David Bowie / Birmingham 2003 / 4CD

David Bowie / Birmingham 2003  / 4CD / Wardour

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The Nec, Birmingham, UK 19 th and 20th November 2003.


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Best record 2 audience set was complete recording of the performance of Bowie last World Tour “A REALITY TOUR 2003” is appeared. Of this work it has been recording “on Nov. 19, 2003, 20 day”. This 4-Disc pack “Birmingham NEC” 2 days consecutive performances in works by the hands of the same recording house. And the recording artist, always in the UK living in better us to provide authentic British recording, familiar as also “always masters” in our shop. And say the masters of the recording I latest United Kingdom recording many, he is also a large Bowie fan. This work, like that one of his treasured collection “by all means, I want you to listen to the Japanese fans” and sent to what has been. Is a gem turned into CD directly from the spot of the original master.
Themselves masters of Bowie fans will select, “by all means, this” There is only have to say, the sound of this work is splendor that was missing Zuba in his collection. Clear musical sound and I taper was good at both of the field sense, always while they alive taste of the street is plenty, the sound is sparkling so that I stopped with a jerk than usual to clear of. Guitar is transmitted to the nuances of picking, one stroke one stroke of the drum, the base of each sound is fresh also bouncing uplifting. And of course, what vividness of Bowie vocal best. To firmly there is a sense of space in the hall, it was clear to clear, such as comes through until the breathing to be inserted into the microphone singing. To to be seen in the details as the sound board, there is no Shirajirashi of. This exquisite and mysterious sound precisely, serving as master of masters why. I love this sound, even if the customer come to us also purchase the “if his work” as it is much not interested in the band. I much a unique and high-quality sound.
Of the two consecutive days of performances this time “Birmingham NEC”, but the first day “19 November” has been arranged disk 1 and 2, the second day, “20 November” to the disk 3, 4, both masters while a great sound there is only of work, unique to be happy in each. Dreadfulness of “first day” is, its vividness. Is tremendous excitement from the beginning. As soon as the Bowie appeared spiral is ferocious enthusiasm, it becomes helluva commotion along with the intro of “Rebel Rebel”. Bastard shouting Nobutoku as “Come on !!”, a woman scream that cut through the silk. If think whether it happened in the distance, it exploded up close, whistling and lyrics flurry around. Live is why not vision because it is the album, but as if also looks at what has pointed to where from the moment or stage of Bowie appeared. Writing this, but it might all come to mind the sound that was drowned out in the ferocious great cheer, is not the case of course. The top of the great cheer is to dominate dandy singing voice cool. In addition, it says such enthusiasm is whether’re blanketing the whole book, not again really. Audience who blazed furiously also beginning calm since I reaches the “Reality”, now is a stunning live performance sound that plenty of playing and singing voice clear of is out in front and a jerk. In this happens when the masters of sound beauty fully open, hot burning band and Bowie I me fill all.
In addition, “the first day” is also delicious music selection. This tour has been left also official of the live album “A REALITY TOUR”, the recording date of “November 22, the 23rd”. This work, in order to hit the immediately just before the concert, set list is also pretty close. In fact, although almost all songs of the “second day” has suffered as “A REALITY TOUR”, this “first day” is, be heard not in the official album “Jean Genie”, “Fashion”, “Suffragette City” also can we.
Well, the disk 3, 4 on behalf of “the second day”. This superb sound taste is more than even the “first day”. “First day” is ferocious enthusiasm was exploded at the beginning, “the second day” is, of seeing eyes beauteous virtuoso sound from the start or taste even this! Overflowing with. Moreover, glossy and clear of the bass went over half step of “first day”, still gorgeous. The more you want it precisely, proudly referred to as “like a sound board.” Initially, this “second day” only to press, as was also considered a plan to the “first day” to the bonus CDR. The result, we not settled on 4 Disc Gataku discard reality of “first day”, so, the sound of this “second day” is wonderful. If, if you are a quality-oriented school, it might be better to have been heard from the disk 3, 4 previously.
Enthusiastically unfolds in its sound is also extremely good. Although there is a set list close to Compared to the “first day”, “A REALITY TOUR”, unity of 1 performance different from the edited official board, the natural flow of the audience recording unique one-shot deal is not taste in the official board thing. Sense of fulfillment about is through the full length He would call Better yet, even as the “” A REALITY TOUR “in the present 100% raw version”. In addition, there is also the birthday of Gail Ann Dorsey, it listens also heartwarming birthday song after “Under Pressure”.

