BAND / Live In Chicago 1995 / 2CDR

BAND / Live In Chicago 1995 / 2CDR / Project Zip

Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, IL July 8th & 9th 1995

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Introducing a valuable excavation sound board sound source from The Band 1995! The band, who appeared as the opening act of the Grateful Dead at Chicago Soldier Field on July 8th and 9th, 1995, was a short set and drastically changed the setlist in two days to make it a veteran dignity. Show off the wonderful performance you showed. A part of Dead was released as a legendary live at an outdoor stadium, but it is a collector’s item that can not be overlooked that fully records the opening act of The Band for 2 days!

01. Intro
02. The Shape I’m In
03. Caledonia
04. Stage Fright
05. Sweet Home Chicago
06. Remedy
07. It Makes No Difference
08. Rag Mama Rag
09. Atlantic City
10. The Weight
11. Genetic Method
12. Chest Fever
13. Stuff Ya Gotta Watch
14. Blind Willie Mctell
15. Rock And Roll Shoes
◆Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, IL July 8th 1995

01. Intro
02. Sweet Home Chicago
03. Ophelia
04. The Shape I’m In
05. Genetic Method
06. Chest Fever
07. Ready For You
08. It Makes No Difference
09. The Weight
10. Stage Fright
11. One More Shot
12. Rag Mama Rag
13. Crazy Mama
14. Up On Cripple Creek
15. Life Is A Carnival
◆Live At Soldier Field, Chicago, IL July 9th 1995

Project Zip. PJZ-749A/B

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