Beatles / Live At The Star Club The Executive Version / 2CD

Beatles / Live At The Star Club The Executive Version / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, Germany Late December 1962

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Although it was easily acquired in the age of LP, the Beatles two live sound sources called star club and Hollywood · bowl became state which became hard to obtain in the era of CD. Regarding the latter two years ago, finally the CD release was finally realized, which was the formal live recording owned by EMI, whereas the former was recording the pattern of the last Hamburg tour of the Beatles Rights are not in EMI, it is good that it was released from various labels in the LP era, and many items were created. It is now that there are many people who heard this sound source in old Japanese version “Rare Live ’62 (Complete Edition)” etc …. Several overseas CD versions were released in the mid 90’s, and the CD of a label called Linga Song was the best among maniacs.
But since the late 1990s Apple made a full-scale leverage to the Beatles’ sound source management and release, the release situation of star club items that were all out of the label other than EMI also calmed down. In 1999, “1962 LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB IN HAMBURG” which complained of selling digital re-master was released like the last version of the CD version, but I remembered that nothing remotely, tape sound source and LP dropping are mixed It was closed down to content that you would like to call even under boot.
As a result, when we entered the 21st century, the star club sound source turned around and it got into a situation where it was difficult to obtain, but ironically it was ironic that the rumors in the official world hung down, and excavation of sound sources among maniacs It became popular. The first result of that was probably “LIVE 01: STAR CLUB” by Purple Tik. Although it was based on the ringing song version CD, it was the best version of the new generation that inserted the fragments of the first appearance and upper version everywhere and wiped out star club items that had been rumored in the past. The excavation of sound sources among maniacs by the appearance of this PC version is even more incandescent, further sound sources have been discovered in recent years.
In case
The fact that the sound source which was excavated in the last ten years revealed, that it was a considerable editing was added to the sound source in the official release which was raped in the LP era. Anyway, it is the audience recording of the level that the employee of the star club recorded without assuming release. There were disorder of sounds everywhere, and so many edits were cut to hide it. As a result, “I Saw Her Standing There” cuts the whole interlude, “Ask Me Why” diverted the same chorus in the copy state edited state to hide the disturbance of the performance. In addition to what I supposedly imperfect the recording itself like “I Remember You” also had elaborate editing to loop the chorus and extend the playing time. Finally, in order to conceal the noise “Till There Was You” overwriting the maracas is done.
Therefore, although the existence value of the abolished rare item was left, now the official LP of the past is concerned only with dissatisfaction in the content aspect. And a few years ago, the whole story of the Star · club recording was clarified in overseas specialized magazines. Based on this data based on the data of the sources that had been spread among traders is more than the “ZU LAUT!” Purple · tick version made by mania calling Lord Reith on the net, it contains an upper tone generator, Based on the findings of the results of the editorial content was awarded with a new generation of star and club decision versions. It was also evaluated as a fresh attempt in that it was able to enjoy star clubs with exactly a sense of stereo by being subjected to pseudo stereo equalization. As a result, press CD items such as “LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB DEFINITIVE VERSION” also appeared.

