Black Sabbath / Portland 1970 Reel To Reel Master / 1CD+ 1 Bonus DVDR

Black Sabbath / Portland 1970 Reel To Reel Master / 1CD+ 1 Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated text:
Sullivan Gymnasium, University Of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. USA 7th November 1970 plus Bonus DVDR “ROCK CIRCUS ’70”

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BLACK SABBATH flew into the world in 1970. That hidden reel master appears in a permanent preservation press CD.
It is contained in this work “Portland Performance November 7, 1970”. It is a superb audience recording that will let you experience the scene. Speaking of 1970, a historic famous board “BLACK SABBATH” “PARANOID” was released, and “MASTER OF REALITY” was also a year of revolution. Among them, this work is a part of “PARANOID TOUR”. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the show from Sabbath’s first world tour.

“September 18″ PARANOID (UK) released ”
· September 11 – October 26: Europe # 1 (25 performances)
· October 30 – November 28: North America # 1 (30 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 29 – December 20: European # 2 (8 shows)
“January 1″ PARANOID (US) released ”
· January 7 – 23: Europe # 3 (11 shows)
· January 31: MYPONGA POP FESTIVAL appearance
“February 5” MASTER OF REALITY “Production Start”
· February 6 – April 4: Netherlands + North America # 2 (39 performances)
· April 14 – 26: European # 4 (11 shows)

This is the outline of “PARANOID TOUR”. After “VOL.4” the rotation of “album production → tour” is prepared, but at this time it is a busy schedule to constantly make albums during the tour. Among them, “North America # 1” was also the first American tour of Sabbath, and Portland performances of this work were concerts corresponding to its 5 performances.
This work full of such beginnings is an extremely wonderful vintage audience. In the year 1970, audiences recording is extremely minimal because there was nothing short of debut. Besides, most of them are of strict quality. However, this work is an exception that is too precious. It has been digitized directly from the master reel discovered in recent years, its freshness is ultimate. Because there is a slight sense of space, I will not mistake the sound board, but the performance sound that reaches straight is extremely neat and clear everywhere. A rugged core is sturdy, and the sound of thick walls not even dubbing traces are beautiful. And above all, it is glossy. Although it is a vintage unique amber sound, its gloss flows out plenty without being contaminated by noise. Besides, there is nothing to disturb the performance and singing voice. There is also a fifth public performance from the American continent, it has not reached popularity enough to bring out enthusiasm yet, and audience noise is hardly bothersome. You can taste the band potential which created the name board “PARANOID” to every corner.
Only master and reel which can be said to be just a miracle, maniacs all over the world are amazed to find out. I received masterpieces and acclaim as well as “ETERNAL VOID OF DOOM: THE LEGENDARY MASTER” which was the best audience of “PARANOID TOUR”. However, although it was miraculous, it was not perfect. There is a tape change in “War Pigs” “Fairies Wear Boots”, the volume is unstable overall. The last thing that was fatal was “Fairies Wear Boots”. The glossiness up to that time was impaired and there was noise which was made as a stuff (In other words, even if there are faults, the basic quality is high enough to be said as “the best”). Therefore, this work brushes up with miraculous reel sound further with meticulous mastering. Of course, I do not do an uncanny man like damaging the ringing of beautiful vintage, accurate pitch is also natural. In addition, we corrected the unstable sound volume as much as possible (within an unnatural range), and thoroughly corrected the noise of “Fairies Wear Boots”. Truly, although lack of tape change is hard to do, I finished it in a valuable 1970 scorn for about 46 minutes, a live album that can soak up to my heart’s content.
The splendor of the show drawn with that sound loses words. As mentioned earlier, this “North America # 1” is the first American tour for them. While being overwhelmed by the cultures of the New Continent experiencing for the first time, 21-year-old Ozzy Osbourne barks a bit, 22-year-old Aomi roars a revolutionary heavy riff. Its youthful momentum is doubled by drugs but it does not cause collapse and spins out terrible chaos. For their American tour, a few performances at the beginning came running rushing throughout the United States, becoming a tremendous popularity in the late stages. This work is the site that caused such “rumor”. The breath of the audience who is overwhelmed by the heavenly sounds of ancient times now is also a real 1970 document.

