Black Sabbath / Pittsburgh 1976/1978 The Ultimate Edition / 3CD

Black Sabbath / Pittsburgh 1976/1978 The Ultimate Edition / 3CD / Zodiac
Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 8th December 1976 & 2nd September 1978 STEREO SBD

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Official-grade stereo sound board of the 70’s evolved to the ultimate form. Permanent preservation press appears in 3CD.
It is engraved in such a work is 2 performances · 4 kinds of superb sound board. “December 8, 1976/2 September 1978 Pittsburgh Show”. Both are ultra-superb sounds that represent “TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR” and “NEVER SAY DIE TOUR”, respectively, at the same venue. How do you record these two performances? First let’s organize the composition of this work.

● Disk 1: 1976 long length · spill sound board
● Disk 2: 1978 Long-length · Outflow Soundboard
● Disk 3: FM sound board in 1976 + 1978

…… and it looks like this. Originally Pittsburgh 2 show was known for FM broadcasting, but it changed in 2007. Both the 2 performances and the pre-broadcast long-length sound boards were excavated and became a big staple of “TECHNICAL ECSTASY” “NEVER SAY DIE” era after that. This work is a 3 piece set which permanently preserves both versions of such a long sound board and FM sound board with the highest peak quality ever.

【Disk 1: Decisional sound board of TECHNICAL ECSTASY era】
First of all, the long sounding board “December 8, 1976” appears. Although it is not complete recording, it is much longer than FM broadcast which was only 4 songs, and most of the show can be enjoyed for about 1 hour.
As mentioned above, it is a spill sound board for excavation in 2007, but this work is its highest peak. Up to now is the press 2CD “DEFINITIVE PITTS BURGH”, but this work is somewhat different. Originally “DEFINITIVE PITTS BURGH” was an import board that appeared as a new master, but then it turned out that “spill sound board + FM sound source” by mania’s verification. Actually, between Female Mania, FM Master was higher than Flow Master, partially replaced by FM sound source. Therefore, although “DEFINITIVE PITTSBURGH” was one of the best in one song, the mix and the sound changed at the master switching point.
On the other hand, this disk is polishing the outflow sound board itself. There is no switching of the master, consistent sound consistently passes through the whole story. The song order is correct for the actual live street. Of course, that is not all. We also decided to make the latest and meticulous mastering, finishing the sound equal to or more than “the FM sound source is half step up”. In fact, the quality of this work is completely official. Clearness, delicate nature of ringing, clean outline …… Everything is not comparable with the preexisting group, even beyond the FM sounds which mania has been acclaimed. Is not it wonderful stereo? Vivid spread is born by one detail of one sound being up.
It is drawn by that sound in the world of “TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR” which is too special even in the 70 ‘s. As a matter of fact, the sound board of this tour has only Pittsburgh performance (in recent years, the existence of Fresno performance pro shot was confirmed, but only one song is released at the moment) but in particular “All Moving Parts (Stand Still) “” Gypsy “is too much treasure. It is not performed even after the reunion, it is an extremely rare song just for this tour and it can be heard on the Official grade sound board.
Even more special is the keyboard. Gerald Woodfrough, also known for his work with Robert Plant, accompanies it and is more colorful than any other tour. Woodpool participated in the previous “SABOTAGE TOUR”, but the place of activity was greatly increased on this tour. Especially at “TECHNICAL ECSTASY” number it is even the essential part of the ensemble, and it will let you taste plenty of the taste of “Five-person organization sabbath”.

【Disk 2: Long Sound Board of 1978 Performance】
Next on appearance is “long season soundboard of” September 2, 198 “. It is the same as 1976 here. The fact that 4 songs were FM broadcasted, and that the long version was unearthed in 2007 is still the same as not being a full show in about an hour.
And it is the same that this work is the highest peak. As with Disk 1, we will refine the excavation master by remastering it, and it is raising it to a dimension exceeding the FM sound source. However, there was one thing different from the one in 1976. That is that the spill sound board itself was a combination of two masters. This is common to every episode, probably due to the editing process of making a broadcast version. Although it is not the difference with the FM sound source truly, the tone color was still different after all. In this work, this point also improved. Make the two kinds of sounds as close as possible and realize unity. Moreover, it is close to Disk 1, and even if it continues listening it finishes it as a sound without discomfort.
Even though the sound is full of unity, the show does not look like 1976. The biggest difference, again, is the keyboard. There is no keyboard player accompanying this tour, and the original tight “four people sabbath” is unfolded. “NEVER SAY DIE” tour has official professional shots of Hammersmith performance, but I can not listen to two songs “Iron Man” and “Fairies Wear Boots” there. Moreover, “Fairies Wear Boots” is surprisingly important. It is likely to be missed only by the big classic in the reunion era, but in fact it was the regular revival since “MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”. This tour is the 10th anniversary of the formation “summary of the original era” is summarized, so it is possible to enjoy the resurrection performance on the official grade sound board.

【Disk 3: Reel to Reel Master with FM version’s best】
Lastly, FM sound board which Mania of all over the world does not stop celebrating. Both 1976 and 1978 broadcast only four songs, and this work contains both of them.
Moreover, this master is also the highest peak, he said. Air checks have been widely known since long ago, but this work is different from that. What has become the original is a reel-to-reel that was brought out without permission from the radio station (it is stolen … …).
In our shop we introduced you with gift boards etc, but that sound is still wonderful. The mix which is better than excavation sound board is beautiful, freshness is overwhelming because it is Omen Reel master. As a matter of fact, we are remastered to aim for the ultimate form as well as Disk 1-2, but this FM version is just another thing! I could not fulfill the upgrade to say that. Ultimate quality from the original so far. Its ultimate superb sound has finally been permanently preserved in this work.

