Beatles / Acetate Treasures / 1CDR

Beatles / Acetate Treasures / 1CDR / Beatfile

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All tracks from straight copy from vinyl source- demo acetae and test pressing .SBD


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No. 1 which recorded a sound source which can not be heard officially, such as a demo sound source from the valuable acetate plate of the Beatles or pre-release test press, by direct transfer from the acetate · lacquer board Bullet

It is a recording of the real texture of Raw Generation that has not mechanically remastered with a sound source with a raised needle sound.
Including noteworthy sound sources such as “What · Goes On” and “Its For You” · “Woman” etc which were excavated newly in recent years, generally only rare sound source which was traded ultra-high in auction where original master can not be obtained Collector’s item is collected!

ビートルズの貴重なアセテートプレートや試験前試験機のデモ音源など、公式には聞こえない音源を記録したNo. 1は、アセテート・ラッカーボードから直接転送します。Bullet

これはRaw Generationのリアルテクスチャを録音したもので、音源を機械的にリマスタリングしたものではありません。
近年新しく発掘された「What・Goes On」「Its For You」・「For Women」・「Woman」などの注目すべき音源をはじめ、オリジナルマスターが出来ないオークションでは超高音質 獲得したコレクターのアイテムが集められました!


1. SOME OTHER GUY / 2. KANSAS CITY / HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! (Live at Cavern Club) / 3. LOVE ME DO (original single version) / 4. BAD TO ME (john’s 7. THANK YOU GIRL / 8. ONE AND ONE IS TWO (paul’s demo) / 9. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (test pressing) / 10. IT WILL NOT BE LONG / 11. ALL MY LOVING / 12. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT / 13. AND I LOVE HER / 14. IF I FELL / 15. I FEEL FINE (test pressing) / 16. IT’S FOR YOU (paul’s demo) / 17. TICKET TO RIDE (test pressing) / 18. I NEED YOU / 19. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN / 20. WE CAN WORK IT OUT (test pressing) / 21. WOMAN (paul on drums PETER & GORDON) / 22. TAXMAN / 23. ELEANOR RIGBY / 24. SHE SAID SHE SAID / 25. DR.ROBERT / 26. AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING / 27. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS / 28. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER / 29.YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW / 30. WHAT’S THE NEW MARY JANE (extended version) / 31. TWO OF US / 32. OH! DARLING

All tracks from straight copy from vinyl source- demo acetae and test pressing

Beatfile. BFP117CDR

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