Bruce Springsteen / Grapes of Wrath / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Bruce Springsteen / Grapes of Wrath / 2CD WX OBI Strip / Growin Records

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Tokyo International Forum Tokyo Japan January 31, 1997. Digitally Remastered


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Contrary to long career, one of the frequency of the visit to Japan is extremely small heavyweights artists, from Japan tour of 1997 that has become currently the last visit to Japan in the third time of Springsteen, Tokyo January 31 International Forum concert arrived. This day is a Japan tour last day, the very last stage, which was seen in Japan is around to this work.

This year of the tour, “The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour” is a thing unique in history of the blues of the tour, not the band, called acoustic only through a full-length in, took place in the form there was no example to so far It was. The one that was far from former image that exciting to sing with a huge outdoor stadium, across to about two and a half years from 1995, and I was done in the same form. Such a staging that deviates significantly from the conventional image is to actually audience that will venue filled with images, such as described above, as had been stated as “is a single acoustic show” in advance ticket. Although debut originally was told the second of Dylan, just a stage that can be heard here, ’60s, it also 60s the first half of Dylan itself. It is exactly think that glimpse the origin of the blues.

Content is due to the whole volume acoustic, even songs that had been ever play in a band, has been playing to Gara arrangement is changed. To be honest, there is also a thing of the level can be seen that it is the first time that song to hear the lyrics. This side was also felt Na same as Dylan sing dare break the original song. Occasionally while mixing the MC of the Japanese, the stage over approximately 2 hours, really as possible singing blues alone, there is a thing that struck chest in attitude to sing to spell carefully the lyrics.

From currently last Japan tour of the blues, the last stage, the Tokyo International Forum concert January 31, 1997, such as those heard up close in my ear, even the sound of acoustic guitar vivid, ultra-high sound quality recorded in full inclusion. Permanent Athletic press platen. With Japanese band.


この年のツアー、「The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour」は、歴代のブルースのツアーでも異色なもので、バンドではなく、アコースティックのみで全編を通すという、今迄に例がなかった形態で行なわれました。巨大な屋外スタジアムで豪快に歌うかつてのイメージからはかけ離れたもので、1995年から約2年半に渡って、同様の形態で行なわれたのです。かように従来のイメージと大きく乖離したステージングは、実際に前述のようなイメージで会場入りするであろうオーディエンスに、前もってチケットに「単独のアコースティック・ショウです」と明記されていたほどです。デビュー当初は第二のディランと言われましたが、まさにここで聴くことのできるステージは、60年代、それも60年代前半のディランそのもの。まさにブルースの原点を垣間見る思いです。




01. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
02. Atlantic City
03. Adam Raised A Cain
04. Highway 29
05. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
06. Murder Incorporated
07. Highway Patrolman
08. Red Headed Woman
09. Two Hearts
10. The River
11. Born In The U.S.A.
12. Dry Lightning
13. Youngstown
14. Spare Parts
15. Sinaloa Cowboys

01. talk
02. The Line
03. Balboa Park
04. Across The Border
05. Bobby Jean
06. The Hard Land
07. No Surrender
08. Galveston Bay
09. If I Should Fall Behind
10. The Promised Land

January 27
11. Straight Time
12. Mansion On The Hill

January 28
13. Johnny 99
14. Nebraska

January 29
15. Streets Of Philadelphia
Growin Records. GW-07/08

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