Beatles / Live At The Star Club 1962 Raw Tapes / 5CD Wx Slipcase

Beatles / Live At The Star Club 1962 Raw Tapes / 5CD Wx Slipcase / Misterclaudel

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Hamburg Germany December 21.25.28 & 31. Digitally Remastered


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M latest work Claudel label live Chronicle series, works great to be a monument to represent the label as a historical work! Moment that seems that it was good to doing collectors visit. Hamburg 1962 the end of December that it has been many release until now the sound source of ultra-early Beatles in the star club, was here to complete recording in appearance of remains was recorded. Of course, including the first appearance part that could not of that listening until now, it will be a set of startle is for mania. Detailed person just by looking at the song list, I think than can understand is that greatness of this set. In 50 plus years from live, it is filled with deep emotion that finally Did been excavated so far.

Speaking of December 1962, already drummer has changed to apple, we are debut in “LOVE ME DO”, important time of the future. Appearances to this Hamburg Star Club in which had been booked long ago, episode that appeared to pose for Brian Epstein of business that then to say that because I debuted contract to fulfill properly have been evaluated is left have.

This star club sound source, Adrian Barber was in Stage Manager positions at that time, has been to have recorded in December 1962 Beatles last Hamburg tour. The late Apple 60s I had a sell of tape, but after it was stated as there is no value at that time, and that was released as the first two sets of regular analog board in 1977 follows a variety of circumstances , the first in I think that probably comes into this world. However, this release can be made far from the whole picture of the tape, or been made for different song selection of Rights in the Anglo-American and German national, also of course excessive pseudo stereo processing as as the processing of regular board is, MC was also or fitted to a position different from the actual position. Also it becomes Apple litigation release itself as invalid, so that even 1995 Anthology, only fragment was used in the image, just be fresh in memory that has been completely ignored.

Still mania as pioneering star club sound source was overjoyed to rough play of the early days of the Beatles. However, that the other as a sound source is still also material, the first appearance part while fragments in released bootleg could that you can imagine from the fact that had been recorded in the chopped then. And fans even while anxious and want to know the whole picture, changing the goods change hands a half-hearted content, right relationship has also been churning out even official board poking the ambiguous part. After all it is edited in the form of ignoring entirely date and actual playback order ever, accurate track order even is not intended to be grasped (track order is different by title), also recorded or even obvious which take what day was not a. Although reel classification has been found in this work, the exact date unfortunately is still undecided. December 25 in the conventional dogma, the 28th, it has become a three days of the 31st, the date of this work credit is different from the conventional ones, but such a based on newly discovered documents, of this description date I was expected to do not correct the.

Already the presence of the tape from old as there was a sell to Apple itself in the late 1960s was known. And it is also as described above that were released through the twists and turns. But then also a variety of collectible items, including the unpublished part has been released. Some became one of the separator in such was the M Claudel label of 2007 has released “HISTORICAL STAR CLUB TAPES”. Although some of the deficiencies are found here and there, it is recorded in the longest and best of condition as at the time, was in the current this is been the best. However, the sound quality is eight years elapsed from the release, followed by a large number of unpublished source M Claudel was independently obtained, first appearance of live performance, which further covers all over the sampler tape of auctions and production, even more than it It is has become the contents.

First, as the biggest feature of this work, will include first thing you have recorded the first to tape copy made in the main in 1973. Cassette sound of 1973 throughout I often hiss, but it does not use most of the noise reduction in order to take advantage of the vividness of material this time. Hiss left as hiss, noise reduction is feature is that recording of be kept to a minimum as a separate, etc. place that clip. Was released in 2007 “HISTORICAL STAR CLUB” Even I’ve already recorded some of this 1973 tape copy, that time is not necessarily to get all of the reel, playing on the inner December 31 is it had been diverted from the “Road Runner”. Its “Road Runner” is also, though too much noise reduction, sound had muffled. The difference is I think that it feels remarkable to listen to part to December 31 to be a first appearance source in this work.

Of all four reel that has been recorded at that time, the disk 1 (although there theories) December 21, recorded a portion corresponding to reel # 1 and # 2 reel of 1973 tape. Disk 2 is recorded portion corresponding to the reel # 3. You have several theories different date in the literature and materials, but in this film respects the latest research, it was determined that this reel # 3 was recorded over the two days of December 25th and 28th. Disk 3 recorded portion corresponding to the reel # 4. Especially playing the second half of the Dominos is, those recording itself is first appearance, including the playing part of the first half of the Beatles, is valuable to have been recorded from the original material properly. This reel # 4 which was recorded over the January 1, 1963 from December 31, 1962, have been also recorded voice telling the new year in the middle. It is thought that glimpse how at the time of extraterritoriality specific Hamburg have a binge all night. Others, please refer to the description of the jacket such as fine songs.