Three years from “ZU LAUT!”, This summer again we began to produce a version of Lord Reith ‘s edited star club sound source. In this time, I will further verify the details more precisely, in the sound source which has been circulating to the present, the fragment which was used as a patchworker is separated as a single performance and it moves to a predetermined position thoroughly. Since it turned out that it was actually “Glad All Over” which was played also in BBC in fact, the phrase of only a few seconds which had been added as a substitute for the introduction of “I Remember You” was moved as an independent track The editing concept of this time. In “Rare Live ’62 (Complete Edition)”, the announcer heard at the beginning is the most popular example, such as where it appeared at the end of Disc-1 this time. Conversely, there are no more parts excavated by “ZU LAUT!”, And that means that we focused on more detailed editing.
But the main feature of this time is the new equalization by Lord Reith. Responding to the monaural recording state changed by striking from the previous unique pseudo stereo specification. The finish that clarified the outline of the performance and the vocal more by suppressing the echo in the place which was included on it is the big appeal of this time. If “ZU LAUT!” Is the finished “headphones shine”, this time the finish “Speaker shine” finish. Lord Reith stressed the outcome of this equalization at, for example, “Sweet Little Sixteen” which John sings, etc. In the star / club sound source, I get the impression that the vocal became dumpling “I ‘m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) “etc. seems to have improved quite considerably.
Although it is already after the debut, although the debut is still before the break, the Beatles who performs the last Hamburg tour are playing the cover songs freely and the power of the gorigori playing is further increasing by this equalization. There is still sound source in the state where the sound is still distorted 2 Take “Roll Over Beethoven” (recorded on Disc – 2) was a part with a difficulty to strain distortion after being originally quinch sound quality, It has been relaxed, and the ease of listening clearly improved compared with the former generation “ZU LAUT!”. Furthermore, although it is not a performance of the Beatles, a recording “Hully Gully” recorded at the same time star club that was excavated at “Rare Live ’62 (Complete Edition)” is also included as a bonus.
And “Red Hot” etc. which was actually ended in the middle of the recording by Lord Reith’s favorite editing technique are finished in such a splendid state that it seems as if it is perfectly thought that it is perfectly recorded. In addition, if it is analogous to the directing by Lord Reith (Stones LP “BEDSPRING SYMPHONY”) which added “serious sound quality so much!” Like words added before each part at the time of publication Whether you could imagine a maniac) was cut at the time of this limited press release CD, which made it easier to hear the content side. In the early Beatles live tone generator, it is a staple from a long time ago, but with this spectacular equalization I am finished in a new best version that will be able to enjoy a wide range from beginners to maniacs!

しかし90年代末からアップルがビートルズの音源管理やリリースに対して本格的なテコ入れを行ったことで、EMI以外のレーベルから出し放題だったスター・クラブのアイテムのリリース状況も一気に沈静化。2000年にはデジタルリマスターを売り文句にした「1962 LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB IN HAMBURG」がCDバージョンの最後っ屁のごとくリリースされましたが、何とリマスターどころかテープ音源とLP落としが混在するという、思わずブート以下とでも呼びたくなるような内容には閉口させられたもの。
よって21世紀に入るとスター・クラブ音源が一転して入手困難な状況へと陥ってしまったのですが、皮肉なことにオフィシャル界での乱発が鳴りを潜めたおかげでマニア間での音源発掘が盛んとなったのです。その最初の成果と呼べたのがパープル・チックによる「LIVE 01: STAR CLUB」でしょう。リンガソング版CDを基本としながらも、随所に初登場やアッパー版の断片を挿入し、過去に乱発されていたスタークラブ・アイテムを一掃するような新世代のベスト・バージョンとなっていました。このPC版の登場によりマニア間での音源発掘はさらに白熱、近年にはさらなる音源が発掘されています。

ここ10年の間に発掘されてきた音源が明らかにしてくれた事実、それはLP時代に乱発されたオフィシャル・リリースにおいて、音源にかなりの編集が加えられていたということ。何しろ元はスター・クラブの従業員がリリースを前提とせずに録音したというレベルのオーディエンス録音です。随所で音の乱れなどがあり、それを隠蔽すべくカットされた編集が非常に多かった。その結果として「I Saw Her Standing There」では間奏が丸々カットされ、「Ask Me Why」では同じサビをコピペ編集状態で転用して演奏の乱れを隠蔽。おまけに「I Remember You」のような録音自体が不完全だと思われるものもサビをループさせて演奏時間を延長させるといった手の込んだ編集が施されていたのです。とどめはノイズを隠蔽すべく「Till There Was You」ではマラカスがオーバーダビングされる始末。
よって廃盤レア・アイテムという存在価値こそ残されましたが、今となっては過去のオフィシャルLPは内容面における不満ばかりが気になります。そして数年前には海外の専門誌においてスター・クラブ録音の全容が解明されました。このデータをベースにしてトレーダー間に広まっていた音源を整理したのがネット上でLord Reithを名乗るマニアによって作られた「ZU LAUT!」パープル・チック版以上にアッパー音源を含んでおり、なおかつ先の調査結果を踏まえた編集内容から新世代のスター・クラブ決定版と激賞されたものです。また疑似ステレオのイコライズが施されたことにより、正にステレオ感のあるスター・クラブが楽しめるという点でも新鮮な試みとして評価されました。その結果として「LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB DEFINITIVE VERSION」のようなプレスCDアイテムも登場。

