Black Sabbath / Definitive Riot Act / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Definitive Riot Act / 2CD / Zodiac

Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA 9th October 1980 & Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY, USA 16th October 1980

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Audience recording which becomes the most important even in the Ronnie James Dio era appeared. It is the permanent preservation decision with the highest peak quality ever!
The most important record is an audience recording of “Milwaukee Performance on October 9, 1980”. In addition, it is a 2 sheet set which added supernumbering recording “HEAVEN AND HELL” era “October 16, 1980 Rochester performance”. Yes, it is an upgrade board of shockwork “RIOT ACT” which documented the historical “night of great rioting” with the best sound!

【Milwaukee recording on the scene of the great riot】
First of all, document recording of the great riot. Before, it is a recording that shocked as a gift board “RIOT ACT”, but this work is the highest peak of it. It is a thing that polished up the stereo version master more up to date and meticulous remaster.
From the matter of the big riot which is more important than anything, not to mention its upgrade. This major incident occurred at the Milwaukee performance, part of the “BLACK & BLUE TOUR 1980” coupling tour with BLUE OYSTER CULT. A bottle thrown into the stage got injured as it struck Giser Butler’s head. The bizarre giza becomes unplayable and the show ends as it is. The angry 10,000 spectators destroy the venue. Although the police are mobilized, still the trouble does not fit, and it develops into a great riot that will destroy and plunder even in the city. It was a major incident to be reported in the NY Times magazine as well.
This work was recorded just in the scene. Recording starts from “Spertzar” at the beginning of the show, but at this time there is no abnormality, and you can enjoy “War Pigs” “Neon Knights” as a live album of wonderful sound. And the third trouble is the abnormality. Now “N.I.B.” will start ……… and so on, the intro’s base solo does not ring. When Ronny looked back, there was a bloody gisa wounded in the bottle. Of course, while being upset by this situation, it is more furious than saying dismay. Although trying to explain the circumstances to the audience, while keeping his voice tone and pretending to be calm, I can not suppress my anger. Ronnie is unusual “Tough shit !!” I will say strong words and get off the stage.
After that, a tour manager came out and declared “The show is over!”, But here, 10,000 big booes happen all at once. For a while I was waiting for the band with “We want Sabbath !!” call, but it was a while too. Ultimately, a riot begins in the end when someone threw a chair.
This scene, the freezing power. Even when I first appeared in “RIOT ACT” high sound quality & realistic sounds became a hot topic, but it was a different monaural master than this one. However, this time the stereo only has a “sense of being surrounded by riots” amazing. Chairs are flying one after another and the cheers that gamble the customers who rage with anger and scream are standing three-dimensionally. If you think that you heard a scream in the distance, the sound that breaks the chair behind behind. With the previous episodes, these sounds were hardened, but this time it is exactly “in the middle”. In the last time, what was done with “This terrible ……” is attacked by fear in this work. When the riot further develops to the outside of the field, the police car siren also go round and round in the head. With a patrol car running at a tremendous speed in front of my eyes, I can understand clearly that it is clear that he is running away with full power running. Speaking of the real feeling of a woman complaining of help with tears ……….
In this work, such a stereo master is further brushed up with mastering. The great riot is also clearer, but it is the performance that you can feel more upgrade. “War Pigs” “Neon Knights” played before the incident happens to be burning, and it seems that the recording position itself is about several meters closer. Of course, you can listen to the explanation of Ronnie and manager as clearly as possible.