And disk 4, has recorded the various versions that have been released so far. 1977 “I Saw Her Standing There” in the FAN CLUB FLEXI DISC, the fan on the sheet of club limited only had been recorded, “another version” valuable source for its time. 1973 well is much sound from tape, it is a good track of the most sound quality in total basis this series of recordings. The sound of “Red Hot” of the “Red Hot” was used as a radio documentary of BGM, as at that time “only” in the 1978 RADIO DOCUMENTARY. What has been recorded in the core boot has recorded here. Analog era properly corrected here what pitch was slow. 1992 SOTHEBY’S SAMPLER is recording from the sampler tape for auction by Alan Williams. Sound quality does not mean much good, as at the time it was valuable that was listen long before and after the song. 1993 ANTHOLOGY DIRECTOR’S CUT use sound source in the Director’s Cut of anthology. The slightly from public version long is the feature. 2005 FUEGO SAMPLER TAPE (currently annihilation) Fuego Entertainment temporary has become a hot topic has been recorded from sampler tape that had been published. Becomes low Generation tape of the same tape and disk 3 of recorded time, “A Taste Of Honey” here is the best. MATRIX, the audio track that was created by re-combining the best of the branched multiple sources. Incomplete from the original tape “Red Hot”, has been the “Drying version” in various ways made as fake sound source by volunteers. The recorded two of them. It is OUT-FAKE EDIT. “A Taste Of Honey” is what the take that had been cut in the middle in the reel # 1 of 1973 tape to listen to in the disk 1, was connected without take and discomfort of reel # 3 as “Drying version”. And last analog boot “MACH SHAU! I have recorded as a “. Sound source was a vacuum tube audio amplifier overload specific poor sound quality of this LP “MACH SHAU! It had been released as “. While poor sound quality there still also listen not part only in this source, in particular, “Roll Over Beethoven” is what you do not listen only here. In order to cover all the available source, rather than the analog dropped, it is recording from tape source.

Disk 5 has recorded a “RARE LIVE!”. “Hully Gully” is clerical error it’s unreleased song of The Beatles, big way and that it is appealing, but not say it with complete recording both in terms of content and, it is organized very well, definitive edition from time release The title has been rated as. However, the release of the release and CD in the analog, or different cut position of the collection time, or have portions which are not recorded only on each, and also the or are processed whole pseudo-stereo, rather artificial editing had been made. This work is to eliminate such a process sense, is recorded in monaural, portions which are not further recorded only analog complements the portion not recorded with each other only on the CD, and not the playing Beatles to “Hully Gully” making it the complete board included. This sequence, I think than mania often I Kikikon this content.
This “RARE LIVE!” Already Hatsu-ban where the the base started PURPLE CHICK, part of the main did what quality is good, there is a flame in the transfer of the portion being used as a complement source, sound was too evil. In “pure mono” as features of this work, and good is the most sound quality in the “transfer of good quality master”, will include two points that.

M latest work Claudel label live Chronicle series, Star Club of wax tape that has finally appeared, including a large number of first appearance. And recorded in the street reel tape in from disk 1 to 3, further recorded another version in the disk 4. In addition, the disk 5, recorded the full board summarizes the performance of the Beatles to compact “RARE LIVE!”. It is a uniquely meaningful titled or came finally to here through the 50 plus years from recording. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications. With slip case.

Mクローデル・レーベルのライヴ・クロニクル・シリーズの最新作は、歴史的作品としてレーベルを代表する金字塔となる素晴らしい作品! コレクターをやっていて良かったと思える瞬間が訪れます。今まで数多くリリースされてきた1962年12月末のハンブルグはスタークラブにおける超初期ビートルズの音源を、収録されたままの姿でここに完全収録しました。もちろん今まで聴くことの出来なかった初登場部分を含め、マニアにとっては驚愕のセットとなるでしょう。詳しい方は曲目リストを見ただけで、このセットの凄さというのが理解出来るのではないでしょうか。ライヴから50余年にして、とうとうここまで発掘されたのかという感慨でいっぱいです。

1962年12月といえば、既にドラマーはリンゴに変わっており、「LOVE ME DO」でデビューしており、これからという大切な時期。このハンブルグのスタークラブへの出演はずっと以前にブッキングされていたもので、その後デビューしたからといっても契約はきちんと履行するというブライアン・エプスタインのビジネスに対する姿勢が評価された出演というエピソードが残されています。



