David Gilmour / Wroclaw 2016 / 3CD

David Gilmour / Wroclaw 2016 / 3CD / Sigma

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Plac Wolnosci, Wroclaw, Poland 25th June 2016


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Finally, finally, large Ketteiban of “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” has emerged. Attracting attention from immediately after the start as a solo tour of nine years, also in our shop have been reports in a number of masterpieces recorded “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. Live album, which has been delivered so far, all but was a gem complete set of press-class, it finally became the birth of that dimension even beyond masterpiece. It is this work,’s the “2016 June 25, Wroclaw performances (Poland)” live album containment to the press 3CD.
Why this work has been press of. What is the difference between a masterpiece group and this work up to now, what is special about so much. The point is there are some, say what the biggest reason is sound. This work, but has been recorded in three sets of full show of Vurotsuwau performances, will vary little point in each, we will introduce you separately for each disk.

[Disk 1: Part 1] Show of “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” has become a two-part, to the disk 1, and Yes and recorded the first part. The first part is a television broadcast, we in this work has been recorded its stereo sound board sound source. However, this is not just a sound board. It is already television broadcasting is an introduction already as a gift title, but more of this work is also compared with the sound’s the realistic rich.
The secret is, I matrix with the sound board and the best audience. The shop, also until now to global landlord and collaboration FLOYD research, but we have to provide the only source of first-class, this work plan of the whole body by the landlord. It is why was the best sound board to see rare even in modern digital broadcasting and from the broadcast, but a thing that landlords have their own finish and best audience and the matrix. Of course, because it is research who has devoted his life to FLOYD research, simply matrix and the different finishing superimposed. Not only the realism of fastball feeling and audience of the sound board is fused, guitar one very tone of richness, stereo three-dimensional feeling, sounds of depth, fine of …… its all is a different dimension of sound. First I was going to write the “official class sound board,” but, even would be squid of official work, is not it sound like is heard. Dimension, such as only mania bet the life Umidaseru “sound art”. Although we have dealt with countless sound source of many of the band, or not high-dimension there were a number of so far. Definitely’s the unusual music panel also compete for 1 and 2 in all the title of our shop.
Vurotsuwau performances also drawn by its sound, no two special show. In fact, feast of this day Vurotsuwau Philharmonic Orchestra. But its beauty was taste in television broadcasting, spectacle by the sense of space that has been created in the matrix has jumped dozens of times. More than enough three-dimensional to just rock guitar and beats, going to meet the gap of space is beautiful examine the strings it as a framework. Matrix is ​​not only to produce a breadth of space, you also to the density of the density is raised to the level of a different dimension.

[Disk 2, 3: Part 2 + encore] Unlike the first part there was a TV broadcast, this Part 2 + encore is a single recording of the audience recording. “Well, show of the whole volume is if one can not be helped even in the audience to listen,” but you might think, in fact, is not a story of far from it. How can the world landlord in the same way as disc 1 who have provided finishing up mastering, this sound is also different dimension class. And say audience recording, “bold musical tone is what the, the position is if the” if always, but I just start talking and, there is no longer such dimension. Audience noise at the beginning of what I think also ish audience recording, but the whole body to the moment in which the base of the “One Of These Days” was flowing out was frozen. It is another, such as not is also the official live work, I drastic a superb sound.
So far the “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” also, did name record just like push the limits of audience recording, their masterpiece group is not in the game also challenged in a bundle. Landlord is also had been pushing the hallmark as the “Best of 2015 – 2016”, in fact, there is no inferior to listen at all to hear side by side with the disk 1 of different dimension matrix. Anymore, “or sound board, audience or” should not speak in methodologies such as, said Do not be dimension. It sounds to master the “highest peak of the concert recording”.
While I taking the valuable time, really sorry side-by-side just exaggerated words of gibberish. However, … should I this sound in any language. Ginger so “audience recording” as a fact,’s the best of the sound world in the mellow impossible even in the official also by the sound board. First, when the landlord was told that “the disk 1 sound board and I was matrix. The rest is audience”, I did not think only with “Do it rubbed to that strange.” But if I know this recording, it can be seen to want to do so. Touch the recording not be heard even in the ultra-Koamania that has been knows successive sound sources around the world, it was best broadcast also happened the same concert on television. Once you have this chance before, I want to try to pull up the vertex. How far really made of, you will want to make sure the summit. If likened to climbing the psychology, as if to know global adventurer is more than the mountain Mount Everest, or would not it was like to face in the summit.