「ZU LAUT!」から三年、今年の夏に再びLord Reithが現存するスター・クラブ音源を編集し直したバージョンの制作に着手。今回はさらに緻密に検証を重ね、現在まで出回っている音源の中ではつぎはぎ要員として使われていた断片も単独の演奏として切り離して所定の位置に移すという徹底ぶり。今まで「I Remember You」のイントロ代わりとして付け足されていたわずか数秒のフレーズが実はBBCでも演奏していた「Glad All Over」であったことが判明したことから、独立したトラックとして移動させたのが今回の編集コンセプト。「レア・ライブ’62(完全版)」においては冒頭で聞かれたアナウンスが今回はDisc-1の最後に登場するところなど、その最たる例。逆に言うと「ZU LAUT!」で発掘された以上のパートはなく、その分をより細やかな編集に力を注いだということなのでしょう。
しかし今回の目玉は何と言ってもLord Reithによる新たなイコライズ。ユニークだった前回の疑似ステレオ仕様から打って変わってモノラルの録音状態を尊重。その上で含まれていた場内のエコーを抑えることでより演奏やボーカルの輪郭をはっきりさせた仕上がりが今回の大きな魅力。「ZU LAUT!」が「ヘッドフォン映え」する仕上がりだとすれば、今回は「スピーカー映え」する仕上がり。Lord Reithは例えばジョンが歌う「Sweet Little Sixteen」などで今回のイコライズの成果を力説していましたが、スター・クラブ音源の中ではボーカルが団子状になってしまった印象を受ける「I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)」などですら随分とクリアネスが向上したように見受けられます。
何よりも既にデビュー後でありつつも、まだブレイク前で最後のハンブルク巡業をこなすビートルズがカバー曲を自由にかき鳴らす生でゴリゴリの演奏の迫力が今回のイコライズによってさらに増しているのが圧巻。未だに音が歪んだ状態の音源しか存在しない2テイクめの「Roll Over Beethoven」(Disc-2に収録)は元々キンキンした音質であった上で歪みまくるという難ありのパートでしたが、それも緩和されており、前代「ZU LAUT!」と比べても明らかに聞きやすさが向上。さらにビートルズの演奏ではありませんが「レア・ライブ’62(完全版)」で発掘された同時期のスター・クラブでの録音「Hully Gully」もボーナスとして収録。
そしてLord Reithお得意の編集テクニックによって実際には録音が途中で終わってしまっていた「Red Hot」などは、あたかも完全収録されていると錯覚しそうなほど見事な状態に仕上げられている。また公開時に各パートの前に付け加えられていた「音質がこんなに向上しました!」的なセリフを加えたLord Reithによる演出(ストーンズのLP「BEDSPRING SYMPHONY」の冒頭の演出に似ていると例えれば、マニアの方には想像していただけるかと)を今回の限定プレスCDリリースに際してはカット、これによって内容面がより聞きやすくなりました。ビートルズ初期ライブ音源の中では古くからの定番ではありますが、今回の見事なイコライズによってさらに初心者からマニアまで幅広く楽しめるであろう、新たなベスト・バージョンに仕上がっています!


Disc 1(62:19)
1. Be-Bop-A-Lula 2. I Saw Her Standing There 3. Hallelujah I Love Her So
4. Red Hot 5. Sheila 6. Kansas City 7. Shimmy Like Kate 8. Reminiscing
9. Red Sails In The Sunset 10. Sweet Little Sixteen 11. Roll Over Beethoven
12. A Taste Of Honey 13. Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees)
14. I Saw Her Standing There 15. To Know Her Is To Love Her 16. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
17. Till There Was You 18. Where Have You Been All My Life
19. Lend Me Your Comb 20. Your Feet’s Too Big 21. I’m Talking About You
22. A Taste Of Honey 23. Announcement

Disc 2(39:05)
1. Preamble 2. Road Runner 3. The Hippy Hippy Shake 4. A Taste Of Honey 5. Matchbox
6. Little Queenie 7. Roll Over Beethoven 8. Announcement 9. I Remember You
10. Ask Me Why 11. Besame Mucho 12. Mr. Moonlight 13. Falling In Love Again
14. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 15. I’m Talking About You
16. Long Tall Sally 17. Twist And Shout
18. Bonus: Hully Gully (Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers)

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