Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show – 3rd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Beck, Bogert & Appice / Rainbow 1974 1st Show – 3rd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour
Live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 26th January 1974 (1st Show) plus Bonus CDR “Unreleased 2nd Album”

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“RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW” is a famous board that has updated the highest peak of the classic sound source ever. A popular item sold out in haste is re-stocked at Third Press.
Included in this work is “Rainbow Theater Performance on January 26, 1974”, which is famous as a large classic. Historically, it is a big decision board depicting master recording during master recording. First of all, how special is this show? Let’s start from there.
”This“ January 26, 1974 ”is the end of BB & A. On this day, two concerts were performed a day, and the concert was said to have been recorded for the live album even on the official. The recording has been acclaimed for its excellent sound and performance, and has been producing countless titles since ancient times. It is a symbol of the legendary super group “BB & A”. This work is the highest peak of such name recording. It is a live album that contains the first show with the master quality that we acquired independently.
Perhaps the manias have listened to hundreds and thousands of live performances, but the master who created this work has never heard of it. Of course, it is not an existing copy or remaster. On the contrary, I didn’t do any equalization or pitch adjustment. It ’s such a perfect master with no complaints about generation and preservation. The natural sound nuances have a 70’s resentment, but it is unbelievable that more than 40 years have passed. The quality of the entire live is covered without any loss for 79 and a half minutes.
The final performance with the sound is so wonderful that even the words “Legend” and “Symbol” are not enough. The strongest trio ensemble in rock history stands out with a clear outline, and the vibes wrapped in that outline are as glossy as possible. Carmine Apis, not just powerful, but just percussive, and Tim Bogart’s rhythm team energetically entangled with singing nuances. And Jeff Beck’s whimsical guitar stirs around and stirs between them. No two powerful super ensembles in Jeff’s history are highlighted more vividly.
The set list of this work is even more special, even though they are the three people who can tailor the best of any song. This day also serves as a preview show for the phantom 2nd album, and also plays unreleased new songs. Let’s organize the contents here.

・ Morning Dew / Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me
・ Livin ‘Alone / Lady / Superstition
● Repertoire for 2nd album
・ Satisfied / Laughin ‘Lady / Solid Lifter / Jizz Whizz / Prayin ’/ (Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home
● Other
・ Rainbow Boogie

… and it looks like this. Although there is a medley, it is not possible to make a simple comparison, but the number of the 2nd album is the axis, and a different show is held at any other time. Concentration of performance, enthusiasm, and set list … Now it ’s a great performance that makes it easy to talk about its greatness. I want to hear it with such a sound …
Jeff Beck begins with YARDBIRDS and continues to evolve. Even in his history, BB & A continues to shine with a powerful and straight rock style. This work is one piece that you can listen in master quality to the moment when the possibility of such a super trio was struck down to the point of collapse. The value and significance of this work are on the same level as official studio albums and “LIVE IN JAPAN”. A heritage recording of cultural heritage that has been handed down with history. The highest peak. Please add it to your collection.

大定番音源の史上最高峰を更新した名盤『RAINBOW 1974 1ST SHOW』。大人気のうちに速攻で完売した銘品がサード・プレスで再入荷です。

・Morning Dew/Blues Deluxe/You Shook Me
・Livin’ Alone/Lady/Superstition
・Satisfied/Laughin’ Lady/Solid Lifter/Jizz Whizz/Prayin’/(Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home
・Rainbow Boogie

YARDBIRDSから始まり、現在もなお進化を続けるジェフ・ベック。そんな彼の歴史でも、BB&Aはパワフルでストレートなロックスタイルで異彩を放ち続けている。本作は、そんな希代のスーパートリオの可能性が崩壊寸前にまで突き詰められた刹那をマスター・クオリティで聴ける1枚です。本作の価値や意義は、オフィシャルのスタジオアルバムや『LIVE IN JAPAN』と同等の次元です。歴史と共に語り継がれてきた、まさに文化遺産級の名録音。その最高峰。ぜひ、あなたのコレクションに加えてください。

