Beatles / Strawberry Fields Forever Recreation / 1CDR

Beatles / Strawberry Fields Forever Recreation / 1CDR / Non Label

14 Tracks , Alternate Version & Unreleased Songs

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LP “STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER” where the word “ancient masterpiece” fits perfectly without any price. A masterpiece released by the prestigious label who later released “NOT FOR SALE” and Paul’s “COLD CUTS” under the label name “NEMS” for the first time. The beauty of the jacket has been wielding with the release of legendary masterpieces such as “COLLECTOR’S ITEMS” and “CASUAL ITIES”, but it is also a big attraction that this wonderful psychedelic feeling matched perfectly with the recorded contents. was. The label NEMS was promoted to become a complete leader in the American beetle boot world in the mid-1980s, but when “STAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER” (hereinafter referred to as “SFF”) was released. Then, it coincided with the timing of the boot crackdown, and it was also a sad release that the early press could hardly land in Japan. Thanks to this, Japanese copyboards with printed matrix will be rampant, but ironically, it seems that there are many people in Japan who have taken care of “SFF” thanks to art forgery. The content is an early version of the title song excavated at that time (the stage before being connected with another take later), the centerpiece is acetate, and the others are a collection of rare sound sources from 1967 to 1968 with a wonderful sense. Yes, this cohesiveness and good sound quality throughout were also attractive. To support the status as such a masterpiece, some items called the CD version of LP “SFF” have been released even when the CD era began. It seems that the well-known is the Condor record, but a CD version was also released from the label FAB 4 RECORDS. What they all have in common is that instead of dropping straight from the original LP, they replaced it with the newly introduced upper version sound source. That’s fine, but it’s true that because of the recording time of the media called CD, those contents did not retain the prototype of the original LP. Therefore, Lord Reith created a new “SFF” that respected the LP prototype format and replaced it with the upper version sound source. In other words, it is a content that can be enjoyed as an upper version of an ancient masterpiece without inserting an extra sound source and expanding it unnecessarily. For example, “Hey Jude” and the theme of the frost show before it (it was credited as “Tea Room Music” in LP). These are the audio translations of music videos, but by the time the Lord Reith version was made, the highest sound quality sound source “1+” had been released, so by replacing it, it is finished in the best version. On the other hand, the LP “SFF” itself was copied from the ancient “INDIAN ROPE TRICK” in India, “Thank You Guru Dai –Happy Birthday”, or “Peace Of Mind”, which is famous as the Beatles song of the LP era. I think that enthusiasts like the fact that they recorded the songs from the original LP in a straightforward and clear manner. And although it is a Lord Reith release that seems to be widely distributed on the net, this work did not receive much attention because it is a reproduction of the ancient boot, and the file has become difficult to obtain now. This week’s gift is not just the best of the CD version of the masterpiece, but also a valuable item as the unknown Lord Reith Works!

掛け値なしに「いにしえの名盤」という言葉がぴったり当てはまるLP「STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER」。後に「NOT FOR SALE」やポールの「COLD CUTS」をリリースした名門が初めてレーベル名に「NEMS」を名乗ってリリースした名作。ジャケの美しさはそれまでも「COLLECTOR’S ITEMS」や「CASUALITIES」といった伝説的名盤のリリースで腕をふるっていましたが、この見事なサイケ感が収録内容と見事に一致していた点も大きな魅力でした。
このNEMSというレーベルは1980年代半ばになるとアメリカのビートル・ブート界を完全にリードする存在にまで昇格するのですが、まだ「STAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER」(以下「SFF」と称します)がリリースされた時点ではブート取り締まりのタイミングと重なってしまい、初期のプレスがほとんど日本に上陸できなかった悲運のリリースでもありました。おかげでマトリクスが活字の日本製コピー盤が横行することになってしまうのですが、皮肉なことに贋作のおかげで「SFF」のお世話になったという人が日本では少なくないかと思われます。

そうした名盤としてのステータスを裏付けるように、CD時代が始まってもLP「SFF」のCD版というアイテムがいくつかリリースされています。よく知られているのはコンドル盤だと思われますが、FAB 4 RECORDSというレーベルからもCDバージョンがリリースされていました。

そこであくまでLP原型のフォーマットを尊重しつつ、それでいてアッパー版音源に差し替えた新たな「SFF」を作り上げたのが、かのLord Reith。つまり余計な音源を差し込んで無用に拡大してしまうようなことはせず、いにしえの名盤のアッパー版として楽しめる内容となっているのです。
例えば「Hey Jude」とその前のフロスト・ショーのテーマ(LPでは「Tea Room Music」とクレジットされていましたね)。これらはミュージック・ビデオの音声な訳ですが、Lord Reith版が作られる頃には「1+」という最高音質音源がリリースされていたことから、それに差し替えることでベストバージョンに仕上がっています。
一方LP「SFF」自体がこれまたいにしえの「INDIAN ROPE TRICK」からコピーしていたインドでの「Thank You Guru Dai – Happy Birthday」、あるいはLP時代のうそこビートルズ・ソングとして有名な「Peace Of Mind」などは元のLPから素直かつクリアーに収録してくれているのがマニアは好ましく感じられるのではないでしょうか。
そしてネット上に幅広く出回っている感のあるLord Reithリリースですが、本作に関してはいにしえのブートの復刻ということから注目をさほど浴びず、そのファイルが今では入手困難となってしまっただけに、単なる名盤のCDバージョンのベストというだけでなく、知られざるLord Reithワークスとしても価値のあるアイテムを今週のギフトにて!

1. Strawberry Fields Forever (alternate version)
2. The Bus (unreleased instrumental from “Magical Mystery Tour” film)
3. The Inner Light (ture stereo version)
4. The Fool On The Hill (demo version)
5. All You Need Is Love (“Our World” TV show)
6. A Perfect Rendition (live jam from “David Frost Show”)
7. Hey Jude (live performance “David Frost”)
8. I Am The Walrus (backing tracks and vocals)
9. Thank You Guru Dai – Happy Birthday (recorded in India 1968)
10. Yer Blues (acapella version with Mick Jagger)
11. What A Shame, Mary Jane Had Pain At The Party (unedited version)
12. Peace Of Mind (unreleased song – no Beatle involvement)
13. It’s All Too Much (alternate version from “Yellow Submarine” film)
14. The Barber Of Seville (vocalese by John, Paul, Geroge and Ringo from “Help!” film)

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