Maestro is an enthusiastic fan of Bowie, the name of the recording name in the record to recommend Japan to the Bowie fan By “all means”. Good even if I listened as this 100% raw version of the official live album, to be good become hot mixed to enthusiasm of the unique home country. Precisely because they sincerely love Bowie, to be familiar also music and sound, out also bleeding feeling that “want well-recording”. Is a gem thought of the masters was transformed into quality. “Bowie, are the best I think.” 4 Disc flowing out from the speaker feeling of beyond the ocean. On behalf of the masters, I say again. “By all means, to you!”
ボウイ最後のワールドツアー“A REALITY TOUR 2003”の極上録音2公演を完全収録したオーディエンス・セットが登場です。本作が録音されたのは「2003年11月19日・20日」。“バーミンガムNEC”2日連続公演を同一録音家の手による作品でパックした4枚組です。その録音家とは、英国在住で常に本場イギリス録音を提供してくださる方で、当店でも“いつもの巨匠”としてお馴染み。巨匠の録音というと最新イギリス録音が多いのですが、彼は大のボウイ・ファンでもある。本作は、そんな彼の秘蔵コレクションの1つで「ぜひ、日本のファンに聴いてほしい」と送られてきたもの。オリジナル・マスターの現物からダイレクトにCD化した逸品です。
今回は“バーミンガムNEC”の2日連続公演のうち、初日「11月19日」をディスク1・2、2日目「11月20日」をディスク3・4に配しましたが、どちらも巨匠の作だけあって素晴らしいサウンドでありながら、それぞれに個性的なのも嬉しい。「初日」の凄味は、その生々しさ。冒頭から盛り上がりが凄まじい。ボウイが登場するやいなや猛烈な熱狂が渦巻き、「Rebel Rebel」のイントロと共にえらい騒ぎになる。野郎は「Come on!!」と野太く叫び、女性は絹を切り裂く悲鳴を上げる。それが遠くで起こったかと思えば、間近で炸裂し、口笛や歌詞があちこちを飛び交う。ライヴアルバムですから視覚はないわけですが、ボウイ登場の瞬間やステージ上からどこを指さしているのかでもが見えるかのようです。こう書くと、猛烈な大歓声にすべてがかき消されたサウンドが思い浮かぶかも知れませんが、もちろんそうではない。その大歓声の上をクールでダンディな歌声が支配するのです。また、そうした熱狂が全編を覆い尽くしているのかというと、やはりそうでもない。猛烈に燃え上がった観客たちも「Reality」に差し掛かる頃から落ち着きはじめ、今度はクリアさたっぷりな演奏と歌声がグッと前に出た見事な生演奏サウンドになる。こうなると巨匠サウンドの美しさ全開で、熱く燃えるバンドとボウイがすべてを埋め尽くしてくれるのです。
また、「初日」は選曲も美味しい。このツアーはオフィシャルのライヴ盤「A REALITY TOUR」も残されていますが、その収録日は“11月22日・23日”。本作は、そのすぐ直前のコンサートにあたるため、セットリストもかなり近い。実際のところ、「2日目」のほぼ全曲が「A REALITY TOUR」と被っていますが、この「初日」は、公式盤にはない「Jean Genie」「Fashion」「Suffragette City」も聴くことができるのです。
そのサウンドで繰り広げられる熱演もまた、すこぶる良い。「初日」に比べると「A REALITY TOUR」に近いセットリストではあるものの、編集された公式盤とは違う1公演の統一感、一発勝負の客席録音ならではの自然な流れは公式盤では味わえないもの。いっそ「本生100%バージョンの『A REALITY TOUR』」とでも呼んでしまいたいほどの充実感が全編を貫いている。さらに、ゲイル・アン・ドーシーの誕生日でもあり、「Under Pressure」の後に心暖まるバースデイ・ソングも聴けます。


The NEC, Birmingham, UK 19th November 2003

Disc 1 (71:42)
1. Intro. 2. Rebel Rebel 3. New Killer Star 4. Reality 5. Jean Genie 6. Fame 7. Cactus
8. China Girl 9. Afraid 10. Fashion 11. Loneliest Guy 12. Man Who Sold World
13. Hello Spaceboy 14. Sunday 15. Member Introduction 16. Under Pressure 17. Life On Mars

Disc 2 (73:38)
1. Ashes To Ashes 2. The Motel 3. Loving The Alien 4. Never Get Old 5. Changes
6. I’m Afraid Of Americans 7. Heroes 8. Bring Me Disco King 9. Slip Away
10. Heathen 11. Five Years 12. Suffragette City 13. Ziggy Stardust

The NEC, Birmingham, UK 20th November 2003

Disc 3 (72:06)
1. Intro. 2. Rebel Rebel 3. New Killer Star 4. Sister Midnight 5. Reality 6. Fame
7. Cactus 8. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon 9. China Girl 10. All The Young Dudes
11. Loneliest Guy 12. Man Who Sold World 13. Hello Spaceboy 14. Sunday
15. Member Introduction 16. Under Pressure 17. Happy Birthday Gail Ann Dorsey 18. Life On Mars

Disc 4 (63:36)
1. Ashes To Ashes 2. Battle For Britain 3. Loving The Alien 4. Days 5. Never Get Old 6. Changes
7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Heroes 9. Fantastic Voyage 10. Heathen 11. Five Years
12. Hang On To Yourself 13. Ziggy Stardust


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