I have Kakinagashi and kidnapping, but perhaps everyone will be attention what “One Of These Days”. In the historic ultra-classic, premiered by the solo of Gilmore. If the original, you should do all the words to this song. However, even with that much of the ultra-important performance, it does not extend to weirdness of this abnormal sound.
Part 1, which raised the superb sound board in a different dimension, a sound source life overturned Part 2 + encore. At first glance, is a live album, such as seems unnatural, but this what got devised precisely because world authority “music machine”. Of recording, I 3-Disc, which began Broiled the true value of music. After finishing the tour, it might have been planning the official live album maybe. However, would it not also extend to this work as this happens. In the heights of up to so much “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” vertex. Feast of the orchestra one night only, solo premiere, and one that all the crowning unrivaled sound …… is a uniform of “One Of These Days”. Sound source life even change different dimension experience Edition, this weekend to your handy.


遂に、遂に、“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の大決定盤が登場しました。9年ぶりのソロツアーとして開始直後から注目を集め、当店でも数々の傑作録音でレポートしてきた“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”。今までお届けしてきたライヴアルバムは、すべてプレス級の逸品ぞろいでしたが、遂にその次元さえも超えた名作の誕生となったのです。それが本作、「2016年6月25日ヴロツワフ公演(ポーランド)」をプレス3CDに封じ込めたライヴアルバムなのです。

“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”のショウは2部構成になっており、ディスク1には、第1部を収録してあります。この第1部はテレビ放送され、本作ではそのステレオ・サウンドボード音源を収録しているのです。しかし、これがただのサウンドボードではない。すでにテレビ放送はギフト・タイトルとしてご紹介済みですが、そのサウンドと比べても本作の方がリッチでリアルなのです。

テレビ放送のあった第1部とは違い、この第2部+アンコールはオーディエンス録音の単独収録です。「まぁ、ショウの全編が聴けるならオーディエンスでも仕方ないか」と思われるかも知れませんが、実はそれどころの話ではないのです。ディスク1と同じように世界的大家がマスタリングまで仕上げて提供してくださったのですが、こちらのサウンドも異次元級。オーディエンス録音というと、いつもなら「図太い楽音がどうの、ポジションがどうの」と語り始めるところですが、もうそういう次元でもない。冒頭のオーディエンス・ノイズこそ客席録音らしくも思いますが、「One Of These Days」のベースが流れ出した瞬間に全身が凍った。それはもう、オフィシャルのライヴ作品でもあり得ないような、激烈な極上サウンドなのです。
ここまでの“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”も、オーディエンス録音の限界を広げるような名録音ばかりでしたが、それらの傑作群が束になって挑んでも勝負にならない。大家も「2015年・2016年のベスト」と太鼓判を押していましたが、実際、異次元マトリクスのディスク1と並べて聴いてもまったく聴き劣りがない。もはや「サウンドボードか、オーディエンスか」といった手法論で語るべきではない、語ってはいけない次元。“コンサート記録の最高峰”を極めるサウンドなのです。

サラッと書き流してしまいましたが、恐らく皆さまは「One Of These Days」こそ注目されることでしょう。歴史的な超名曲にして、ギルモアのソロによる初演。本来であれば、この1曲にあらゆる言葉を尽くすべきです。しかし、それだけの超重要パフォーマンスを持ってしても、この異常サウンドの凄味には及ばないのです。
極上サウンドボードを異次元に引き上げた第1部、音源人生を覆される第2部+アンコール。一見、不自然に思えるようなライヴアルバムですが、これこそ世界的権威だからこそ編み出し得た“音楽盤”。録音の、音楽の真の価値を炙り出した3枚組なのです。ツアーを終えた後、もしかしたらオフィシャルのライヴアルバムが計画されているかも知れません。しかし、そうなったとしても本作には及ばないことでしょう。それほどまでの高みにある“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の頂点。一夜限りのオーケストラとの饗宴、「One Of These Days」のソロ初演、そして無上無類のサウンド……その総てがそろった1本。音源人生さえ変える異次元体験盤、今週末あなたのお手元へ。


Disc 1 (70:07)
1. Intro. 2. 5 A.M. 3. Rattle That Lock 4. Faces Of Stone 5. Wish You Were Here
6. What Do You Want From Me 7. A Boat Lies Waiting 8. The Blue 9. Money 10. Us And Them
11. In Any Tongue 12. High Hopes

Disc 2 (69:27)
1. One of These Days 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Dancing Right in Front of Me
4. Coming Back to Life 5. On an Island 6. Band Introduction 7. The Girl in the Yellow Dress
8. Today 9. Sorrow

Disc 3 (26:07)
1. Run Like Hell 2. Time 3. Breathe Reprise 4. Comfortably Numb

Sigma 159

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