Beatles / Let It Be Remix / 1CD

Beatles / Let It Be Remix / 1CD / Beatfile

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New Create Remix And Remastered Tracks. Limited Press CD Edition.

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A remix album that remixed and remastered the sound source of the Beatles with the latest technology and newly appeared as a BEATFILE premium edition! Foreign direct import overseas limited press book record CD latest collector’s item! ! A remix album series that reconstructed the Beatles album with the latest technology and remixed and remastered newly appeared as a BEATFILE premium edition! This series features a number of studio outtakes, session sound sources, track analysis, separation of musical instruments and vocals, etc. by means of overseas Beatles sound source collector and multiple remix teams to create original stereo remixes and bold mashups etc. It is a series of noteworthy collectors as the 21st century Beatles latest remix album of a new interpretation different from the original sound source. Not only did we analyze the sound source of the Beatles but also the time-consuming maniac editing can not be tasted by the stereo & mono of the original sound source. An interesting remix becomes a content that can be enjoyed as a sound source research material as deep Beatles collector It is. Selected titles from the popular series of highly recommended items are definitely arrived at the original limited edition press CD imported directly overseas!


01. Two Of Us/02. Dig A Pony/03. Across The Universe/04. I Me Mine/05. Dig It/06. Let It Be/07. Maggie Mae/08. I’ve Got A Feeling/09. One After 909/10. The Long And Winding Road/11. For You Blue/12. Get Back

EXTRA MIXTURE:13. Get Back To The End/14. Don’t Let Me Shame Down/15. A Case Of The Blues/16. Let It Be Something/17. Honky Tonk For You Blue/18. I Me Back/19. Maggie Mae Standing There/20. You Know Lucy’s Name/21. Get Back In Good Morning/22. The Long And Winding River/23. Let Happiness Be/24. Let It Be (Double Guitar Mix)

Beatfile. BFPM006CD

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