David Bowie / Serdecznie / 2CD+1DVD

David Bowie / Serdecznie / 2CD+1DVD / Helden
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Louisana State University Baton Rough LA April 11, 1978. Digitally Remastered

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■ 1978 April 11, Baton Rouge performance high-quality sound completely recorded.
■ rehearsal sound source of the 1977 Marc Bolan
■ 1978 April 10, pro-shot video of Dallas performances
■ 12 May 12, 1978 Tokyo performances of professional shot video
■ promo video of “HEROES” outtakes

Among the number of Bowie some of the album, conspicuous in his career, Berlin trilogy that is commonly say, is particularly high evaluation of two works of “LOW” and “HEROES”. It is even more than the splendor of the music of the album itself, always present situation it was the one of the arrival points of Bowie that has been repeated a new challenge does not settle in, sometimes go ahead while risked contrary to fan expectations attitude of the can was Bowie, that was consistent with the needs of the fans, it has also become a major factor in determining the assessment that went on a tour above all after the announcement the two works.

Two works of the “LOW”, “HEROES” will be was work also of the free mind for Bowie. Before announcing the final piece of the trilogy, it has carried out a large-scale tour this two works in the main. The United States and Europe, not Australia only, but also can see the avant-garde a great live in Japan. Set list, compared with heavy first half of the new center, and the second half nimble hits center, look down the whole career in this time of Bowie, it has become almost a full-course, such as the compromise between East and West cuisine.

[BATON ROUGE LA April 11, 1978] Has become the main of this work is a Baton Rouge performances of April 11, 1978. If you were surprised to hear the sample would also be many. This is the audience record rather than sound board. Short-range feeling as if Bowie is singing up close, wide range up to high notes, such as exit from the bass, which really does not have whether or not impeccable, and it is what is recorded in this more thought is not high-quality sound. Up to this point clearly audience recordings that each instrument has been well-balanced recording is not meet you people medium even today in the 21st century, is it much better record.

[REHEARSAL with MARC BOLAN] In addition it is also noted in the rehearsal sound source of the Marc Bolan made in mid-1977, which is Heiroku to disk 2. This is not a tour of the rehearsal, seems rehearsal of towards the TV show. 2 co-star of the large giant of gram-star, here are recorded in a real sound board. Although there is a rough and played only a rehearsal, the tone of glittering guitar is characteristic that immediately can be seen as that of the borane. Is a valuable source of Bowie and the borane are both recorded a rare opportunity to take a vocal sound board.

[DALLAS TX, U.S.A. April 10, 1978] Next is a video. Less pro-shot video in the so-called “LOW / HEROES TOUR” of 1978, the typical thing is the fact that Tokyo and Dallas recorded in this work. Etc. there are many titles that were recorded in Tokyo, which was recorded this Dallas performance professional shot the video is small. Compared with later to Tokyo performances, intense movement of Bowie, the action on the stage, and has a thing full of uplifting feeling as if he saw the stage. In particular, the music selection is nice, in the image of the Tokyo performances been recorded performance is not that it was unreleased “What In The World”, “Blackout,” “Sense Of Doubt,” “Speed ​​Of Life”, doubling those four songs is a professional shot is a noteworthy point are you.

[TOKYO JAPAN December 12, 1978] And here are recorded live in Tokyo final destination of the tour, which is also a professional shot. Songs compared to Dallas many, is a pro-shot video to be representative of the tour. To the lively Dallas show, in a very quiet atmosphere cover the whole, the impression that it is stylish stage. Even in the same tour, it is possible to feel the change as much as or different to here. Nothing playing style, not only the stage action, Bowie costumes also, what is frequently performed costume sort in the same stage suggests from the video. I do not know the only sound, recording valuable stage, it is also the Japan tour is left in such a form would be fortunate for the Japanese fans.

[ “HEROES” PROMO FILM OUTTAKES] And the last of the video is the outtakes of the promo video of containing a strong message of Bowie “HEROES”. Complex editing was decorated with “Ashes To Ashes” but also to mention an example, Bowie is that had announced the early works that elaborate focused on video work, is only in this song it becomes a very simple ing. Is irradiated strong light from behind, Bowie is singing Nestled alone, only it. If there is no props, no background. Bowie of virile face, is a promoter of just singing their own Merkmal. But of course it has been intended, why come to us transmitted as intense message. This work has been recorded the outtakes of the promo video of such “HEROES”. At first glance is a promo that looks simple, as you can see from the recording of the outtakes in this work, it is photographed by a plurality of cameras, and edit them the video from each angle it can be seen that the promo has been made. Is a digression 2004 Reality tour opening image, or do not have followed the promo video of “HEROES”.

