David Bowie / Hammersmith Odeon 1973 / 2CD

David Bowie / Hammersmith Odeon 1973 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 3rd July 1973 SBD


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Also becomes the movie, is a sound board album appeared legendary concert also said one of the symbol of the ’70s rock, let alone Bowie. That is the “Legend concert”, “July 3, 1973 Hammersmith performance”. And on the last day of “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR 1972-1973”, it is a performance that became the site of “Ziggy sealed Declaration”.
Already is the place has become a hot topic this sound board appeared some, but this work is using the which the outflow relationship’s master by its own route different to direct. It has become with this work of the master, direct feeling gem of a lot that I do not think only To directly sound that was Fujikoma to the reel. Soredakeni not even need to emphasize the sound equalizing,’s the live album that plenty of enjoy the natural “sound of the unit” than any title.
Hammersmith performances excellent legend drawn by the sound. Wonderful is, Bowie singing more than anything else. Official carefully been mixed in, but had been polished, this work is brilliant the vividness of the console directly connected sound board unique. Mix is ​​also the site itself, the voice of protagonist Bowie is poured directly in the like reality, such as if it were made even to the microphone. So, be told before the “Rock’N Roll Suicide”, Ziggy sealed MC of the legendary “Not only is it the last show of the tour, but it’s the last show that we’ll ever do.” Also, the scene more in vividness it resonates in the ears (audience screams echoing in the distance is also ultra-realistic).
Of course, to say the how rough mix, the performance of the band is not equal to the perfunctory. Only Bowie song Den! While in the middle and also, charm of the ensemble also transmitted vividly. The it is glad to especially, will be “The Jean Genie / Love Me Do,” “Round And Round”. Played with Jeff Beck does not hear at the Official is I listen in desk direct sound board. From the MC to introduce Jeff to how intertwined the voice of phantasmagoric guitar and Bowie, … picking nuance is also poured in vivid ear sound.
However, lights are usually followed by shadows. Only so valuable record, also exists unfortunately drawbacks. From equipment trouble at the time of the recording there is a warp slightly to “The Width Of A Circle” (12:29), about 6 seconds to “Suffragette City” (0:43 to 0:49), there is a degradation of sound. In addition, the pitch was also mad at random. But was also considered to complement such a chipping and deterioration in the official, the mix did not wipe is absolutely uncomfortable and connect significantly different official. Therefore, in this work, not able to patch the missing respecting the recording of legend, thoroughly fix the only pitch. Lille is a sound that had has been achieved finish enjoy the best nature.

Character even be told as a symbol of Bowie “Ziggy Stardust”. Of course, you can not never tell the Bowie just Ziggy, can not even be talk in Ziggy excl. Starting from the album, flashy by each succeeding tour, the presence that went more wacky the giant, he was trying to swallow also finally Bowie himself. In the form of the vertex, it is a historical masterpiece taste vividly the legendary performance that put an end. Together with the recording movie, singing voice should be handed down forever. Containment of the highest quality ever to press 2CD, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.

映画にもなり、ボウイどころか70年代ロックの1つの象徴とも言える伝説コンサートのサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。その“伝説コンサート”とは「1973年7月3日ハマースミス公演」。“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR 1972-1973”の最終日にして、「ジギー封印宣言」の現場となった公演です。
そのサウンドで描かれる伝説のハマースミス公演は絶品。なによりも素晴らしいのは、ボウイの歌声。オフィシャルではていねいにミックスされ、磨き上げられていましたが、本作は卓直結サウンドボードならではの生々しさが鮮烈。ミックスも現場そのもので、まるでマイクにでもなったかのようなリアリティで主役ボウイの声が直接流し込まれる。そう、「Rock‘N Roll Suicide」の前に語られる、伝説のジギー封印MC「Not only is it the last show of the tour, but it’s the last show that we’ll ever do.」も、現場以上の生々しさで耳元に響くのです(遠くに響く観客たちの悲鳴も超リアルです)。
もちろん、いかに荒々しいミックスとは言っても、バンドの演奏がおざなりにはなっていない。あくまでボウイの歌がデン!と真ん中にしながらも、アンサンブルの妙味も生々しく伝わる。それが殊更に嬉しいのは、「The Jean Genie / Love Me Do」「Round And Round」でしょう。オフィシャルでは聴けないジェフ・ベックとの共演が卓直結サウンドボードで聴けるのです。ジェフを紹介するMCから変幻自在ギターとボウイの声が絡み合う様子まで、ピッキングニュアンスも鮮烈な耳元サウンドで流し込まれる……。
しかし、好事魔多し。それほど貴重な記録だけに、残念ながら欠点も存在します。録音された際の機材トラブルから「The Width Of A Circle」にわずかながらワープがあり(12:29)、「Suffragette City」に6秒ほど(0:43-0:49)音の劣化がある。さらに、ピッチもランダムに狂っていました。そうした欠けや劣化をオフィシャルで補完することも検討されましたが、ミックスが大幅に違うオフィシャルを繋げるとどうしても違和感が拭えなかった。そこで本作では、伝説の録音を尊重して欠けをパッチすることはせず、ピッチだけを徹底的に修正。リールが持っていた鳴りを最大限自然に味わえる仕上がりを実現しました。



Disc 1 (52:58)
1. Introduction by Barry Bethal
2. Mike Garson’s Medley (Space Oddity / Ziggy Stardust / John, I’m Only Dancing / Life On Mars?)
3. Ode To Joy 4. Hang On To Yourself 5. Ziggy Stardust 6. Watch That Man
7. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud / All The Young Dudes / Oh! You Pretty Things
8. Moonage Daydream 9. Changes 10. Space Oddity 11. My Death

Disc 2 (55:04)
1. Announcement and William Tell Overture 2. Cracked Actor 3. Time 4. Width Of A Circle
5. Band Introduction 6. Let’s Spend The Night Together 7. Suffragette City
8. White Light White Heat 9. The Jean Genie / Love Me Do with Jeff Beck
10. Round And Round with Jeff Beck 11. Farewell Speech 12. Rock‘N Roll Suicide
13. Pomp and Circumstance by Edward Elgar



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