Asia / Gravitas In Japan / 2CDR

Asia / Gravitas In Japan / 2CDR  / Live Masters

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Live At ZEPP Nagoya, Aichi, Japan June 17th 2014


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「The Smile Has Left Your Eyes」「Go」「Don’t Cry」等アコスティクではなくバンド演奏でスティーヴ・ハウが脱退し新ギタリスト、サム・コールソンが加入したライナップでの演奏としても注目の最新ジャパン・ツアーをいち早くお届けします!

Performance June 17 emergency release from 2014 Asia latest Japan tour!

The complete recording of high-quality sound from audience master the latest live-coming new song was also unveiled and met with performances at the timing of the new album “Guravu~itasu” announcement.

The latest Japan of attention as performance in Rainappu the new guitarist, Sam Coulson has joined Steve Howe left the band in the band played “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” “Go” and not the “Don’t Cry”, etc. Akosutiku-I will quickly deliver a tour!

01. Intro 
02. Sole Survivor
03. Wildest Dreams
04. Face on the Bridge
05. Time Again
06. Valkyrie
07. I Know How You Feel
08. Voice of America
09. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
10. An Extraordinary Life
11. Gravitas
12. Days Like These
13. Go
14. Don’t Cry

01. Drum Solo
02. Only Time Will Tell
03. Open Your Eyes
04. Heat of the Moment
05. Outro

Live Masters.JP201440617



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