【The highest peak of Rochester recording which was also spilled sound board】
After the frozen document of a tremendous riot, live recording which unravels its frozen heart was also included bonus recording … … but in fact it is too luxurious to call it a bonus. It is a live album covering 86 minutes indeed.
Moreover, not only the quantity but also the quality is ultra superb. It is an audience recording of “Rochester performance on October 16, 1980” one week after the great riot (By the way, it is also the day before the official video “BLACK & BLUE”). It is a famous recording from olden days, such as “HEAVENLY HELL” “WAR MEMORIAL 1980” etc., which has produced various famous boards in a long history. “HEAVEN AND HELL TOUR” is also known as ultra-high sound quality, once used as a soundboard for outflow of related people. Actually, it is a name recording that is said to be “Big 3” lined with florida recording / Hammersmith recording from maniacs all over the world (except for Japanese performances).
Moreover, this work is its highest peak. Originally it is a master that I’ve introduced as a gift board, but the attention has risen sharply recently. Actually, another version of Rochester recording has appeared one after another recently, and the new excavation master of famous collectors’ treasures and excavation prestige is spreading the topic. However, listening to such topic master is inferior (several steps) from the master of this work. Especially the thing that was shocking was that I even kicked the 1st Gen Master of the new excavation (with overwhelming major difference). When it appeared, it became a topic of “the highest ever!”, But even after 1st Gen it did not give up the throne afterwards, the sound quality which does not reach even 1st Gen. Of course, the point that part of the guitar solo, “Paranoid” at the beginning, and “Sweet Leaf” is not recorded is the same as the previous episode. However, these points were exactly the same even after the subsequent excavation (even 1st Gen!), It turned out that it was not recorded from Oda. In this way, the possibility of exceeding this work is no longer zero. So, we decided permanent preservation with fullness.
Moreover, meticulous remastering in press making. Of course, it is not an unnecessary sound pressure production, but adjusts each range to maximize the individuality and taste of the sound source. As a result, the direct feeling of the class is felt more vividly, especially Ronnie’s vocals are felt all over with the guy. Although it was a name recording with zero sense of distance from the origin, this work realizes a different dimension sound of the adhesion level.
Rochester performance spelling in such super sound. It is a wonderful show that does not make you feel any dust, such as a big riot a week ago, with a performance that will let you listen to the true heart of the greatest “Ronnie SABBATH”. It is after Milwaukee, which has ended with just two songs, this great fulfillment stains in particular. I’m relieved just by introducing the “N.I.B.” that triggered the great riot.

Milwaukee recording in the middle of a big riot in Sabbath whole history as well as Rochester recording which can enjoy plenty of great great live by hyper sound. BLACK SABBATH tasted “Heaven and Hell” in only a week. It is the ultimate document & live album that further refined both the highest peak master.
As a matter of fact, “HEAVEN AND HELL TOUR” has many super – superb sound boards, so there are many people who are not getting quite handy until overseas audience recordings. However, this work is a super name board which we can recommend to such people with full power. It is the most important work boasting the unique personality and quality even in the audience recording of the Ronie era. One that reigns at the top of “The night which can be tasted only by customer record”. By all means, please enjoy at anytime with permanent preservation press 2CD forever.
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その最重要記録とは「1980年10月9日ミルウォーキー公演」のオーディエンス録音。さらに『HEAVEN AND HELL』時代を代表する超名録音「1980年10月16日ロチェスター公演」を追加した2枚組です。そう、歴史的な“大暴動の夜”を極上サウンドでドキュメントした衝撃作『RIOT ACT』のアップグレード盤です!

まず登場するのは、大暴動のドキュメント録音。以前、ギフト盤『RIOT ACT』として衝撃を振りまいた録音ですが、本作はその最高峰となるもの。ステレオ版マスターをさらに最新・細心リマスターで磨き上げたものです。
そのアップグレードぶりもさることながら、何よりも大事な大暴動の件から。この大事件が起きたのは、BLUE OYSTER CULTとのカップリングツアー“BLACK & BLUE TOUR 1980”の一幕、ミルウォーキー公演でのこと。ステージに投げ込まれたボトルがギーザー・バトラーの頭に当たって負傷。血まみれになったギーザーは演奏不能になり、そのままショウが終了してしまうのです。そのことに怒った1万人の観客が会場を破壊。警察も動員されますが、それでも騒ぎは収まらず、街中でも破壊・略奪を繰り広げる大暴動へと発展。NYタイムズ誌でも報道される大事件となったのです。
本作が録音されたのは、まさにその現場。録音はショウの冒頭「Spertzar」から始まるのですが、この時には異常はなく、素晴らしいサウンドのライヴ・アルバムとして「War Pigs」「Neon Knights」が楽しめる。そして異常が起きるのは、3曲目。さぁ「N.I.B.」が始まるぞ………といったところで、イントロのベースソロが鳴らない。ロニーが振り返ると、そこにはボトルで負傷した血まみれのギーザーがいたのです。もちろん、この事態に動揺しつつも、狼狽と言うよりは激怒。観客に事情を説明しようとするのですが、その声色は努めて冷静を装うとしつつ、怒りも抑えきれない。ロニーにしては珍しい「Tough shit!!」と強い言葉を言い放ち、ステージを降りてしまうのです。
その後、ツアーマネージャーが出てきて「ショウは終わりだ!」と宣言するのですが、ここで1万人の大ブーイングが一斉に起こる。しばらくは「We want Sabbath!!」コールでバンドを待っていましたが、それも束の間。誰かがイスを放り投げたのキッカケに、ついに暴動が始まってしまいます。
このシーン、凍りつくほどの迫力。『RIOT ACT』で初登場した際にも高音質&リアルなサウンドが大いに話題になったものですが、本作とは異なるモノラル・マスターでした。しかし、今回はステレオだけに、“暴動に囲まれる感”が凄いのです。次々とイスが飛び交い、あちこちで怒号と悲鳴と暴れる客を囃し立てる歓声が立体的に迫ってくる。遠くで悲鳴が聞こえたかと思えば、後ろでイスをぶっ壊す音が轟く。既発では、こうした音が渾然と固まっていましたが、今回はまさに“まっただ中”。前回は「こりゃ凄ぇなぁ……」で済んでいたものが、本作では恐怖に襲われる。さらに暴動が場外へ発展すると、パトカーのサイレンも頭の中をぐるぐる回る。目の前を猛スピードで走っていくパトカーを横目に、全力疾走で逃げているのがクリア・サウンドでハッキリと分かるのです。涙声で助けを訴える女性のリアル感と言ったら………。
本作では、そんなステレオ・マスターをさらにマスタリングでブラッシュ・アップしている。大暴動も一層クリアになっていますが、よりアップグレードを実感できるのは演奏でしょう。事件が起こる前に演奏される「War Pigs」「Neon Knights」がやけにクッキリとしており、録音ポジションそのものが何メートルも近づいたかのよう。もちろん、ロニーやマネージャーの説明も一言一言までハッキリと聴き取れるのです。