1. Satisfied
2. Livin’ Alone
3. Laughin’ Lady
4. Lady
5. Solid Lifter / Jizz Whizz
6. Morning Dew / Drums Solo
7. Prayin’
8. Superstition
9. (Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home
10. Blues Deluxe / You Shook Me
11. Rainbow Boogie

Jeff Beck – Guitar Tim Bogert – Bass, Vocals Carmine Appice – Drums



Beck, Bogert & Appice / Unreleased 2nd Album / 1CDR / Non Label
Studio Working Tracks for BBA’s Unreleased 2nd Album * Pitch Adjusted & Remastered

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The main press CD is a masterpiece of a live album that should be called a cultural heritage. In terms of content, it is an eternal masterpiece that doesn’t require bonuses, but one of its points was “playing a song that was supposed to be included in the phantom 2nd album”. Therefore, we have also prepared a demo sound source for the 2nd album that was being produced as a special bonus.
That’s why this is a studio album that includes a demo session of the 2nd album that was never released. It’s also very famous, and it’s a classic classic that is known for the fact that the two of Paige & Plant looked around when they first came to Nishi-Shinjuku (laughs). This work is the highest peak. As expected, Daimoto Master is the same, so you can’t mess around with “finding a new miracle master!”
It was a great stereo sound board recording, but it wasn’t perfect. The sound pressure and stereo balance were different, and the pitch was greatly distorted depending on the song. Of course, because it is a demo-level recording, it is natural that it has collapsed, but for us to listen to as “the 2nd album that may have been released”, we need a feeling of perfect work as much as possible. Therefore, this work was refined from such a perspective. The balance of stereo and pitch should be balanced and the sound pressure should be uniform. In particular, “Satisfied”, which was shifted by 60% of the semitone, sounds quite different.
”The“ phantom 2nd album ”that I sang with that quality is really wonderful. While maintaining the hard rock sound that I was able to listen to even in my debut, the musicality that has widened greatly is truly diverse. “Jizz Whizz” (a version different from the take officialized in “BECKOLOGY”) born from the part that was inserted in the “Morning Dew” of the live, ballad “Laughing Lady” where Carmine’s vocals live, Jeff’s funky “Satisfied” etc. for cutting. Although not yet in perfect form, the tension of the trio exceeds the debut work, and Jeff’s phrase that seems to step into crossover / fusion is also shining. You can enjoy many of these performances with a sound that feels more natural and unified.

BB & A disappeared from the history of rock without reaching, while making the “next stage” feel. The main press CD telling the famous performance of the night before the collapse, and this work will be the next phantom work. A gorgeous set that will be the “reaching point of the strongest trio”. The music world of “If” was a glimpse just because there was a bootleg. Please enjoy it carefully along with this opportunity.
★ This is the best version of a famous sound source. This is the first time that the right and left balance has been optimized and the pitch has been accurately corrected! !

(Remastered memo)
★ Fixed a pitch that is about 60% lower than a semitone only for 7TRK. (Judged by the release string)
★ Left-right balance and overall sound pressure are equalized.

そのクオリティで甦った「幻の2ndアルバム」は本当に素晴らしい。デビュー作でも聴けたハードなロック・サウンドは堅持しつつ、グッと幅が広くなった音楽性は実に多彩。ライヴの「Morning Dew」で挿入されていたパートから生まれた「Jizz Whizz(『BECKOLOGY』で公式化されたテイクとは別バージョンです)」、カーマインのヴォーカルが活きるバラード「Laughing Lady」、ジェフのファンキーなカッティングが冴える「Satisfied」等々など。まだまだ完成形には至っていないものの、トリオのテンションはデビュー作を上回るほどで、クロスオーバー/フュージョンへ踏み出しそうなジェフのフレーズも輝いている。そんな演奏の数々がより自然で統一感まで感じるサウンドで楽しめるのです。



01. Jizz Whizz
02. Laughing Lady
03. Prayin’
04. (Get Ready) Yar Lovemakers’
05. Livin’ Life Backwards
06. Solid Lifter
07. Satisfied
08. All In Your Mind
09. Time Is A Lady


Jeff Beck – Guitar Tim Bogert – Bass, Vocals Carmine Appice – Drums

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