David Bowie / Montreal Forum 1983 Complete / 4CD

David Bowie / Montreal Forum 1983 Complete / 4CD / Wardour
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The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 12th & 13th July 1983 STEREO SBD

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“Ultimate board”. Regardless of the official / informal, there are nothing that shines as much as this book, even among countless full-fledged Bowie albums. Such an ultra-determined stereo soundboard appears in press 4CD. The identity of such an ultimate board is the finest stereo sound board of “July 12, 1983 + 13 Montreal Show”. It is a top live album of “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR” which is known as “the biggest, the longest and the most enormous success tour in the history of Bowie”.
I think that there are also many people coming with pins. Yes, that Montreal performance, which was highly popular also at “MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-197)”. This Montreal performance is a two night consecutive performance, on the second day radio broadcasts were also done, a name sound source that kept keeping the large classic seat in the big classic for many years. “MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT” also had its second day. This work is a set of stereo sound board that put all 2 days of such Montreal. It is a 4-tuple with “July 12” on Discs 1 and 2 and “July 13” on Discs 3 and 4. Of course, not just incremental, quality is also the ultimate specification. It is neither radio check nor broadcast master but it was digitized directly from Odama sound board. It is the supreme sound that “I can not do anything any longer”.

…… Here it is sharp that “That?” MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT “was also a Daimen soundboard? That’s right. However, this work is only slightly (but decisively) different. “MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT” is a digitized version of “Master Reel 1st Gen” recorded from the sound board table. On the contrary, this work which appeared this time is “CD recording of the table recording itself”. Although it is only one generation dubbing, the difference is absolute. In fact, comparing the previous work “MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT” with the discs 3 and 4 of this work, both performances are clear, but the transparency of one tone and the sharpness of edges are also misplaced! This difference is probably due to the one-step dubbing being “analog → analog”. Whereas the previous work was analog warmth “ringing”, this work seems as if it is digital recording. Even decorations of synths studded from base picking shine brilliantly. Of course, it is not forced by virtue of mastering, so no details are crushed. Although it was “Official grade” more than enough at the previous work, this work is a dimension that does not so well as official. So to speak, it is a historical “name plate” sound.
What is even more terrible is that that super sound board sound source is entirely two performances. I talked about this on the second day “July 13 (Disk 3 · 4)”, but the first day “July 12 (Disc 1 · 2)” was brought in completely the same circumstances. It was slightly thinner than the 2nd day, so we set it to a suitable balance for the “4 set set”, but it is a complete master sound that does not add anything else. Although the set list is exactly the same as just showed up to every corner, seven songs “Red Sails” and “TVC” that were awarded “Best show in the rare Bowie history” and can not be heard even by the official video “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT” 15 “” Star “” Stay “” The Jean Genie “” I Can not Explain “” Modern Love “totally 2 live shows … …. It is absolutely one in volume as well as sound quality.
Furthermore, the Bowie who plays such a show is also wonderful. Although it was a tour of “Biggest Bowie History”, its main battlefield is definitely “North America”. It’s an entertainment that the spirit of that “finally get on the Honmaru!” Is blowing out furiously. Let’s see an overview of “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983” here.

· May 18th – 29th: Europe # 1 (10 performances)
· May 30: US Festival (1 Performance)
· June 2 – July 3: Europe # 2 (21 performances)
· July 11 – September 17: North America (43 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 20 – 31: Japan (10 performances)
· November 4 – 26: Oceania (10 performances)
· December 3 – 8: Asia (4 shows)

As you can see, we are all around the world, but the number of performances is “North America” ​​is inherent. It was full-time driving after performing the face shoulder & shoulder accustoming “Europe # 1-2” even positionally. Moreover, the performance of Montreal of this work is zero tired with the 2.3 public performance eyes in “North America” ​​as well. It is just where “mind, technique, body” peaked, and further injected to the radio broadcasting. It is already a prestigious performance that made it possible to become a masterpiece, all conditions are gathered to such an extent that we can not set any more.
“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR” which was the greatest, the longest and the greatest success in the life of Bowie. Among them, it is an ultra-super stereo sound board album which contained the whole Montreal performance which was the biggest in line with “US Fes” twice. Bowie’s sparkle that turned into a pop star and was trying to conquer the whole earth. We will deliver it to you at this weekend.

