David Bowie / Roseland Ballroom 2000 1st Night / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Roseland Ballroom 2000 1st Night / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live at Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA 16th June 2000(80:11). NTSC

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Translated text:

“MINI TOUR 2000” was only 4 shows. It is the release decision that a video work that can experience the precious work site with the highest quality is released. Such film was photographed “New York performances on June 16, 2000”. Bowie of this year has no release of album, rest mode. However, the appearance of the “Glastonbury Festival” in June was decided, and accompanying it, what kind of performances the concert named “MINI TOUR” was held. This work is an audience shot that recorded the first scene. First of all, let’s check the position from the outline of such “MINI TOUR”.
· June 16: New York Performance 【this work】 “June 17: New York Performance (Canceled)” · June 19: New York Performance (Transfer) · June 25: Glastonbury · Fes · June 27: BBC RADIO THEATER
Over, all four performances. Mainly with “Glastonbury · Fes” appeared, warm up twice in New York just before that. This New York 2 show was done only for members of fan club, the initial schedule is “June 16th + 17th”. However, Bowie caught a cold and 17th was canceled, and it was transferred on the 19th. Afterwards, including “Glastonbury Fes” and BBC concert, most of the shows are left with some pro shots, but the only exception is New Year ‘s first day’ June 16 ‘. That is, it is a show of this work. This work that recorded such a first day is valuable and the quality is also wonderful. The most overwhelming thing is closeness! It is an audience shot taken from the first floor seat on the left side of the stage, but the bowie reflected in the shadows of the front row is such a distance that the waist-up expands all the way to the screen. Moreover, how to kill is very skillful. Although it seems to be a free-hand shoot, although the stability feeling is still one more thing, it is only a moment when the front row is swung up and the arms and head are reflected. It is almost the only picture that the bowie continues to occupy the screen. And, the sound suitable for that sight is plentiful. The venue acoustics and the like are not felt as it is, it transmits to one word of one word of lyrics which is exactly synchronized with the mouth which is clearly shown. It is a master who is said to be 2nd genie, but almost no white line noise and dubbing trace are found, and the scene and the sound are revived as it is then. The show drawn with its visual beauty is a precious 2000 Bowie. Especially because of a special tour there are many unusual songs, especially “STATION TO STATION” stands out. We set “Wild Is the Wind” which was the first time in 17 years at the opening, and further studied “Golden Years” “Stay” “Station to Station”. Although it does not understand the final stage of the show because the shooting ends with that “Station to Station”, still it is about 80 minutes and “Survive” which can not be seen even in the pro shot of the next “June 19th” “Ashes to Ashes “” Rebel Rebel “” This Is Not America “” Starman “” The Man Who Sold the World “can also be enjoyed plenty. And, atmosphere that is special at least like that is at home. As mentioned earlier, Bowie’s physical condition is far from perfect and she smiles sweetly, but there is no growth in her voice singing lightly without actions that seem to be action. It seems that there seems to be a situation that seems to be working hard. However, it is this work that it does not become a feeling of tragedy. Although the Bowie is not in regular condition, the crowd surrounding him is a fan club member. That warm cheer encourages Bowie and he also delights the audience with as much performance as possible. Although it is not an explosion tension, it is not omission, it is not the best condition but it is not painful either. You can experience such a show from a special seats viewpoint. Anyway the number of performances is too small “MINI TOUR 2000”. It is a masterpiece picture standing on that rare rare scene and sharing a home-like atmosphere with fan club members. It is one piece that stimulates fan’s psychology rather than a superb music work.


