Beck, Bogert & Appice / Budokan 1973 / 2CD

Beck, Bogert & Appice / Budokan 1973 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 14th May 1973.

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first public master who has engraved the legendary first visit to Japan, It is excavation. It is contained in this work “May 14, 1973: Nippon Budokan Performance”. This Japan tour was the first visit to legend Trio BBA and Jeff Beck himself was the first visit to Japan. First of all, let’s look back on the schedule of the time.

· May 14: Nippon Budokan 【this work】
· May 16: Nagoya Municipal Hall
· May 18: Osaka Health Pension Center * Official
· May 19th: Osaka Health Pension Center * Official

over 4 shows . While the traditional official live album was produced from the final Osaka performance, the Nippon Budokan of this work is the first day. It was genuinely Jeff’s first Japanese stage.
Such Nippon Budokan performances have been told through a number of audience recordings such as “TOKYO BUDOKAN TAPES”, “TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN ‘”, “FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN” for a long time. Currently, the highest peak of it is “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY (Wardour-088)”, but this work is a master that is different from any of them. It is a new excavation of the century which made direct CD from the original · cassette which was kept secret by a name-named sound recording person in Japan.
Moreover, this work is not just a first public release. That quality is also wonderful to update the past high. Although I can not speak from superiority or inferior lightly because the texture is different from each recording with “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY” at the beginning, even if it says sparingly, “It is easier to listen than the already-arrived group”. What is wonderful is the extreme “core” and fat rich “ringing”, and glossy “smoothness”. Even if it is a good one, the sound is hardened, there is a slight distance, the bass is broken. In such a circumstance “It is feeling that the guitar is upstairs” “Vocal is clear” to find the advantage. However, this work is closer to Guigui in front of me with extreme performance and vocals. While it is a powerful sound that makes you feel plenty, there are few cracks and noises.
To tell the truth, this new master is not absolutely perfect. As expected, only the recording of about 45 years ago, there are no shakers (slightly) with the first three songs. However, after that, the vintage sound that blackens with steady stability feeling continues to rise without exhaustion. There was also a slight cut (24 seconds after drum solo end and 19 seconds break section of “Why Should I Care”). Although it is a part which does not exercise heavy importance on playing, in this work it is carefully connected with the already-released “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY” and seamlessly reproduced the full show.
It is the legendary Japanese Budokan that Jeff’s first Japan is drawn in such a world first public sound. Besides the last day of Osaka, the Japan tour of 1973 has full audiences recorded at every show, but this Nippon Budokan is the best known. There is also “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” “People Get Ready” on this day alone, but more than that is the performance itself. When Jeff talks a word, Talking Modulator will start the legendary curtain, the first unique tension in Japan as Asia · first time for the first time explodes. Tension is heading for both good and bad people, but this day definitely turned to a good one. Beck became crazy and repeatedly phrased Cirecchire, both Tim and Carmine were unrelent. PA was in a bad condition Nagoya and the balance was incalculable On the first day in Osaka there was also a scene where Tim loses his mind, but there is no such “dent” in this work. The tension of the first comprehension never stops and it continues to rise to the awesome phrase in the last song “Boogie”.
In addition, this work additionally recorded 2 precious TV broadcasting sound boards from Santa Monica performance in May 1973 at the end of the new discovery master. Although these two songs are live performances abroad, the broadcast is Japan. This is also not an ordinary sound source. The live itself is wonderful, but the comments of male and female Japanese moderators have plenty of time. Men are rock-like feeling, but women’s comments are terrible destructive power. When I try to write out a part ……
Male “Well, it feels like you’ve come and came true!”
Women “Jeff Beck is pretty squirting, it’s wiping your mouth!”

Women “Although I was supposed to have a concert in Paris last month, I’m using electricity as much as I stop it because of power shortage. Only” IN CONCERT “can see this super group!”
Male “Good! ”
…… I rush to exhilarate with unexpected dizzying interactions. And BB & A ‘s furious improvisation that will be held before and after that. This terrible contrast is “1973”. Although it is a short bonus, I can not help putting it permanently. By all means, this is the scene I would like to experience.

“May 14, 1973: Nippon Budokan” which has been said for many years “a more fulfilling performance than the official board”. The legendary first visit to the legendary trio, the legendary masterpiece is drawn with a new superb sound and a new expression. It is the highest peak live album that appeared beyond the time of 45 years. Experience with press 2CD shining forever.



