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Live At Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka, Japan 26th September 2012.


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Asia that in September 2012, was launched from the Japan tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1st album new “XXX”. Than 2012 Japan tour a total of four performances in Tokyo two shows, Osaka and Nagoya have been performed, this board is, fan must-have that you complete recording of first appearance and ultra-high-quality audience recording of angry waves Osaka performances for the third day tour is the board. This “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1”, recording who those recorded “LIVING A LEGACY” the (Nagoya concert in 2012) that has been pressed CD release from the whole tour more, familiar with “West strongest taper”. (I do not know the future but) Osaka performances definitive edition from the 2012 Japan tour has become a Steve Howe last enrolled as a result. Of course, I think that because all has come out in the sound board from the official label Japan tour of this year, and sufficient to get there if regular fan, but still, the audience recording take this good is, mania where you want to get. Seat that with the central M column (13 column). This is a sound excellent monkeys feel the sound of fine hall and a moderate sense of distance. Charm of the sound of this neighborhood, is what including realistic-air feeling, taste absolutely sound board. That of the “feeling is recorded as it is the sound from the PA”, the very day, a microphone that was used in sound source taper says, was offered this time the sound, which has been at that location in the microphone to reproduce the sound of the hall and realism for us to reproduce sound realistic indeed. I think this work was recorded in the best sound quality you can listen in a natural texture friendly ear of the equalizing absolutely no sense, and be happy with the Asia & Wetton fans all definitely. By the way, in the Japan tour that took place four performances, it was the only day that you hear My Own Time and Ride Easy only this Osaka, was a surprise tour of the track together. And guitar work rich presence that does not get absolutely if not Howe really nice and even re-listen now, it is also in one piece fully enjoy the charm of how hard to place anything else. Osaka concert in 2010 was a big hall of 2700 accommodate a crowd, but probably because there was a vacancy at that time, to scale down the hall of 900 people capacity also, large sold out at the stage of advance in this 2012 tour it was a full house entered. Once again, please enjoy this opportunity, a record of the sound of the best of 2012 Asia Osaka performances such core fans however was amassing! I must hear this, it is too good to absolutely have to experience! Time Again for the day this is really great!

2012年9月に、新作「XXX」と1stアルバムから30周年を記念してのツアーを日本からスタートしたエイジア。本盤は、東京2公演、大阪・名古屋と合計4公演が行われた2012年ジャパンツアーより、ツアー3日目となる大阪公演を怒涛の初登場・超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録したファン必携盤です。録音者は今回の「LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1」、更には全ツアーからプレスCDリリースされた「LIVING A LEGACY」(2012年名古屋公演)を録音した、お馴染み「西日本最強テーパー」によるもの。結果的にスティーブ・ハウ在籍最後になってしまった(今後は分かりませんが)2012年ジャパンツアーからの大阪公演決定版。勿論、この年の日本公演はその全てが公式レーベルよりサウンドボードで出ていますので、一般のファンならばそちらを入手すれば十分と思いますが、それでも、ここまで優れたオーディエンス録音テイクは、マニアは入手しておきたいところ。座席はM列(13列目)の中央とのこと。適度な距離感と上質なホールの鳴りを感じさる優れたサウンドです。この辺の音の魅力は、臨場感・空気感も含め、サウンドボードでは絶対に味わえないものです。テーパー曰く、今回提供した音源で使ったマイクは臨場感やホールの鳴りを再現するマイクで「PAからの音をそのまま録れる感じ」とのことで、まさにその日、その場所で鳴っていた音を実にリアルなサウンドで再現してくれます。イコライズ感皆無の耳に優しい自然な質感で聴ける極上音質で収録された本作は、間違いなく全てのエイジア&ウェットン・ファンにご満足いただけることと思います。ちなみに4公演行われた日本公演の中で、この大阪のみ、ツアーのサプライズトラックだったRide EasyとMy Own Timeがまとめて聴けた唯一の日でした。そしてハウでなければ絶対に出せない存在感豊かなギターワークは今聴き直しても本当に素晴らしく、何物にも代えがたいハウの魅力を存分に楽しめる一枚でもあります。2010年の大阪公演は収容人数2700人の大ホールでしたが、その際に空席があったためか、この2012年ツアーでは収容人数900人のホールに スケールダウンするも、前売りの段階で完売し大入り満員でした。そんなコアなファンが集結した2012年エイジア大阪公演の最良の音の記録を、今一度、この機会にお楽しみ下さい!これは聴かねば、体感しなければ絶対に勿体ない!この日のTime Againは本当に凄いです!

Disc 1(54:58)
1. Intro 2. Only Time Will Tell 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Face On The Bridge 5. Time Again
6. Tomorrow The World 7. Surface Tension 8. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished 9. I Know How You Feel 
10. Don’t Cry 11. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 

Disc 2(56:13)
1. Ride Easy 2. Holy War 3. Drum Solo 4. An Extraordinary Life 
5. My Own Time (I’ll Do What I Want) 6. Open Your Eyes 7. Sole Survivor 8. Heat Of The Moment
9. Outro.

John Wetton – Bass, Lead Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal


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