Daryl Hall & John Oates / Town & Country 1990 / 2CD

Daryl Hall & John Oates / Town & Country 1990 / 2CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live at The Town & Country Club, London, UK 5th September 1990 STEREO SBD


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1990 “Change Of Season” release also doubles as six performances London club “TOWN & COUNTRY” continuous performances that have been made promotion than, live of September 5 of the last day is appeared in the longest version. This live 56 minutes, 9 songs of broadcasting sound source I only did not exist but, in recent years, long version, the best sound quality version of the 19 songs ranging in 1 hour 42 minutes appeared. This board is what was recorded remastered the upper version. Sound quality is the highest class, this still is perfect to the extent that can be released as official live. Hall & Oates In was held in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka in July of the same year “KIRIN GIGS ’90” has served as the large birds, but the time and back members are the same. Best word also the old and new songs effectively high-quality stage of attract the audience Hall & Oates in side by side was set this day. Has been played Starting All Over Again with the MC of “songs from the new work that will be released in a few weeks” Change Of Season “” is a 6 track. “It ‘s song that Paul Young was hit a few years ago, I’ll do it wrote,” is Everytime You Go Away with the MC that will be played. The play So Close “It’s next new single”. Later will liven up the great show towards the second half Tatamikake a familiar number. The second half, “today I’ll’ve been recording with (BBC) Radio 1” at the beginning of You Make My Dreams Come True and we have MC with. Last I excitement in playing cover of What’s Going On Sly & The Family Stone of Hot Fun In The Summertime and Marvin Gaye. Although perhaps it is thought that the Omoto master of broadcasting station has outflow Become a now, the Omoto of the problem or, as I was whether Wait For Me is not recorded only about 30 seconds off at the stage of the copy is a pity that is. Drying takes of Wait For Me as a bonus track instead, even adding recorded has not been played in London show the four songs, including the One On One, from the familiar Atlantic City performances of the following year November 9. I finished with one of the iron-clad. Noise and some of the song cut, and further adjusted as listen to all even rough connecting places smooth. Best one to represent this time is the appearance than popular ZION label in the press CD.

1990年「Change Of Season」リリースのプロモーションも兼ねて6公演が行われたロンドンのクラブ「TOWN & COUNTRY」連続公演より、最終日の9月5日のライヴが最長版で登場です。このライヴは56分・9曲の放送音源しか存在していなかったのですが、近年、1時間42分に及ぶ19曲入りのロングヴァージョン・最高音質版が登場。本盤はそのアッパー版をリマスター収録したものです。音質は最高クラスで、このまま公式ライヴとしてリリース可能な程に完璧です。同年7月に東京・横浜・大阪で開催された「KIRIN GIGS ’90」ではホール&オーツはその大トリを務めていますが、その時とバックメンバーは同じです。新旧の曲を効果的に並べたセットで観客を魅了するホール&オーツの高品質なステージはこの日も最高の一言。6曲目では「数週間後にリリースされる新作「Change Of Season」からの曲」というMCと共にStarting All Over Againが演奏されてます。「数年前にポール・ヤングがヒットさせた曲だけど、僕が書いたんだよ」というMCと共にEverytime You Go Awayが演奏されます。「次は新しいシングルだよ」とSo Closeを演奏。以降はお馴染みのナンバーを畳みかけ後半に向けて大いにショウを盛り上げます。後半、You Make My Dreams Come Trueの冒頭で「今日は(BBC)Radio 1でレコーディングしているんだよ」とMCしています。ラストはスライ&ファミリーストーンのHot Fun In The Summertimeとマーヴィン・ゲイのWhat’s Going Onのカバー演奏で盛り上げます。恐らく放送局の大元マスターが今になって流出したものと思われますが、その大元の問題か、そのコピーの段階で切れてしまったのかWait For Meが30秒程しか収録されていないのが残念です。その代わりにボーナストラックとしてWait For Meの完奏テイク、更にはロンドン公演で演奏されなかったをOne On Oneを含む4曲を、翌年11月9日のお馴染みのアトランティック・シティ公演から追加収録。鉄壁の1枚に仕上げました。曲中のノイズや一部カット、更には荒い繋ぎの箇所も全てスムーズに聴けるように調整済み。この時期を代表する最高の1枚がプレスCDで好評ZIONレーベルより登場です。

Disc 1(74:09)
1. Intro 2. Out Of Touch 3. Family Man 4. Say It Isn’t So 5. How Does It Feel 6. Kiss On My List
7. Starting All Over Again 8. Everytime You Go Away 9. So Close 10. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
11. Sara Smile 12. She’s Gone 13. Rich Girl 14. Wait For Me 

Disc 2(57:44)
1. Maneater 2. Member Introduction 3. Adult Education 4. You Make My Dreams Come True
5. Hot Fun In The Summertime 6. What’s Going On 

Daryl Hall – Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals John Oates – Guitar, Vocals Jimmy Ripp – Lead Guitar
Mike Klvana – Keyboard Charlie DeChant – Saxophone Bob Mayo – Keyboards Larry Tag - Bass
Mike Braun – Drums

Bonus Tracks
Live at The Sands Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA 9th November 1991

7. She’s Gone 8. One On One 9. Everytime You Go Away 10. Wait For Me 

Daryl Hall – Guitar & Vocals John Oates – Guitar & Vocals Bob Mayo – Keyboards
T-Bone Wolk – Guitar Mike Braun – Drums Kasim Sulton – Bass Charlie DeChant – Saxophone
Eileen Ivers – Violin Lisa Ivers – Cello 


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