Black Sabbath / The Legendary Masters 1983 / 2CD

Black Sabbath / The Legendary Masters 1983/ 2CD / Zodiac
‘Born Again’ Unmixed Demos recorded at the Manor Studio 1983(UPGRADE) & Live at The Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA 4th November 1983(UPGRADE).

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The largest gravity singularity Ian Guillain era in SAB BATH history. The super-superior & most important stereo sound board album which can study the top is a reprint.
Two legendary soundboards are included in this work. One is a demo tape of the back of the great album “BORN AGAIN”, and the other is a super best live album of “November 4, 1983 Wooster Performance”. While both are super representative sound sources that are said to be “First of all if you say Guillan SAB BATH”, the two major titles are now out of print. It is a two-disc set that sets the highest peak version as luxury. Let’s introduce each one individually.

[Disc 1: Highest quality version of BORN AGAIN spilled demo] Disc 1 is a demonstration that leaked from “Manor Studio” where the masterpiece “BORN AGAIN” was produced. Excavated about 15 years ago from now, it has caused the biggest sensation in the history of the SAB BATH boot. After all “BORN AGAIN” is a unique work of SAB BATH. Moreover, Ian Gillan and Tony Io Mi can not be convinced by the mix of the final board, “It has been changed in a while” “It was a better sound in the studio” “I want to let everyone hear the demo” I told you. That sound came out in reality. Furthermore, the existence of the unreleased song “The Fallen” was also great. Today it has been formulated as a deluxe edition bonus track, but what the world first knew was “manner tape”.
This work is digitized from the actual “manner tape” with the longest scale and polished with careful mastering. It is the highest peak version recorded in “THE MANOR TAPES: BORN AGAIN UNMIXED DEMOS” released in 2009, and the sound is overwhelming. Of course, the biggest point of this demo is the temporary mix and freshness that is different from the official, and there is no point in making it extremely. The mastering of this work is not so unsophisticated, but it emphasizes the “performance” sucked into the cassette. In other words, it is an exact reproduction of the “sound that was playing in the studio”.
In fact, it is totally different from the original cassette, which has a clear crystal clear air. What’s more, it’s quite different from the official take that was gorgeously decorated with effects, and it’s as if the band is playing in front of you … yes, in the brain. That’s the ultra-realistic sound of Guillain SAB BATH’s studio live album.
Moreover, the mix and some performances themselves are different from the official version. The guitar phrase is different from the first song “Hot Line”, and “Keep It Warm” with emphasized Guillain’s shout, long “Stonehenge”, “Trashed” in the middle of vocal insertion, lyrics and melody are different. You can enjoy “BORN AGAIN” that has a different expression than the official version, such as “Zero The Hero”, “Born Again” starting from the intro to the entire band, and so on.

[Disc 2: The longest and highest soundboard live of Guillain era] It is the highest peak live album that follows such a shock “manner tape”. It is the top stereo sound board recording of “November 4, 1983 Wooster performance”. This show is broadcast on WESTWOOD ONE’s specialty program “CAPTURED LIVE!”, And is a large standard among the classics that has produced numerous air checks that have been released innumerably. This work is the highest peak version that wiped out the group that has already been released. It is the highest peak that has been finely digitized from an unused broadcast master disk excavated at about the same time as “manner tape” and further polished through the same careful mastering as disc 1. As a matter of fact, recently, a new original copy has also appeared on the net, but the quality is much better than this one. This work is so glossy and iron wall that it seems stupid to compare. It is proved by retrofitting how the original disc used for this work was an excellent thing.
And not only the sound but also the content is the top of Guillain SABBATH. Speaking of live in Guillain era, the sound board of Reading Festival is included in the official deluxe edition, but this work is overwhelmingly longer than that. This is a good opportunity, so let’s check the soundboard sound source that Guillan SABBATH left here.

・ August 27 Redding ※ Official De La Eddie
September 28 Böblingen “EUROLINE”
・ September 30th Paris “EUROLINE”
・ November 4 Wooster [this work]

Above, 4 kinds. There are three types other than the official Redding Fess, and in this shop you can get a press CD for “EUROLINE” and this work. And this work is the longest among them and the sound is excellent. While it is a full official sound, you can also enjoy “Supertzar”, “Children Of The Grave”, “Heaven And Hell” and a guitar solo that you can not hear on the official disc. Furthermore, this work is also updating the longest in history. The highest peak so far was our “CAPTURED ALIVE: DEFINITIVE EDITION”, but while this work has the same quality, the DJ part of the program ending is also completely recorded. In the previous release it was finished as soon as the live corner is over, but in this work it is recorded to the end announcement of the program to the maximum. It is also a radio album that reproduces the rock scene at that time exactly at home.

Ian Guillain BLACK SAB BATH … It was a moment of rare miracle. If a project or a combination of big things collapses in a rush, it overflows in the rock world, but they are not only “inconvenient” but also “SABBATH likeness”. The most heavy and furious BLACK SABBATH in the ever-changing history. That was heavier than the successful Ronnie period and sharper than the Ozzie period. This work is a stereo sound board album that depicted such Guran era more vividly than official. It is the ultimate two-disc set that set its highest ever edition. A super-decision board that I would like you to convey to the future along with the official deluxe edition. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press specifications as much as possible.