わずか4公演だけだった“MINI TOUR 2000”。その貴重極まる現場を極上クオリティで体験できる映像作品がリリース決定です。そんな本作が撮影されたのは「2000年6月16日ニューヨーク公演」。この年のボウイはアルバムの発表もなく、休養モード。ただし、6月の“グラストンベリー・フェスティバル”の出演が決まり、それに伴って“MINI TOUR”と称したコンサートを何公演か開催。本作は、その一幕を記録したオーディエンス・ショットです。まずは、そんな“MINI TOUR”の概要からポジションを確認してみましょう。
・6月16日:ニューヨーク公演 【本作】 《6月17日:ニューヨーク公演(中止)》・6月19日:ニューヨーク公演(振替)・6月25日:グラストンベリー・フェス ・6月27日:BBC RADIO THEATRE
以上、全4公演。“グラストンベリー・フェス”出演をメインに、その直前にニューヨークでウォームアップ的を2回実施。このニューヨーク2公演は、ファンクラブの会員限定で行われたもので、当初の予定は“6月16日+17日”。ところが、ボウイが風邪をこじらせ17日が中止となり、19日に振り替えとなりました。その後の“グラストンベリー・フェス”やBBCコンサートも含め、ほとんどのショウで何かしらのプロショットで残されているのですが、唯一の例外がニューヨーク初日の「6月16日」。つまり、本作のショウなのです。そんな初日を記録した本作は、貴重な上にクオリティも素晴らしい。何よりも圧倒的なのは近さ! ステージやや左寄りの1階席から撮影されたオーディエンス・ショットなのですが、前列の影をかいくぐって映し出されるボウイはウェストアップが画面いっぱいに広がるほどの距離。しかも、かいくぐり方が非常に巧み。フリーハンド撮影らしく安定感は今ひとつではあるものの、前列の振り上げるや腕や頭が映るのはほんの一瞬。ほとんどボウイだけが画面を占領し続ける映像なのです。そして、その光景に相応しいサウンドも間近感たっぷり。会場音響などまるで感じられず、ハッキリ映る口元とぴったりシンクロした歌詞の1語1語まで伝わる。2ndジェネと言われるマスターなのですが、白線ノイズもダビング痕もほとんど見当たらず、光景もサウンドも当時そのままに甦ってくるのです。その映像美で描かれるショウは、貴重な2000年のボウイ。特別ツアーなせいかセットも珍しい曲が多く、特に『STATION TO STATION』が目立つ。当時17年ぶりだった「Wild Is the Wind」をオープニングに据え、さらに「Golden Years」「Stay」「Station to Station」を散りばめる。その「Station to Station」で撮影が終わってしまうためにショウ終盤は分からないのですが、それでも約80分に及び、次回“6月19日”のプロショットでも観られない「Survive」「Ashes to Ashes」「Rebel Rebel」「This Is Not America」「Starman」「The Man Who Sold the World」もたっぷりと楽しめます。そして、そんなセット以上に特別なのがアット・ホームな雰囲気。先述した通り、ボウイの体調は万全とはほど遠く、にこやかに愛想を振りまきはするものの、アクションらしいアクションもなく淡々と歌う声には伸びがない。なんとかギリギリこなしているような様子がありありと見て取れる。しかし、それは悲壮感にならないのが本作。ボウイは本調子ではないものの、彼を囲む観客はファンクラブ会員たち。その暖かい声援がボウイに力を与え、彼もできる限りのパフォーマンスで観客たちを喜ばせている。爆テンションではないけれど手抜きではなく、絶好調ではないけれど悲痛でもない。そんなショウを特等席視点で体験できるのです。とにかく公演数が少なすぎる“MINI TOUR 2000”。その激レアな現場に立ち、ファンクラブ会員と共にアットホームな雰囲気を分かち合える傑作映像です。絶好調な音楽作品というよりは、ファン心理を刺激する1枚。
Live at Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA 16th June 2000(80:11)
1. Intro 2. Wild Is the Wind 3. Life on Mars? 4. Golden Years 5. Changes 6. Stay 7. China Girl 8. Survive 9. Absolute Beginners 10. Ashes to Ashes 11. Rebel Rebel 12. Fame 13. This Is Not America 14. All the Young Dudes 15. Starman
16. The Man Who Sold the World 17. Under Pressure 18. Station to Station
David Bowie – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica Earl Slick – lead guitar Mark Plati – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, clarinet, vocals
Sterling Campbell – drums, percussion Mike Garson – keyboards, piano Holly Palmer – percussion, vocals Emm Gryner – keyboard, clarinet, vocals
COLOUR NTSC Approx.80min.
発送詳細 ■ゆうパック

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