Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last Definitive Edition / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last Definitive Edition / 2CD/ Zodiac

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Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA 5th August 1975. STEREO SBD

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“Official / informal regardless, BLACK SABBATH unnecessary top-notch masterpiece”. Such a legendary board brushes up. It is appearing in permanent preservation preservation press 2CD. The best masterpiece is “superb stereo sound board of Asbury Park Show on August 5, 1975”. Yes, it is the top-quality quality and version of “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” which is a honorable name of the super name board.

【Ultimate sound board which I wanted also Iomi and Ozzie】
If you already know “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”, you will have decided your mind anymore. Anyway, speaking of the sound board of Asbury Park, it is a large classic for many years. Beginning with air check of radio broadcasting, as part of the official board “PAST LIVES” was adopted as well. Many versions have been loved by maniacs all over the world, but the culmination of them was “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”. Not only is full recording different from broadcasting and official record, but also the sound quality is enormous. Guitar shining like glittering, bassing bass base, drum structure floating in the eyes of the kit structure, vocals directly connected to the ear. Everything is superbly superior, and even if there is no noise even in the official board “PAST LIVES” in some places, the pan position which was reversed is also normal. It was not “a bit good” level, it was a soundboard album that overwhelmingly exceeded the official.
Such a quality did not fit in “the best of Asbury Park 75”. Speaking of the top sounding board of the 70’s Sabbath, there is “MONTREUX 1970” formulated in the traditional official board “LIVE AT LAST” and “PARANOID” super deluxe edition, but “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” Was counted as three great sound boards along with them. As a matter of fact, its tremendous quality has become a topic beyond the ocean, even Tony Iomi and Ozzy Osbourne himself wanted “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” (according to sources of relief It seems that you got it).

【The best masterpiece to update world best record】
Only absolute boards representing such 70’s, sold out immediately in popularity. Not only the first appearance edition but also the second edition disappeared from the market. This work is its 3rd edition. Moreover, it is not just a repressing press but a super brilliant sound board is brushed up with the latest and meticulous remastering.
That upgrade is wonderful again. The original “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” was the same level as “LIVE AT LAST (2010 SANCTUARY board which is said to be the highest peak of the year)” if it says. However, this work is more stereoscopic and modern. The outline of one sound stands more clearly, and if the silent part is the abyss of black jet, the treble elongates beautifully, the middle sound is brilliant. The bass is also delicate enough to see the waveform of the vive. Of course, we did not do soundless pressure creation unnecessarily, there was no over-peak distortion at all. It is vividness realized simply by carefully arranging each range, from the rising edge of the sound to the peak and silence smoothly draws a mountain.
The sound so born is exactly the best masterpiece. The original “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” and “LIVE AT LAST” are out of the question, and a more sophisticated mix than “MONTREUX 1970” of the rough table outflow feeling. Far from being official, it is a live album that updates world best record.

【SABOTAGE TOUR even one in the 70’s】
The show drawn with such “top” sound is also the highest peak. The delicious super masterpieces up to “SABOTAGE” were played plenty, and the unamble was ripe with plenty of fat and it was not rotten. “Hole In The Sky” and “Megalomania” which did not play in the restructuring Sabbath are too tasty, and the jam time that is characteristic of the 70’s is also the “Sabbra Cadabra” version that is unique in the middle term. “Iron Man” and “Black Sabbath” seamlessly played from that jammed medley are also songs that I could not listen to in “LIVE AT LAST”, although it was a big staple.
Individual songs are also listening, but the show composition itself is also a point. As a matter of fact, looking at the history of Sabbath in the 1970s, it can be roughly divided into three parts. Firstly, “From debut to 1974” is a minor change repeated while adding new songs. It gradually evolved gradually. Conversely, “1976 – 1978” at the end of the term had the same basic structure and “TECHNICAL ECSTASY” “NEVER SAY DIE!” New songs were somewhat swapped.
In contrast, “SABOTAGE TOUR” of this work is completely different from the structure. “Killing Yourself To Live” is the opening, “Symptom Of The Universe” is also middle stage. If the aforementioned “Hole In The Sky” “Megalomania” is unique, support · keyboardist: “Spiral Architect” which orchestration became possible by belding Gerald Woodfur is also shown. It is a special show that is totally different from other tours while all is vertically oriented.

It is exactly the best masterpiece. Just absolute board. It is the best album of the highest peak ever updated the vertex of the 70’s BLACK SABBATH. The value of the original edition that contained the master’s true truth will not wane a bit, but it is definitely this work that you can listen and excite. There was only a legend beyond legends. Please enjoy with the ultimate experience of original BLACK SABBATH, permanent preservation press 2CD.