60年代後期において既にアップルに売り込みがあったように古くからテープの存在自体は知られていました。そして紆余曲折を経てリリースされたことも前述の通りです。しかしその後も未発表部分を含む様々なコレクターズ・アイテムがリリースされてきました。そんな中でひとつの区切りとなったのは2007年のMクローデル・レーベルがリリースした『HISTORICAL STAR CLUB TAPES』でした。いくつかの不備が散見されるものの、当時としては最長かつ最良の状態で収録しており、現行ではこれがベストとされてきました。しかし、リリースから8年が経過し、その後にMクローデルが独自に入手した多数の未発表ソース、初登場のライヴ演奏、さらにオークションやプロダクションのサンプラーテープをくまなく網羅し、それをさらに上回る音質と内容となっているのです。

まず本作の最大の特長として、1973年に最初に作られたテープ・コピーをメインに収録していることがまず挙げられます。全体を通して1973年のカセット音源はヒスノイズが多いのですが、今回は素材の生々しさを活かすためノイズリダクションをほとんど使っていません。ヒスはヒスとして残し、ノイズリダクションはクリップしている箇所などを別として最低限に抑えての収録というのが特長です。2007年にリリースした『HISTORICAL STAR CLUB』でも既にこの1973年テープ・コピーの一部を収録していましたが、その時は全てのリールを入手したわけではなく、この内12月31日の演奏は『Road Runner』から流用されていました。その『Road Runner』も、ノイズリダクションがかかりすぎていて、音がくぐもっていました。その差は本作で初登場ソースとなる12月31日に部分を聴くと顕著に感じられると思います。


そしてディスク4は、今までリリースされてきた様々なバージョンを収録しています。1977 FAN CLUB FLEXI DISCの「I Saw Her Standing There」は、ファン・クラブ限定のソノ・シートにのみ収録されていた、当時としては「別バージョン」貴重音源。1973テープより遥かに音が良く、トータル的にこの一連の録音の中では最も音質の良いトラックです。1978 RADIO DOCUMENTARYの「Red Hot」はラジオ・ドキュメンタリーのBGMとして使用された、当時としては「唯一」の「Red Hot」の音源。コア・ブートに収録されてきたものをここでも収録しています。アナログ時代はピッチが遅かったものをここでは正しく補正済み。1992 SOTHEBY’S SAMPLERはアラン・ウィリアムズによるオークション用のサンプラーテープからの収録。音質がさほど良いわけではありませんが、当時としては曲の前後が長く聴けたのが貴重でした。1993 ANTHOLOGY DIRECTOR’S CUTはアンソロジーのディレクターズカットでの使用音源。公開版より若干長いのが特長です。2005 FUEGO SAMPLER TAPEは、一時話題になったFuego Entertainment(現在は消滅)が公開していたサンプラーテープより収録しています。今回収録のディスク3と同一テープのロウ・ジェネレーション・テープになり、「A Taste Of Honey」はこちらがベストです。MATRIXは、枝分かれした複数ソースの良いところを再合成して作成した音声トラック。元のテープから不完全な「Red Hot」は、有志によって様々な手法で「完奏版」がフェイク音源として作られてきました。その中から2種類を収録。それがOUT-FAKE EDITです。「A Taste Of Honey」は、ディスク1で聴けるように1973テープのリール#1で途中で切れていたテイクを、リール#3のテイクと違和感なくつなげ「完奏版」としたものです。そして最後はアナログブート『MACH SHAU!』をそのまま収録しています。真空管オーディオアンプのオーバーロード特有の劣悪な音質だった音源は、このLP『MACH SHAU!』としてリリースされていました。劣悪な音質ながら未だにこのソースでしか聴けない部分もあり、特に「Roll Over Beethoven」はここでしか聴けないものです。入手可能なソースを全て網羅すべく、アナログ落としではなく、テープソースから収録です。

ディスク5は『RARE LIVE!』を収録しています。「Hully Gully」がビートルズの未発表曲だと誤記され、大々的にアピールされていることや、内容的にも完全収録とはとても言えませんが、非常にうまくまとまっており、リリース当時から決定版と評価されているタイトルです。しかし、アナログでのリリースとCDでのリリースでは、収録時間の関係でカットの位置が異なったり、それぞれにしか収録されていない部分があったり、また全体を疑似ステレオに加工していたりと、かなり人工的な編集がなされていました。本作は、そういった加工感を排除し、モノラルで収録し、さらにアナログにしか収録されていない部分、CDにしか収録されていない部分を相互に補完し、ビートルズの演奏ではない「Hully Gully」を含むコンプリート盤となっています。この並び、この内容を聴き込んだマニアが多いのではないでしょうか。
この『RARE LIVE!』をベースにした既発盤は、PURPLE CHICKを始め、メインとなる部分は音質が良いものでしたが、補完ソースとして使用されている部分のトランスファーに難があり、音が悪過ぎました。本作の特長として「純粋モノ」で、かつ「良質マスターからのトランスファー」で最も音質が良い、という2点が挙げられます。

