEEP PURPLE史の、いやロック史に残る“奇跡の3日間”。その中でも“衝動”と“自信”が並び立つ、唯一無二の日本武道館公演。ここには、彼らと日本人とロックに起きた“奇跡の真実”がある。それを長年にわたって伝え続けてきた名録音の最新にして最高バージョンを収めた2枚組です。44年の月日を超えても、超えるもののない名演。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1(50:54)
1. Intro 2. Highway Star 3. Smoke On The Water 4. Child In Time 5. The Mule
6. Strange Kind Of Woman

Disc 2(56:33)
1. Lazy 2. Space Truckin’ 3. Black Night 4. MC by Goro Itoi 6. Speed King

Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 16th August 1972
7. Lucille

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