本作に収められている伝説的サウンドボードは2種。1つは裏の大名盤『BORN AGAIN』のデモテープ、もう1つは「1983年11月4日ウースター公演」の超極上ライヴアルバムです。いずれも「ギランSABBATHと言ったらまずはコレ」と言われる超代表音源ながら、現在は廃盤久しい2大名盤。その最高峰版を贅沢にセットした2枚組なのです。それでは、それぞれ個別にご紹介していきましょう。

【ディスク1:BORN AGAIN流出デモの最高峰クオリティ版】
ディスク1は名盤『BORN AGAIN』が製作された“マナー・スタジオ”から流出したデモ。今から15年ほど前に発掘され、SABBATHブート史上最大のセンセーションを巻き起こしました。何しろ『BORN AGAIN』はSABBATH随一の異色作。しかも、イアン・ギランもトニー・アイオミも最終盤のミックスに納得ができず「いつの間にか変えられてしまった」「スタジオではもっと良い音だった」「デモをみんなに聴かせたい」と口々に語ってきた。その音が現実に出てきたのです。さらに、未発表曲「The Fallen」の存在も大きかった。現在ではデラックス・エディションのボーナス・トラックとして公式化されましたが、世界が初めて知ったのは“マナー・テープ”が最初だったのです。
本作は、そんな“マナー・テープ”現物から最長尺でデジタル化し、細心マスタリングで磨き上げたもの。2009年にリリースされた『THE MANOR TAPES: BORN AGAIN UNMIXED DEMOS』に収録された最高峰バージョンで、そのサウンドは圧倒的。もちろん、このデモ最大のポイントはオフィシャルとは異なる仮ミックスや生々しさにあり、極端に作り込んでは意味がない。本作のマスタリングはそうした無粋なものではなく、あくまでカセットに吸い込まれた“演奏”を際立たせるもの。言い換えれば、“スタジオ内で鳴っていた音”を正確に再現したものなのです。
しかも、ミックスや一部の演奏自体もオフィシャル版とは違う。1曲目の「Hot Line」からギター・フレーズが異なりますし、ギランのシャウトが一層強調された「Keep It Warm」、長尺な「Stonehenge」、ヴォーカル入れ途中の「Trashed」、歌詞やメロディまで違う「Zero The Hero」、イントロからバンド全体で始まる「Born Again」等々など、公式版とは表情の違った『BORN AGAIN』が楽しめるのです。

そんな衝撃の“マナー・テープ”に続くのは、最高峰ライヴアルバム。「1983年11月4日ウースター公演」の頂点ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。このショウはWESTWOOD ONEの名物番組“CAPTURED LIVE!”で放送され、数々のエアチェックが無数の既発を生んできた定番中の大定番です。本作は、そんな既発群を一掃した最高峰版。“マナー・テープ”とほぼ同時期に発掘された未使用の放送原盤から精緻にデジタル化され、さらにディスク1と同様の細心マスタリングを経て磨き上げられた最高峰なのです。実のところ、最近になって新たな原盤起こしもネットに登場しているのですが、クオリティは本作の方が遙かに上。比べるのもバカらしくなるほど本作の方が艶やかで鉄壁。いかに本作に使用された原盤が特上なものだったのか、後付けでも証明されているのです。

・8月27日レディング ※公式デラエディ
・9月28日ベーブリンゲン 『EUROLINE』
・9月30日パリ  『EUROLINE』
・11月4日ウースター 【本作】

以上、4種。公式化されたレディング・フェス以外に3種があり、当店では『EUROLINE』と本作でプレスCDが手に入るわけです。そして、その中で最も長く、サウンドも優れているのが本作。完全公式級サウンドでありつつ、オフィシャル盤では聴けない「Supertzar」「Children Of The Grave」「Heaven And Hell」やギターソロも楽しめるのです。さらに、本作は史上最長を更新してもいる。これまでの最高峰は当店の『CAPTURED ALIVE: DEFINITIVE EDITION』だったわけですが、本作は同等のクオリティでありながら、さらに番組エンディングのDJパートも完全収録。既発ではライヴコーナーが終わるとすぐに終了していましたが、本作では番組の終了アナウンスまで最大限に収録。当時のロックシーンがそっくり自宅に再現されるラジオ・アルバムでもあるのです。

イアン・ギラン時代のBLACK SABBATH……まさに、類い希なる奇跡の刹那でした。あっと言う間に崩壊するプロジェクトや大物同士の合体ならロック界に溢れ返っていますが、彼らは“違和感”と同時に“SABBATHらしさ”も極まっていた。千変万化した歴史の中でも最もヘヴィで、最も狂ったBLACK SABBATH。それこそ、成功したロニー時代よりも重く、オジー時代よりも鋭い狂気を放っていました。本作は、そんなギラン時代をオフィシャル以上に鮮やかに描き出したステレオサウンドボード・アルバム。その史上最高峰版をセットした究極の2枚組です。公式デラックス・エディションと共に後世に伝えていただきたい超決定盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス仕様で存分にお楽しみください。


Disc 1(49:36)

1. Hot Line 2. Keep It Warm 3. The Fallen 4. Digital Bitch 5. Stonehenge
6. Trashed 7. Zero The Hero 8. Born Again 9. Disturbing The Priest

Disc 2(77:05)


1. DJ Intro. 2. Supertzar 3. Children Of The Grave 4. Hot Line 5. War Pigs
6. Stonehenge/Iron Man 7. The Dark/Zero The Hero 8. Heaven And Hell 9. Guitar Solo
10. Digital Bitch 11. Black Sabbath 12. Smoke On The Water 13. Paranoid/Heaven And Hell(reprise)
14. DJ Outro.


Ian Gillan – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitar
Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums (on Disc 1)
Bev Bevan – Drums (on Disc 2)
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Zodiac 336

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