Mクローデル・レーベルのライヴ・クロニクル・シリーズの最新作は、初登場を多数含む遂に登場したスタークラブのロウ・テープ。ディスク1から3でリール・テープ通りに収録し、さらにディスク4では別バージョンを収録。さらにこのディスク5では、ビートルズの演奏をコンパクトにまとめた『RARE LIVE!』の完全盤を収録。収録から50余年を経てやっとここまで来たかという感慨深いタイトルです。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。スリップケース付。

DECEMBER 21, 1962
1st SHOW “1973 TAPE”reel #1

01. Be-Bop-A-Lula
02. I Saw Her Standing There
03. Hallelujah I Love Her So
04. Red Hot

2nd SHOW “1973 TAPE”reel #2
05. Adrian Barber Voice Memo
06. Shelia
07. Kansas City – Hey Hey Hey Hey
08. Shimmy Like Kate
09. Reminiscing
10. Red Sails In The Sunset
11. Sweet Little Sixteen
12. Roll Over Beethoven
13. A Taste Of Honey

14. Money with TONY SHERIDAN
15. Sparking Brown Eyes
16. Lovesick Blues
17. First Taste Of Love
18. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
19. Do You Believe
20. Ooh Pooh Pah Doo
21. Twist And Shout
22. Cannonball with BETTINA DERLIEN

DECEMBER 25, 1962
“1973 TAPE” reel #3

01. Nothin’ Shakin’
02. I Saw Her Standing There
03. To Know Her Is To Love Her
04. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
05. Till There Was You
06. Where Have You Been All My Life?
07. Lend Me Your Comb
08. Your Feet’s Too Big
09. Talking About You
10. A Taste Of Honey
11. Matchbox
12. Little Queenie

DECEMBER 28, 1962
1st SHOW “1973 TAPE”reel #3

13. Twist And Shout
14. Mr.Moonlight
15. Besame Mucho
16. Talking About You
17. Falling Love Again
18. Long Tall Sally

2nd SHOW “1973 TAPE” reel #3
19. I Remember You
20. tuning
21. Roll Over Beethoven
22. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You

23. Hully Gully
24. I Take What I Want

DECEMBER 31, 1962
“1973 TAPE” reel #4

01. tuning
02. Road Runner
03. Hippy Hippy Shake
04. A Taste Of Honey
05. ‘ It’s five to twelve ‘
06. ’ Ein Zulage ‘
07. Ask Me Why
08. ‘ Goodnight ’

09. Horst Fascher Announcement
10. You Can’t Sit Down
11. Roll Over Beethoven
12. Black & Blue
13. Do You Love Me
14. Let’s Twist Again
15. Red River Rock
16. Mashed Potatoes
17. Forty Days
18. Ja-Da
19. The Sheik of Araby
20. Buckeye
21. La Bamba
22. Early in the Morning
23. The Twist
24. The Kid
25. The Paris Jam


01. I Saw Her Standing There

02. Red Hot

03. Kansas City
04. Shimmy Like Kate
05. Roll Over Beethoven
06. Fallin’ In Love Again

07. Red Hot – Shimmy Like Kate – Red Sails In The Sunset

08. Red Hot – Shimmy Like Kate – Red Sails In The Sunset

09. ‘ Lost Tapes ’
10. A Taste Of Honey
11. Hippy Hippy Shake – A Taste Of Honey – I Saw Her Standing There – Lovesick Blues

12. Till There Was You
13. Where Have You Been All My Life?

14. Red Hot #1
15. Red Hot #2
16. A Taste Of Honey

17. A Taste Of Honey
18. Till There Was You
19. Where Have You Been All Of My Life?
20. Lend Me Your Comb
21. Your Feet’s Too Big
22. I’m Talking About You
23. To Know Her Is To Love Her
24. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
25. Matchbox
26. Little Queenie
27. Nothin’ Shakin’
28. Roll Over Beethoven

RARE LIVE! ‘62 Complete Version

01. Introduction
02. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
03. I Saw Her Standing There
04. Roll Over Beethoven
05. Hippy Hippy Shake
06. Sweet Little Sixteen
07. Lend Me Your Comb
08. Your Feet’s Too Big
09. Twist And Shout
10. Mr. Moonlight
11. A Taste Of Honey
12. Besame Mucho
13. Reminiscing
14. Kansas City – Hey Hey Hey Hey
15. Where Have You Been All My Life?
16. Hully Gully REBEL ROUSERS
17. Till There Was You
18. Nothin’ Shakin’
19. To Know Her Is To Love Her
20. Little Queenie
21. Falling In Love Again
22. Ask Me Why
23. Be-Bop-A-Lula
24. Hallelujah I Love Her So
25. Sheila
26. Red Sails In The Sunset
27. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
28. Matchbox
29. I’m Talking About You
30. Shimmy Like Kate
31. Long Tall Sally
32. I Remember You

Misterclaudel. MCCD-470-474



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