From Bowie specialty label HELDEN, the latest installment in what should be called the culmination of the 1978 Bowie, if it is not quite deep mania, is with respect to the “LOW / HEROES tour” sound source is also the video would also be enough if there is this work . In addition, since it has become a content valuable as a collection for those who are the core of mania, which I would like you to watch by all means. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.




【BATON ROUGE LA April 11, 1978】


【DALLAS TX, U.S.A. April 10, 1978】
続いて映像である。1978年のいわゆる「LOW/HEROES TOUR」においてはプロショット映像が少なく、代表的なものが本作に収録のダラスと東京ということになる。東京公演を収録したタイトルは数多くあれど、このダラス公演プロショット映像を収録したものは少ない。後述する東京公演と比べると、ボウイの動きが激しく、ステージ上でのアクションは、まるで舞台を見ているかのような躍動感にあふれたものとなっている。特に選曲が素晴らしく、東京公演の映像には未収録だった「What In The World」「Blackout」「Sense Of Doubt」「Speed Of Life」と、4曲ものダブらないパフォーマンスがプロショットで収録されているのは特筆すべき点である。

【TOKYO JAPAN December 12, 1978】

そして映像の最後はボウイの強烈なメッセージを含有した「HEROES」のプロモ映像のアウトテイクである。複雑な編集が施された「Ashes To Ashes」を例に挙げるまでもなく、早くから映像作品に着目し凝った作品を発表していたボウイが、この曲に限っては非常にシンプルなものとなっている。後方から強いライトが照射され、ボウイがひとり佇み歌っている、それだけである。何の小道具もなければ、背景もない。精悍な顔のボウイが、自らのメルクマールを歌っているだけのプロモである。しかし、もちろんそれは意図されたものであり、だからこそ強烈なメッセージとして我々に伝わってくる。本作は、そんな「HEROES」のプロモ映像のアウトテイクを収録している。一見シンプルに見えるプロモであるが、本作に収録のアウトテイクを見てわかる通り、複数のカメラで撮影され、それら各アングルからの映像を編集してプロモが作られているのがわかる。余談であるが2004年リアリティ・ツアーのオープニングのイメージは、この「HEROES」のプロモ映像を踏襲したものではないか。

ボウイ専門レーベルHELDENより、最新作は1978年のボウイの集大成とも言うべきもので、かなりディープなマニアでなければ、「LOW / HEROESツアー」に関しては音源も映像も本作があれば充分であろう。またコアなマニアの方にもコレクションとして価値ある内容となっているので、ぜひ視聴していただきたいと思っている。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Warszawa
02. Heroes
03. What In The World
04. Be My Wife
05. The Jean Genie
06. Blackout
07. Sense Of Doubt
08. Speed Of Life
09. Breaking Glass
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Fame
12. Member Introduction
13. Five Years
14. Soul Love
15. Star
16. Hang On To Yourself
17. Ziggy Stardust
18. Suffragette City
19. Rock ‘N Roll Suicide

01. Art Decade
02. Station To Station
03. Stay
04. TVC 15
05. Rebel Rebel

REHEARSAL with MARC BOLAN mid – 1977
06. Standing Next To You #1
07. Standing Next To You #2
08. Standing Next To You #3
09. Standing Next To You #4
10. Standing Next To You #5
11. Madman #1
12. Madman #2
13. Madman #3
14. Unknown Song #1
15. Unknown Song #2
16. Unknown Song #3

01. What In The World
02. Blackout
03. Sense Of Doubt
04. Speed Of Life
05. Hang On To Yourself
06. Ziggy Stardust

NHK HALL TOKYO JAPAN December 12, 1978
07. Warszawa
08. Heroes
09. Fame
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Five Years
12. Soul Love
13. Star
14. Hang Onto Yourself
15. Ziggy Stardust
16. Suffragette City
17. Station To Station
18. TVC15

19. Heroes #1
20. Heroes #2
21. Heroes #3
22. Heroes #4
23. Heroes #5
24. Heroes #6
25. Heroes #7

Helden. DEN-078/ 079/080

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