Blackmores Night / First Summer Night 2014 / 2CDR

Blackmores Night / First Summer Night 2014 / 2CDR / Lost And Found

Translated Text:
Live in Burg Linn, Krefeld, Germany on 1st August, 2014. Audience


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Every year from Germany tour of summer that has become customary, Krefeld de performances of August 1 is the first day of 2014 appeared in high-quality complete recording!

Above all this time of the tour set list is attractive, has been unveiled for the first time in a long time “SHADOW OF THE MOON”, this day debuted and became “CARRY ON JON”, and “blue shadow” of Procol Harum subsequent emotional development of the last I can say that just highlights of this performance. In recent years the most extensive content and it can be said appeared first edition items from this tour is the long-awaited Among!


なにより今回のツアーはセット・リストが魅力的で、久しぶりに披露された「SHADOW OF THE MOON」、この日初披露となった「CARRY ON JON」、それに続くプロコル・ハルムの「青い影」とラストの感動的な展開は正にこの公演のハイライトと言えます。近年の中でも最も充実した内容と言えるこのツアーから第一弾アイテムが待望の登場!

Live in Burg Linn, Krefeld, Germany on 1st August, 2014

1. Intro: Do You Hear the People Sing?
2. Dancer and the Moon
3. Darkness
4. Dance of the Darkness
5. Queen for a Day – Part II
6. Under a Violet Moon
7. Soldier of Fortune
8. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
9. World of Stone
10. All the Fun of the Fayre
11. All Because of You
12. Gilded Cage
13. Benzai-Ten
14..Shadow of the Moon
15. Diamonds & Rust

1. Toast to Tomorrow
2. Ghost of a Rose
3. Keyboards Solo
4. Carmina Burana
5. Drums Solo
6. The Moon is Shining (Somewhere over the Sea)
7. Loreley
8. Difficult to Cure
9. St. Teresa
10. Home Again
11. Renaissance Faire
12. Carry on Jon
13. A Whiter Shade of Pale
14. Snoopy Outro

Lost And Found. LAF 2035/2036

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