しかも、量だけでなく質が超・極上。大暴動からちょうど1週間後の「1980年10月16日ロチェスター公演」のオーディエンス録音です(ちなみに、公式映像『BLACK & BLUE』の前日でもあります)。古くから有名な録音で、『HEAVENLY HELL』『WAR MEMORIAL 1980』等々、長い歴史で様々な名盤を生んできたもの。“HEAVEN AND HELL TOUR”でも超高音質として知られており、かつては関係者流出のサウンドボードとしても流通したことがあったほど。実際、世界中のマニアから(日本公演を除き)フロリダ録音/ハマースミス録音と並ぶ“ビッグ3”とされている名録音なのです。
しかも、本作はその最高峰。元はギフト盤としてもご紹介したことのあるマスターなのですが、これが最近になって注目度が急上昇している。実は、このところロチェスター録音の別バージョンが次々と登場していまして、有名コレクターの秘蔵品や発掘の名門の新発掘マスターが話題を振りまいているのです。しかし、そうした話題マスターも聴いてみると本作のマスターより(数段)劣っている。特に衝撃だったのは、新発掘の1stジェネ・マスターさえ(圧倒的大差で)一蹴してしまった事。登場したときも「過去最高!」と話題になりましたが、その後も王座を譲らず、1stジェネでさえ及ばないサウンド・クオリティ……。もちろん、ギターソロの一部や「Paranoid」冒頭、さらに「Sweet Leaf」が未収録というポイントは既発と変わらない。しかし、こうしたポイントはその後の新発掘でも(1stジェネでさえも!)まったく同じであり、大元から録音されていなかった事が判明しました。こうなると、もはや本作を超える可能性は限りなくゼロ。そこで、満を持しての永久保存が決定したのです。

サバス全史でも2つとない大暴動のまっただ中に立つミルウォーキー録音と、ハイパーサウンドで大絶好調ライヴがたっぷり楽しめるロチェスター録音。BLACK SABBATHは、たった1週間のうちに“天国と地獄”を味わった。その双方の最高峰マスターをさらに磨き上げた究極のドキュメント&ライヴ・アルバムです。
実のところ“HEAVEN AND HELL TOUR”は超極上のサウンドボードが何本も存在するために、海外のオーディエンス録音まではなかなか手が伸びない方も多い。しかし、本作はそんな方々にも全力でお薦めできる超名盤。ロニー時代のオーディエンス録音でも唯一無二の個性とクオリティを誇る最・重要作です。「客録でしか味わえない夜」の頂点に君臨する1本。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (52:19)
Live at Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA 9th October 1980

1. Supertzar 2. War Pigs 3. Neon Knights 4. N.I.B. Intro. / Ronnie speaks
5. Tour manager speaks/Show’s end 6. Riot #1 7. Riot #2

Live at Community War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY, USA 16th October 1980

8. Supertzar 9. War Pigs 10. Neon Knights 11. N.I.B. 12. Children Of The Sea

Disc 2 (58:32)
1. Black Sabbath 2. Heaven And Hell 3. Iron Man 4. Guitar Solo
5. Die Young 6. Paranoid / Heaven And Hell (Reprise) 7. Children Of The Grave

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

Zodiac 332

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