このような日本武道館の公演は、「TOKYO BUDOKAN TAPES」、「TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN」、「FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN」などのオーディエンスレコーディングを通じて長年にわたり伝えられています。現在、その最高峰は “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY(Wardour-088)”ですが、この作品はそれらとは異なるマスターです。日本の名録音者が秘密にしていた元のカセットから直接CDを作った世紀の新発掘です。
さらに、この作品は単なる初公開ではない。その品質は過去の高さを更新するのにも素晴らしいです。初めは “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY”で録音とテクスチャーが違うので、優しさとか劣っているとは言えませんが、控えめに言っても “既に到着したグループよりも聞き取りやすい”と言います。すばらしいのは、極端な「コア」で脂肪が豊富な「リンギング」と光沢のある「滑らかさ」です。それが良いものであっても、音が強くなり、わずかな距離があり、低音が壊れています。このような状況では、ギターが二階にあると感じています。 “ボーカルは明確です”というメリットがあります。しかし、この作品は私の目の前でGuiguiに近いパフォーマンスとボーカルを持っています。それはあなたが十分に感じるようにする強力な音ですが、亀裂や騒音はほとんどありません。
真実を伝えるために、この新しいマスターは完全に完璧ではありません。予想どおり、約45年前の録音だけで、最初の3曲では(わずかに)シェイカーはありません。しかし、その後、安定感のある黒のビンテージサウンドは、疲労なく上昇し続けます。また、若干のカット(ドラムソロの終わりから24秒、19秒の “Why Care I Care”の休憩区間)がありました。演奏に重点を置いていない部分ですが、この作品ではすでにリリースされている “ENCOUNTER VELOCITY”と繋がり、全面的にショーをシームレスに再現しています。
ジェフの最初の日本が世界で最初に公開されたのは、伝説の日本武道館です。大阪の最後の日のほかに、1973年の日本ツアーにはすべてのショーで全観客が記録されていますが、この日本武道館は最もよく知られています。 「今日はあなたと一緒に泊まるよ」という人もいます。この日だけで「人は準備ができています」が、それ以上にパフォーマンス自体があります。 Jeffが言葉を話すとき、Talking Modulatorは伝説のカーテンを始めるでしょう。初めてのアジアで初めての日本の緊張が爆発します。緊張が良い人と悪い人の両方に向かいますが、今日は間違いなく良い人になりました。ベックは狂ったようになり、ティレとカーミンの両方が黙っていた。 PAは悪い条件で名古屋に残り、バランスがとれなかった大阪の最初の日には、ティムが心を失うシーンもありましたが、この作品にはそのような「へこみ」はありません。最初の理解の緊張は決して止まらず、最後の曲「ブギー」の素晴らしいフレーズにまで上昇し続けます。
男性 “まあ、あなたが来て真実になったように感じます!”
女性 “ジェフベックはかなり潮吹いている、あなたの口を拭いている!”

女性 “私は先月パリでコンサートを行うことになっていたが、電力不足のために私はそれをやめるだけで電気を使っている。” IN CONCERT “だけがこのスーパーグループを見ることができる!
男性 “良い!”
……私は予期せぬめまいのやりとりに気を遣って急いでいます。その前後にBB&Aの激烈な即興が開催されます。このひどいコントラストは “1973”です。それは短いボーナスですが、私はそれを永久に置くことはできません。是非、これは私が体験したいシーンです。


Disc 1 (59: 54)
1. Intro. 2. Superstition 3. Livin ‘Alone 4. I’m So Proud 5. Lady
6. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You 7. People Get Ready
8. Morning Dew / Drum Solo ★ 12: 17 – 12: 41 Preemption repayment 9. Sweet Sweet Surrender
10. Lose Myself With You / Bass Solo

Disc 2 (50: 00)
1. Black Cat Moan 2. Jeff’s Boogie 3. Why Should I Care ★ 6: 22 – 6: 43
Late Payment 4. Plynth / Shotgun 5. Going Down 6. Oleo 7. Boogie

Bonus Tracks
TV Broadcast In Japan “In Concert ”
Civic Center, Santa Monica. CA. USA May 1973


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