David Gilmour / Live About Face / 2CDR

David Gilmour / Live About Face / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Live At Stabler Arena, Lehigh University , Bethehem, PA July 12th 1984. Soundboard/ Audience



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80s 84 years July 12, Pennsylvania from a solo tour of David Gilmour, first appearance in the complete version that Bethlehem performances plus the audience sound source to the sound board sound source!

This performance has been known to sound board sound source was recorded at the time the radio broadcast, but realized the concert songs recording added to the best audience sound source of the sound board grade this time because there was not the songs recorded.

Is a big recommendation title that it can be said that the final edition of discomfort 84 years it is possible to listen to without “About Face Tour”! !



01. Until We Sleep*
02. All Lovers Are Deranged*
03. Love On The Air *
04. Mihalis
05. Cruise
06. Short And Sweet *
07. Money *
08. Out Of The Blue

01. Let’s Get Metaphysical
02. You Know I’m Right *
03. Run Like Hell *
04. Blue Light (with Bass And Drums Jam) *
05. Band Introduction *
06. Murder
07. Comfortably Numb *

Live At Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethehem, PA July 12th 1984 * = Soundboard Recordings
Highland Project. HLP-146A/B

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