★ I have never heard the Bowie’s sound board · title of good sound so far. Completely recorded 2 performances. It is a recommended piece. ”
「究極盤」。公式/非公式に関係なく、無数に溢れるボウイのライヴアルバムの中でも、本作ほど目映く輝くものはない。そんな超・決定ステレオ・サウンドボードがプレス4CDで登場です。そんな究極盤の正体とは「1983年7月12日+13日モントリール公演」の極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。「ボウイ史上、最大にして最長、そして最も巨大な成功を収めたツアー」として知られる“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR”の頂点ライヴアルバムです。
もう、ピンと来られる方も多いと思います。そう、『MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-197)』でも大好評を賜った、あのモントリール公演。このモントリール公演は2夜連続公演でして、2日目はラジオ放送もされ、長年にわたって大定番中の大定番の座をキープし続けた名音源。『MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT』も、その2日目を収めていました。本作は、そんなモントリオール2日間を丸ごと収めたステレオ・サウンドボード・セット。ディスク1・2に「7月12日」、ディスク3・4に「7月13日」を配した4枚組なのです。もちろん、単なる増量ではなく、クオリティも究極仕様。ラジオのエアチェックでも放送原盤でもなく、大元サウンドボードからダイレクトにデジタル化されたもの。“もう、これ以上はあり得ない”という至高のサウンドなのです。

……ここで「あれ? 『MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT』も大元サウンドボードだったよね?」と思われるは鋭い。その通りです。ただ、本作はちょっとだけ(しかし、決定的に)違う。『MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT』は、サウンドボード卓から録音された「マスターリールの1stジェネ」をデジタル化したもの。それに対し、今回登場した本作は「卓録音そのもののCD化」なのです。わずか1世代ダビングではありますが、その違いは絶対的。実際、前作『MONTREAL 1983 2ND NIGHT』と本作のディスク3・4を比較すると、演奏はどちらも鮮明であるものの、1音1音の透明感もエッジの鋭さも段違い! この違いは1段階ダビングが「アナログ→アナログ」だったことに由来するのでしょう。前作がアナログの暖かみある“鳴り”だったのに対し、本作はまるでデジタル録音かのよう。ベースのピッキングから散りばめられたシンセの装飾でさえ、キラキラと輝いて降り注ぐ。もちろん、マスタリングで無理矢理ビビッドにしたわけではありませんから、ディテールも一切潰れていないのです。前作時点で十二分に「オフィシャル級」でしたが、本作は公式でもそうそうない次元。言わば、歴史的な「名盤級」サウンドなのです。
さらに凄まじいのは、それだけの超サウンドボード音源が丸ごと2公演ということ。ここまでお話ししたのは2日目「7月13日(ディスク3・4)」のことですが、初日「7月12日(ディスク1・2)」も完全に同じ経緯でもたらされたもの。2日目に比べてやや薄かったので「4枚組セット」に相応しいバランスに整えましたが、それ以外に一切の手を加えていない完全マスター・サウンドなのです。隅々まで練り上げられたショウなだけにセットリストはまったく同じですが、「ボウイ史上希に見る絶好調のショウ」と賞され、オフィシャル映像『SERIOUS MOONLIGHT』でも聴けなかった7曲「Red Sails」「TVC 15」「Star」「Stay」「The Jean Genie」「I Can’t Explain」「Modern Love」まで完全収録したライヴが2本分……。サウンド・クオリティだけでなく、ボリューム面でも絶対の1本なのです。
さらにさらに、そんなショウを演じるボウイがまた素晴らしい。「ボウイ史上最大」のツアーではありましたが、その主戦場は間違いなく「北米」。その「いよいよ、本丸に乗り込む!」の気迫が猛烈に吹き出す熱演なのです。ここで、“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983”の概要を見てみましょう。

・7月11日-9月17日:北米(43公演) ←★ココ★

ボウイの人生で最大・最長・最大成功だった“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR”。その中でも“USフェス”と並んで大一番だったモントリオール公演を丸ごと2回を収めた超・極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。ポップスターに転身し、地球を丸ごと征服しようとしていたボウイの輝き。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。


Live at the Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 12th July 1983

Disc 1 (54:15)
1. Intro. 2. Look Back In Anger 3. Breaking Glass 4. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
5. Rebel Rebel 6. Heroes 7. What In The World 8. Life On Mars? 9. Sorrow
10. Golden Years 11. Fashion 12. Let’s Dance 13. Red Sails 14. China Girl
15. White Light / White Heat

Disc 2 (67:26)
1. Station To Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Space Oddity
5. Band Introduction 6. Young Americans 7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
8. TVC 15 9. Fame 10. Star 11. Stay 12. The Jean Genie 13. I Can’t Explain
14. Modern Love

Live at the Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 13th July 1983

Disc 3 (52:51)
1. Intro. 2. Look Back in Anger 3. Breaking Glass 4. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
5. Rebel Rebel 6. “Heroes” 7. What in the World 8. Life on Mars? 9. Sorrow
10. Golden Years 11. Fashion 12. Let’s Dance 13. Red Sails 14. China Girl
15. White Light/White Heat

Disc 4 (69:42)
1. Station to Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes to Ashes 4. Space Oddity 5. Band Introduction
6. Young Americans 7. Cat People 8. TVC 15 9. Fame 10. Star 11. Stay 12. The Jean Genie
13. I Can’t Explain 14. Modern Love



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