Nevertheless, the 1970 superb vintage sound is too delicious 1 piece. It is a masterpiece of the live album that refined the super-name recording called the tour · best even if there are drawbacks, raised to the highest peak quality ever.
Speaking of 1970’s high-quality recording, there were only sound boards, so I could not have 100% experience at the work place. However, its toothiness also ends with this work. Although it is a sound comparable to the Brussels performance (which was once called Paris 70), it also has a tremendous presence in the field. It is exactly the inscription in the insignificant article other than anything other than “the heritage of the UK rock.” Please, please enjoy plenty with the permanent preservation press CD.

BLACK SABBATHが世界に羽ばたいた1970年。その秘宝リール・マスターが永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1970年11月7日ポートランド公演」。その現場を体験させてくれる極上オーディエンス録音です。1970年と言えば、歴史的な大名盤『BLACK SABBATH』『PARANOID』が発売され、『MASTER OF REALITY』も制作された革命の年。そのうち、本作は“PARANOID TOUR”の一幕です。まずは、サバス初のワールドツアーからショウのポジションをイメージしてみましょう。


これが“PARANOID TOUR”の概要。『VOL.4』以降は「アルバム制作→ツアー」のローテーションが整いますが、この頃はツアーの最中にも絶え間なくアルバムを作る忙しないスケジュール。そのうち「北米#1」は、サバス初のアメリカ・ツアーでもあり、本作のポートランド公演はその5公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
まさに奇跡としか言いようのないマスター・リールだけに、その発掘には世界中のマニアが驚喜。これまで“PARANOID TOUR”のベスト・オーディエンスだった『ETERNAL VOID OF DOOM: THE LEGENDARY MASTER』と並ぶ傑作と絶賛を受けました。しかし、奇跡的ではあっても完璧ではなかった。「War Pigs」「Fairies Wear Boots」にテープチェンジがあり、全体的に音量が不安定。さらに致命的だったのはラストの「Fairies Wear Boots」。それまでの艶やかさが損なわれ、ブツブツとしたノイズが入っていたのです(逆に言えば、欠点があっても“ベスト”と言われるほど基本クオリティが高いのですが)。そこで、本作は奇跡のリール・サウンドをさらに細心マスタリングでブラッシュ・アップ。もちろん、見目麗しいヴィンテージの鳴りを損なうような無粋なマネはせず、正確なピッチも当たり前。その上で不安定な音量を(不自然にならない範囲内で)可能な限り補正し、「Fairies Wear Boots」のブツブツしたノイズも徹底的に修正しました。さすがにテープチェンジの欠けは如何ともし難いものの、貴重な1970年の薫りに約46分間、心ゆくまで浸りきれるライヴアルバムに仕上げました。



1. Intro 2. Paranoid 3. N.I.B. 4. War Pigs 5. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
6. Iron Man 7. Hand Of Doom 8. Fairies Wear Boots

Zodiac 304


Black Sabbath / Rock Circus ’70 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Neiderradeyeling Stadium, Frankfurt, Germany 21st June 1970

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The main press CD is a superb live album featuring the fragrance of 1970 from the master reel. To that bonus we prepared a collection of exquisite professional shots that turns its “smell” into a “spectacle”.
There are 3 kinds of pro shots recorded in such work. All of them are huge treasures in the treasures that were not seen in the 70’s sabbath super masterpiece “THE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS ULTIMATE EDITION” and the official history DVD. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【June 21, 1970: “ROCK CIRCUS”】
First of all, it will be the multi-camera pro shot of the West German television program “ROCK CIRCUS”. It is not complete, but anyway the quality is a quality. If you come to the shop, please see the picture quality by all means! Clear and beautiful up to the back of the building, Ultra beautiful video with no blurring at all. I thought that I digitized directly from the master, even the Brussels 70 (Pro Shot, which was once known in Paris 70) does not matter. “At that time” and “Analogue shooting in” is a completely upgraded professional super shot in the current digital standard even with a bad feeling.
The sound is terrible without losing the image. This direct feeling is Ultra Clear not to be surprised even if it is said studio recording. Speaking of Sabbath ‘s first record, “BEAT CLUB” appearance video on May 25, 1970, this picture is one month after that. “War Pigs” is also an early version of the temporary lyrics which was called “Walpurgis”, but the sound is beyond the sticker of Ozzy’s cellar!
Moreover, the feeling of the era of 1970 is enormous. If Dodecka telop is also vintage, “Iron Man” which goes up to the ring for some reason is also a classic. Even here again, a version of a lyric difference is unfolded with amazing gems of both image quality and sound quality. There is also a hippy feeling lagging behind the enthusiastic crowd and the scene receiving interviews with outdoor non-birthdays. Where on earth were these videos left? … If you find a continuation it will definitely be one of the biggest and strongest in the history of BLACK SABBATH without a doubt. It is a wonderful pro shot that you want to excavate by all means.

