Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band / Widener College Video Tapes / 1DVDR

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band / Widener College Video Tapes / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Live at Widener College, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA 6th February 1975


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Widener University awards famous February 6, 75 as an image that captures the stage of E · Street Band at the time of Suki-Rahavu enrolled. This video is what one of the fans was taken brought the black-and-white video camera and recorder out freshly portable at that time. Of course it does not mean all of that which they play but, Incident On 57th Street that Rahavu catching the violin will have caught firmly. However this image, the stage early from the beginning that it was floating around in the 80s in was tape deterioration Pounds, it is in the state is not changed even today the flicker resulting in scattered. The classic image of the JEMS last year to obtain a master video tape, it will be this time of gift items was Mise turned into anew DVD. Although the black-and-white video footage original has deteriorated, indeed that has become a truly recording from the master sharp image quality. If especially those who were seen this video on the video age, in this time of image quality will not be prohibited from surprise. Moreover, this video, but is valuable just yet Born To Run performance scene was before the release is also seen at this point, the initial version of further Thunder Road, a high-value and that are seen to play a scene of Wings For Wheels It is. But it will be spared that the middle of the awards have gone missing whole ton, and rushed to the front photographer at once in the encore that the venue was raised, that it has become the angle of literally ringside in Sandy Yes to not be allowed to admire not be. Yet I think the shooting was just before, why can Springsteen to break. And performance on the next day of Widener University newly unearthed as a bonus has been recorded. There is regrettable that this sound source audience recording was recorded only the end of the show, but will no doubt be the fan this is also not miss Part hear so After all is the first appearance. Also to is the quality that quite easy listening sound quality, etc. For You that were not recorded in the previous day of the video is heard, it has become a recording to supplement the content of the video, and high-grade gift items that can be enjoyed very much to meet these both We ringing.

スーキ・ラハヴ在籍時のE・ストリート・バンドのステージを捉えた映像として有名な75年2月6日のワイドナー大学のショウ。この映像は一人のファンが当時出たてのポータブルの白黒ビデオ・カメラとレコーダーを持ち込んで撮ったものです。もちろんすべての演奏を収録している訳ではありませんが、ラハヴがバイオリンを弾くIncident On 57th Streetはしっかりと捉えられています。もっともこの映像、80年代に出回った当初からステージ序盤はテープが劣化気味でして、ちらつきが散見してしまうのは今も昔も変わらない状態です。この定番映像をJEMSが昨年マスター・ビデオ・テープを入手し、改めてDVD化してみせたのが今回のギフト・アイテムとなります。元が劣化した白黒ビデオ映像とはいえ、さすがにマスターからの収録はシャープな画質となってるのがさすが。特にビデオ時代にこの映像を見られた方ならば、今回の画質には驚きを禁じ得ないでしょう。しかもこの映像、この時点でもまだリリース前だったBorn To Runの演奏シーンが見られるだけでも貴重なものですが、さらにThunder Roadの初期バージョン、Wings For Wheelsの演奏シーンまで見られるという価値の高いものです。ショウの中盤がごっそり抜け落ちてしまっている点が惜しまれますが、会場が盛り上がったアンコールでは撮影者が一気に前へと押し寄せ、Sandyで文字通りかぶりつきのアングルとなっている点は感心させられずにはいられません。まだスプリングスティーンがブレイクする直前、だからこそ可能だった撮影ではないでしょうか。そしてボーナスとして新たに発掘された翌日のワイドナー大学での演奏が収録されています。こちらの音源もショウの終盤のみを収録したオーディエンス録音という点が残念ですが、何せ初登場ですのでファンにはこれも聞き逃せないパートであることは間違いないでしょう。音質もなかなか聴きやすいクオリティですし、前日の映像では収録されなかったFor Youが聴かれるなど、映像の内容を補う収録となっており、これら両方を合わせて大変に楽しめるハイグレードなギフト・アイテムとなっております。

1. Incident On 57th Street 2. Mountain Of Love 3. Born To Run 4. Spirit In The Night
5. Wings For Wheels (Thunder Road) 6. Kitty’s Back 7. New York City Serenade
8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 9. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Bonus Audio
Live at Widener College, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA 7th February 1975

10. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 11. A Love So Fine 12. For You
13. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

Bruce Springsteen – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone, and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Piano
Suki Lahav – Violin, Backing Vocals Garry Tallent – Bass, Percussion
Max Weinberg – Drums

b&w NTSC Approx. 94min.

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