David Bowie / Toronto 1974 Afternoon Show / 2CD

David Bowie / Toronto 1974 Afternoon Show / 2CD / Wardour
Live at the O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 16th June 1974 Afternoon show

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The “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”, which separates from the charisma “Ziggy Stardust”, stepped into a new world. A vintage album that allows you to experience the scene is now available.
The one that is included in such a work is “June 16, 1974 Toronto performance”. Although two performances of day and night were performed on this day, this work is the highest peak audience recording which vacuum-packed the part of the day. Speaking of 1974, in the middle of the tour, we put the production of “YOUNG AMERICANS” and released “DAVID LIVE”. Furthermore, it is also known that the directionality was changed at the end of the tour. What kind of position is this work in such a flow? First of all, let’s confirm from the big picture of 1974 which became a turning point.

“May” DIAMOND DOGS “release”
・ June 14-July 20: North America # 1 (32 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
“August” YOUNG AMERICANS “production start”
・ September 2-16: North America # 2 (12 performances)
・ October 5th-December 1st: North America # 3 (34 performances)

This is a summary of activities in 1974. The tour started in June immediately after the release of “DIAMOD DOGS”, and divided into three trips over North America. The Toronto show in this film was the third concert of “North America # 1” in the early stage.
Such shows have been known for a long time recording, has been loved as a record to convey the beginning of the tour. This work is also its traditional recording. Above all, the extra-thick core that feels Bowie close. It is not a type that is mistaken for the sound board, but it is a vintage audience, but its core is thick and shiny. There is no distance between the tone and the sound, so it’s really on. And it’s not just a powerful recording. At that time, it was an 11-piece band, but if it does not swell or split up in its large area, it does not chatter. The vocals of Bowie and the horns of David Sanborn are close recordings of Mike Gerson’s well-rolled piano, which is a great recording.
Moreover, this work is the highest peak version. In our shop, we have made many noises on the highest peak masters supervised by overseas Bowie researchers, but this one is one of them. In fact, the sound of this work is unprecedented freshness. Even though the masters that have been known until now can feel the greatness of the recording itself, the hiss and sound pressure created by the process of dubbing fluctuated violently. It was something like “It’s a vintage fate,” “I can not help it in 1974.” However, this work is different. A sense of stability is good for the difference between the generation itself and the miracle state of preservation. It doesn’t say “distortion zero” but at least wakame feeling is zero. When this happens, the beauty of the vintage sound that the recording itself had stands out. I’ve repeated “vintage” up to this point, but this is not a excuse. It’s the warmth and taste of the analog sense, and it’s just the taste of the PA and the recording equipment of that time. For example, it is like a sepia photo. Even if it is not full color, the goodness and badness of freshness and resolution certainly exist, and the taste which does not appear in total natural color is beautiful. The sound of this work is also just that dimension. If this is a scratchy / distorted photo that you used to put in your wallet, this is a beautiful sepia photo that you carefully stored in the album.
The show drawn by the sound is also wonderful. The official album “DAVID LIVE” was set up from several performances in July 1974, but this work is one month ago. The tour’s third performance is full of fresh feeling, and the enthusiasm to take off from the curse of “Ziggy” is also hot. Moreover, the set is different and you can listen to “Drive In Saturday”. This is a song that can not be heard even on the famous DAVID LIVE and “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR” majors “DEFINITIVE LOS ANGELES 1974 (Wardour-296)” and “BOSTON JULY 1974 (Wardour-283)”. As a matter of fact, although this work is not complete form of the song because there is a cut in the middle (sorry!), Bowie alone sings the acoustic guitar hand in hand, the dramatic mood where the saxophone of the sun bones enters I can feel it firmly. You can experience such precious songs with beautiful vintage sounds. Of course, the other songs are great. The piano of “Sweet Thing” and “Changes” dances brilliantly, and the organ of “Rock and Roll With Me” approaches the heart beautifully. And “The Width Of A Circle”. A fantastic intro has been added, and you can enjoy a great performance from Core Mania to “Tour No. 1!”