「公式/非公式関係なく、BLACK SABBATH問答無用の最高傑作」。そんな伝説盤がブラッシュ・アップ。永久保存保存プレス2CDで登場です。その最高傑作とは「1975年8月5日アズベリーパーク公演」の超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。そう、超名盤の誉れ高き『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』の頂点超えクオリティ・バージョンです。

既発盤『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』をご存じの方なら、もう心を決めていらっしゃることでしょう。何しろ、アズベリーパークのサウンドボードと言えば、長年の大定番。ラジオ放送のエアチェックから始まり、オフィシャル盤『PAST LIVES』にも一部採用されたほど。数々のバージョンが世界中のマニアに愛されてきましたが、その頂点作こそが『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』でした。放送や公式盤とは違うフル収録というだけでなく、サウンド・クオリティも絶大。ギラギラと輝くようなギター、太くうねるベース、キットの構造まで目に浮かぶドラム、耳元直結なヴォーカル。すべてが超極上であり、オフィシャル盤『PAST LIVES』でさえ所々あったノイズも皆無なら、反転していた定位も正常。“ちょっと良い”どころのレベルではなく、圧倒的にオフィシャル超えしたサウンドボード・アルバムだったのです。
そんなクオリティは「アズベリーパーク75のベスト」では収まらなかった。70年代サバスの頂点サウンドボードと言えば、伝統の公式盤『LIVE AT LAST』や『PARANOID』スーパーデラックス・エディションで公式化された『MONTREUX 1970』がありますが、『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』はそれらと並び3大サウンドボードに数えられた。実のところ、その凄まじいクオリティは海を越えて話題となり、トニー・アイオミやオジー・オズボーン本人さえもが『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』を欲しがったほどなのです(関係筋によると無事に手に入れられたそうです)。

そのアップグレードぶりがまた素晴らしい。オリジナルの『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』は、言ってしまえば『LIVE AT LAST(の最高峰と言われる2010年SANCTUARY盤)』と同レベルでした。しかし、本作はさらに立体的で現代的。1音1音の輪郭が一層クッキリと際立ち、無音部は漆黒の深淵なら高音は綺麗に伸び、中音は粒立ちも鮮やか。低音もヴァイヴの波形が見えるほどに繊細なのです。もちろん、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎは行わず、オーバーピークの歪みも皆無。単に各音域を丁寧に整えることで実現した鮮やかさであり、音の立ち上がりからピーク、消音に至るまでが滑らかに山を描くのです。
そうして生まれたサウンドは、まさに最高傑作。オリジナルの『LIVE LONGEST… DIE AT LAST』も『LIVE AT LAST』も問題外であり、ラフな卓流出感の『MONTREUX 1970』よりも精緻なミックス。オフィシャル超えどころか、世界最高記録を更新するライヴアルバムなのです。

【70年代でも唯一無二のSABOTAGE TOUR】
そんな“てっぺん”サウンドで描かれるショウがまた最高峰。『SABOTAGE』までの美味しい超名曲がたっぷりと演奏され、アンアンブルも脂がたっぷりとのって熟しつつ、腐ってはいない。再編サバスでも演奏しなかった「Hole In The Sky」「Megalomania」が美味しすぎますし、70年代の特徴であるジャムタイムも中期ならではの「Sabbra Cadabra」バージョン。そのジャムメドレーからシームレスに演奏される「Iron Man」「Black Sabbath」も、大定番ながら実は『LIVE AT LAST』では聴けなかった曲だったりします。
個々の曲も聴きどころですが、ショウ構成自体もポイント。実のところ、70年代サバスの歴史を俯瞰してみますと、大きく3つに分けられます。まず「デビューから1974年まで」は新曲を加えながらマイナーチェンジの繰り返し。少しずつ進化していきました。逆に末期の「1976年-1978年」は基本構造が同じで『TECHNICAL ECSTASY』『NEVER SAY DIE!』の新曲が多少入れ替わる程度でした。
それに対し、本作の“SABOTAGE TOUR”は構造からまるで違う。「Killing Yourself To Live」がオープニングを務め、「Symptom Of The Universe」も中盤。前述した「Hole In The Sky」「Megalomania」も独特なら、サポート・キーボーディスト:ジェラルド・ウッドルフを帯同させたことでオーケストレーションが可能になった「Spiral Architect」も披露される。すべてが頂点的でありながら、他ツアーとはまったく異なる特別なショウなのです。

まさに最高傑作。まさに絶対盤。70年代BLACK SABBATHの頂点を更新した史上最高峰のライヴアルバムです。マスター本来の真実を収めたオリジナル・エディションの価値は些かも衰えませんが、聴いてエキサイトできるのは間違いなく本作。伝説を超えられるのは伝説しかなかった。オリジナルBLACK SABBATHの究極体験、永久保存プレス2CDで存分にお楽しみください。


Disc 1(41:13)
1. Supertzar 2. Killing Yourself To Live 3. Hole In The Sky 4. Snowblind
5. Symptom Of The Universe 6. War Pigs 7. Megalomania

Disc 2(58:51)
1. Sabbra Cadabra 2. Band Jam 3. Guitar Solo #1 4. Sometimes I’m Happy 5. Drums Solo 6. Supernaut
7. Iron Man 8. Orchid – Guitar Solo #2 9. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
10. Guitar Solo #3 – Don’t Start (Too Late) 11. Black Sabbath 12. Spiral Architect
13. Embryo – Children Of The Grave 14. Ozzy’s MC 15. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums
Jezz Woodroffe – Keyboard

Zodiac 305

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