White Lion / Tokyo 1988 / 1DVDR

White Lion / Tokyo 1988 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 18th September 1988. PRO-SHOT

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First visit to Japan with their best masterpiece “PRIDE”. The precious multi-camera pro shot is a gift release decision.
Included in this work are 5 live performances of “September 18, 1988: Shibuya Public Hall” performance and 4 precious promotional songs. The visit to Japan at this time is a promotion visit rather than a Japan tour. It is a live that was realized at that time. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the summary of activities at the time that was trying to flourish.

[1987] ・ March 6 + May 10: Warm-up
“June 21” PRIDE “released”
・ June 20-July 28: North America # 1 (29 performances)
・ September 10-December 30: North America # 2 (32 performances)
[1988] ・ January 19-February 2: Europe (8 performances)
・ February 28-September 10: North America # 3 (111 performances)
・ September 18: Japan (Promo Show) ← ★ Here ★
・ September 27-29: North America # 4 (24 shows)
・ November 26: Jersey Shore performance

This is the overall picture of the world tour that accompanies PRIDE. An era in which the show in North America occupies the majority and started to spread its activities to Europe. The performance in Japan was finally realized one year and three months after the release of “PRIDE”.
This work that conveys the sight of such an era is a precious and wonderful multi-camera pro shot. Although it is a period pattern analog shooting, the master freshness is excellent, there is no white line noise, and there is no dubbing trace. Visual beauty that reflects the scene 30 years ago. Of course, the sound is also a sound board with iron walls.
WHITE LION, drawn in its quality, emits a brilliant peak from the whole body. The first five songs of Shibuya Public Hall performance include a digest of “Broken Heart” centered on “PRIDE”. However, it is a short but rich sense of time. The hair metal is brilliant and sparkling, but at the same time, it has a wild outfit that has received the aftermath of the street revolution of GUNS N ’ROSES. Mike Trump, who runs around the stage narrowly, is “Tell Me” and has a lot of momentum (?) To get down to the audience and embrace the fans.
And the latter 4 promo songs are also delicious. This is also a selection of “PRIDE” hit singles along with “Little Fighter” of “BIG GAME”. The era of musicians acting is already over, and the clips that were assembled in the performance scene were intense in the late 80s.
It ’s like “BON JOVI” “Little Fighter”, “Tell Me” whose circular set is DEF LEPPARD, and “Wait” where the famous scene of the movie “Flash Dance” is transparent. And “When The Children Cry” where the chest is tightened all the time. It is a collection of videos that allows you to scorch your heart in a beautiful melody while staring at the camera looking at the microphone.

WHITE LION, who made a breakthrough in “PRIDE” and came to Japan. It is a masterpiece that can be immersed in the multi-camera professional shot. Although it was a moment, there was no doubt that the winds of the times were on their side, and the white lions were dazzling. WHITE LION in 1988 was more than just a “good song-writing band”. This work is a sure proof video. Please experience this



そのクオリティで描かれるWHITE LIONは、絶頂の輝きを全身から発している。前半5曲の渋谷公会堂公演は『PRIDE』を中心に「Broken Heart」を織り交ぜたダイジェスト収録。しかし、短いながらも濃厚な時代感が素晴らしい。ヘアメタル全盛らしくキラキラとしていながら、同時にGUNS N’ ROSESのストリート革命の余波も受けたワイルドさも併せ持つ衣装、日本人らしい黄色い嬌声ときめ細やかな大合唱が美しい。ステージ狭しと走り回るマイク・トランプは「Tell Me」で勢い余って(?)客席に降りていってファンを抱きしめるのですが、その観客達のバブリーな出で立ちも目に染みるのです。
そして、後半のプロモ4曲も美味しい。こちらも『PRIDE』のヒット・シングルが並び、そこに『BIG GAME』の「Little Fighter」も追加されたセレクション。すでにミュージシャンが演技する時代は終わっており、演奏シーンで組み上げられたクリップは80年代後期の薫りが強烈。
まるでBON JOVIな「Little Fighter」や円形セットがDEF LEPPARD的な「Tell Me」、映画『フラッシュダンス』の名シーンが透ける「Wait」。そして、ただひたすらに胸が締め付けられる「When The Children Cry」……。盛り髪のマイクにカメラ目線で見つめられながら、美しいメロディに胸を焦がすことができる映像集なのです。

『PRIDE』でブレイクスルーを果たし、日本にまでやって来たWHITE LION。その姿をマルチカメラ・プロショットで浸りきれる傑作です。刹那ではあったけれど、間違いなく時代の風は彼らに味方し、その中で白し獅子たちは眩しく輝いていました。単なる“良い曲を書くバンド”以上だった1988年のWHITE LION。本作は、その確かな証拠映像。この機会にぜひご体験ください。

1. Hungry 2. Tell Me 3. Broken Heart 4. When The Children Cry 5. Wait

Promo Clips

6. Little Fighter 7.Wait 8. Tell Me 9.When The Children Cry


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