After that it is a monochrome indoor studio live. While “PARANOID” is completed, it will play almost the full single “Paranoid” released prior to the album on the timing TV program that has not yet been released. The sound does not go to “ROCK CIRCUS”, but the picture quality is also superb here. Although the live is indoors, the audience is a mysterious professional shot called outdoor.

【August 31, 1970 “MONTREUX CASINO”】
The last is a monochrome news video dealing with the Montreux concert on August 31, 1970. Yes, it is a video version of that super fine sound board “MONTREUX 1970”! Although a bit of “N.I.B.” appears in various bands, it is said that the camera was also in that day …. As for the wonderfulness of the live being guaranteed in “MONTREUX 1970”, this one is also craving excavation here.

Multi-camera · Proshot which each existence itself was not known. It is a superb picture collection that will witness the official quality “1970” which changed the history. Although it is only a picture collection of about ten minutes, at first glance it exceeds one hundred. Not only as a collection but also a masterpiece that will raise the imagination of the main press CD that will let me experience the scene several times. Please, please enjoy together.

そんな本作に収録されているプロショットは3種。そのすべてが70年代サバスの超傑作『THE OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS ULTIMATE EDITION』や公式ヒストリーDVDでも観られなかった秘宝中の秘宝ばかり。それでは、それぞれ詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

【1970年6月21日:“ROCK CIRCUS”】
まず、登場するのは西ドイツのテレビ番組“ROCK CIRCUS”のマルチカメラ・プロショット。完奏ではないのですが、とにかく凄まじいのがクオリティ。もし店頭にお越しでしたら、ぜひ画質をご覧ください! ビルの背筋までクッキリと美しく、滲みも一切ない超ウルトラ美麗映像。マスターから直にデジタル化したと思しき映像は、ブリュッセル70(かつてパリ70で知られてきたプロショット)でさえ問題にならない。「当時にしては」「アナログ撮影にしては」の枕詞をヌキにして、現在のデジタル基準でも超極上の完全オフィシャル級プロショットです。
音も映像に負けず凄まじい。このダイレクト感はスタジオ録音と言われても驚かないほどウルトラ・クリア。サバスの最初期記録と言えば1970年5月25日の“BEAT CLUB”出演映像ですが、この映像はその1ヶ月後。「War Pigs」も「Walpurgis」と呼ばれていた仮歌詞の初期バージョンですが、サウンドはオジーの地下室テープを貼るかに超えています!
しかも、1970年の時代感も絶大。ドデカいテロップもヴィンテージなら、なぜかリングに上がって演奏する「Iron Man」もクラシック。ここでも画質・音質ともに驚愕の逸品で、歌詞違いのバージョンが繰り広げられます。さらに熱狂する観客や野外でノンビリとインタビューを受ける光景にも遅れてきたヒッピー感が漂う。一体、どこにこれだけの映像が残っていたのか……もし、続きが発見されたら間違いなくBLACK SABBATH史上、最大・最強の1本になること間違いなしです。ぜひとも発掘していただきたい驚異のプロショットです。

続いてはモノクロの屋内スタジオ・ライヴ。『PARANOID』が完成しつつ、まだ発売になっていないタイミングのテレビ番組で、アルバムに先立ってリリースされたシングル「Paranoid」をほぼフル演奏します。サウンドは“ROCK CIRCUS”には及びませんが、画質はコチラも極上。ライヴは屋内なのに観客は野外という不思議なプロショットです。

【1970年8月31日“MONTREUX CASINO”】
最後は1970年8月31日モントルー公演を扱ったモノクロのニュース映像。そう、あの超極上サウンドボード『MONTREUX 1970』の映像版です! さまざまなバンドに混じって「N.I.B.」がほんの少し出てくるだけですが、あの日にカメラも入っていたとは……。ライヴの素晴らしさは『MONTREUX 1970』で保証済みなだけに、こちらも発掘が切望される1本です。


Rock Circus ’70 (Frankfurt 21st June 1970)

1. War Pigs 2. Iron Man 3. Interview

Bilzen Blues And Jazz Festival (Vlaams 21st August 1970)
4. Paranoid

Montreux Montreux Casino (Montreux 31st August 1970)
5. N.I.B.(portion)


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