The set is also similar, “TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR” and “NEVER SAY DIE TOUR” which are told as brothers tour among maniacs. It is a 3-disc set that summarized the venue soundboard in the ultimate form. “DEFINITIVE PITTS BURGH” compiled by overseas maniacs was also an overwhelming live album, but this work boasts a quality higher than or equal to that while a flowing unity feeling overwhelmingly surpasses. The most important work in the late 1970s. It is a majestic appearance here!
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そんな本作に刻まれているのは2公演・4種の極上サウンドボード。「1976年12月8日/1978年9月2日ピッツバーグ公演」です。どちらも同会場ながら、それぞれ“TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR”と“NEVER SAY DIE TOUR”を代表する超・極上音源です。この2公演をどのように収録しているのか。まずは本作の構成を整理してみましょう。


……と、このようになっています。もともとピッツバーグ2公演はFM放送で知られてきたわけですが、それが一変したのは2007年。2公演とも放送前の長尺サウンドボードが発掘され、以降『TECHNICAL ECSTASY』『NEVER SAY DIE』時代の大定番となってきたのです。本作は、そんな長尺サウンドボードとFMサウンドボードの両バージョンを史上最高峰クオリティで永久保存する3枚組なのです。

【ディスク1:TECHNICAL ECSTASY時代の決定的サウンドボード】
前述の通り2007年発掘の流出サウンドボードなのですが、本作こそがその最高峰。これまでの頂点はプレス2CD『DEFINITIVE PITTSBURGH』だったわけですが、本作はちょっと違う。当初『DEFINITIVE PITTSBURGH』は新マスターとして登場した輸入盤だったのですが、その後マニアの検証によって「流出サウンドボード+FM音源」という事が判明。実は、マニア間では流出マスターよりもFMマスターの方が評価が高く、部分的にFM音源に差し替えられていたのです。そのため、『DEFINITIVE PITTSBURGH』は1曲1曲は最高峰ではあったものの、マスターの切り替えポイントでミックスやサウンドが変わっていたのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、70年代でも特別すぎる“TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR”の世界。実のところ、このツアーのサウンドボードはピッツバーグ公演しかない(近年、フレズノ公演プロショットの存在も確認されましたが、現在のところ公開されているのは1曲のみ)わけですが、特に「All Moving Parts (Stand Still)」「Gypsy」はお宝すぎる。再結成後も演奏されず、正真正銘このツアーだけの激レア曲であり、それをオフィシャル級サウンドボードで聴けるのです。
さらに特別なのはキーボード。ロバート・プラントとの活動でも知られるジェラルド・ウッドルフが同行しており、他のツアーよりもカラフルなのです。ウッドルフは1つ前の“SABOTAGE TOUR”にも参加していたものの、このツアーでは活躍の場がグッと増量。特に『TECHNICAL ECSTASY』ナンバーではアンサンブルの要とさえなっており、“5人編成サバス”の妙味をたっぷりと味わわせてくれるのです。

サウンドは統一感いっぱいでも、ショウは1976年とは似て非なるもの。一番の違いは、やはりキーボード。このツアーには鍵盤奏者が同行しておらず、本来のタイトな“4人サバス”が繰り広げられるのです。“NEVER SAY DIE”ツアーにはハマースミス公演の公式プロショットもありますが、「Iron Man」「Fairies Wear Boots」の2曲はそこでも聴けません。しかも「Fairies Wear Boots」は意外なほど重要。再結成時代の大定番なだけに見逃されがちですが、実はレギュラー復活したのは“MASTER OF REALITY TOUR”以来のこと。このツアーは結成10周年で“オリジナル時代”を総括しており、だからこその復活パフォーマンスをオフィシャル級サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

【ディスク3:FM版の最高となるReel to Reelマスター】

セットも似ており、マニア間では兄弟ツアーとして語られる“TECHNICAL ECSTASY TOUR”と“NEVER SAY DIE TOUR”。その同会場サウンドボードを究極形でまとめ上げた3枚組です。海外マニアが編纂した『DEFINITIVE PITTSBURGH』も超絶なライヴアルバムでしたが、本作は同等以上のクオリティを誇りつつ、流れるような統一感は圧倒的に凌駕している。70年代後期の最重要作。ここに堂々の登場です!


Disc 1 (56:22)
Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 8th December 1976

1. Symptom Of The Universe 2. Snowblind 3. All Moving Parts (Stand Still) 4. War Pigs
5. Gypsy 6. Black Sabbath 7. Dirty Women 8. Drums Solo 9. Guitar Solo 10. Electric Funeral
11. Children Of The Grave

Disc 2 (64:32)
Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2nd September 1978

1. Snowblind 2. Black Sabbath 3. Dirty Women 4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor 5. Drums Solo
6. Guitar Solo 7. Electric Funeral 8. Iron Man 9. Fairies Wear Boots
10. Children Of The Grave 11. Paranoid

Disc 3 (46:39)
Original Broadcast Reel Master

Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 8th December 1976

1. Symptom Of The Universe 2. War Pigs 3. Gypsy 4. Children Of The Grave

Live at Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2nd September 1978

5. Snowblind 6. Black Sabbath 7. Iron Man 8. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass
Bill Ward – Drums
Gerald Woodroffe – Keyboards (on Disc 1 & Disc 3 track 1-4)


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