Elvis Costello / Live From The Radio / 1CDR

Elvis Costello / Live From The Radio / 1CDR / Vintage Masters

Translated Text:
Live At CW Post Campus, LIU Brookville, NY March 3rd 1978. Soundboard


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Radio show live was caught hot performance the first time in the early Elvis Costello has appeared from “VINTAGE MASTERS”!

The recorded show which was held in March 3, 78 Brooklyn, New York Post Campus.

Become a now would say is a valuable live record of this period of Elvis Costello & The Attractions -.

Set list is also in the initial Costello fan is a must listen live unbearable!

初期エルビス・コステロの熱い演奏ぶりをとらえたラジオショウ・ライブが”VINTAGE MASTERS”より登場!




Live At C.W. Post Campus, L.I.U. Brookville, NY March 3rd 1978

01. Mystery Dance
02. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
03. The Beat
04. Radio, Radio
05. Less Than Zero
06. Waiting For The End Of The World
07. No Action
08. (I Don’t Want To Go To ) Chelsea
09. Pump It Up
10. You Belong To Me
11. Lipstick Vogue
12. Watching The Detectives
13. I’m Not Angry
14. Miracle Man

Vintage Masters. VMCDR-463

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