The highest peak master of fascination that I could discover because I was a researcher. It is a great masterpiece of a live album that can inhale the 1974 Bowie wrapped in a vintage heart. Not only “David Live” and “DEFINITIVE LOS ANGELES 1974” but different from a sense of experience and reality and valuable “Drive In Saturday” as well as masterpieces that can be drunk on the beauty of vintage recording. Please soak in the permanent storage press 2CD.

カリスマ「ジギー・スターダスト」と決別し、新たな世界に踏みこんでいった“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”。その現場を実体験できるヴィンテージ・アルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1974年6月16日トロント公演」。この日は昼夜の1日2公演が行われましたが、本作は昼の部を真空パックした最高峰オーディエンス録音です。1974年と言えば、ツアー途中に『YOUNG AMERICANS』の製作を挟み、『DAVID LIVE』もリリース。さらにツアー終盤では方向性を変えた事でも知られています。そんな流れの中で本作がどんなポジションにあるのか。まずはターニング・ポイントとなった1974年の全体像から確認しておきましょう。

《5月『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース》

これが1974年の活動概要。ツアーは『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース直後の6月からスタートしており、北米を3回に分けて巡業。本作のトロント公演は、その序盤にあたる「北米#1」の3公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、何とも素晴らしい。公式盤『DAVID LIVE』は1974年7月の複数公演から組まれていたわけですが、本作はその1ヶ月前。ツアー3公演目のフレッシュな感覚がたっぷりで、“ジギー”の呪縛から脱しようとする意気込みも熱い。しかも、セットも異なり「Drive In Saturday」も聴ける。これは『DAVID LIVE』や“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”の大名盤『DEFINITIVE LOS ANGELES 1974(Wardour-296)』『BOSTON JULY 1974(Wardour-283)』でも聴けない曲。実のところ、本作でも中盤でカットがあるために曲の完全形ではない(惜しい!)ものの、ボウイ独りがアコースティック・ギターを手に切々と歌い、サンボーンのサックスが入っていくドラマティックなムードはしっかりと感じ取れる。そんな貴重曲を美麗なヴィンテージ・サウンドで体験できるのです。もちろん、他の曲も素晴らしい。「Sweet Thing」や「Changes」のピアノは華麗に舞い、「Rock and Roll With Me」のオルガンも美しく胸に迫る。そして「The Width Of A Circle」。幻想的なイントロが追加されており、コア・マニアから「ツアーNo.1!」とまで言われる名演が楽しめるのです。

研究家だからこそ見出し得た魅惑の最高峰マスター。ただただヴィンテージの薫りに包まれた1974年のボウイを胸いっぱいに吸い込めるライヴアルバムの大傑作です。『DAVID LIVE』『DEFINITIVE LOS ANGELES 1974』とは違った体験感とリアリティや貴重な「Drive In Saturday」だけでなく、ヴィンテージ録音だからこその美しさに酔いしれられる名作。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでどっぷりと浸りきってください。


Disc 1 (47:31)
1. Intro 2. 1984 3. Moonage Daydream 4. Sweet Thing 5. Changes
6. Suffragette City 7. Aladdin Sane 8. All The Young Dudes 9. Cracked Actor
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me 11. Watch That Man 12. Drive In Saturday

Disc 2 (40:38)
1. Space Oddity 2. Future Legend 3. Diamond Dogs 4. Panic in Detroit
5. Big Brother 6. Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
7. Time 8. The Width Of A Circle 9. The Jean Genie

David Bowie: Vocals
Michael Kamen: Electric Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Oboe, Music Director
Earl Slick: Guitar Mike Garson: Piano, Mellotron
David Sanborn: Alto Saxophone, Flute Richard Grando: Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Herbie Flowers: Bass Tony Newman: Drums Pablo Rosario: Percussion
Gui Andrisano: Backing Vocals Warren Peace: Backing Vocals


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