David Bowie / Madison Square Garden 1997 German FM Broadcast / 2CD+2 Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / Madison Square Garden 1997 German FM Broadcast / 2CD+2 Bonus DVDR / Wardour
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA 9th January 1997 plus Ltd Bonus 2DVDR “50th Birthday Bash” STEREO SBD
NDR2 Radiokonsert: FM DAT Master

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Bowie’s 50-year-old birthday concert was held at the big venue “Madison Square Garden” with a large number of guests. The super best stereo sound board album is appearance.
Such a special show was held “January 9, 1997,” about one month before “EARTHLING” was released. Bowie’s birthday is January 8th, but MSG has already been booked at the basketball game that day. The concert took place the next day. The show is most famous for its multi-camera pro shot on television broadcasts, but it is also full broadcast on German radio station “NDR2”. This work is a live album that recorded the radio broadcast version with the highest quality ever.
The radio version has changed the order of songs from the TV version, but the more important one is the overwhelming sound. In our shop, under the supervision of an overseas Bowie researcher, we have renewed the highest peak ever recorded on many of the most popular soundboard recordings. This work is one of them, and it is a direct CD from the FM broadcast DAT master. In fact, the quality of this work is extremely high. The TV version was also an official grade of question and answer, but this radio version is more neat. When I listened to it carefully, the sound of the TV version was panned at the peak, and I felt that the hitting sound of the drum was particularly limited, but it was not even on the radio. The midrange is also beautiful from the moment of attack to the sound of the disappearing moment, and the piano that blew up and rolled from there is sparkling with one sound and one sound from it. And the great bass that depicts the jungle beat that was at the heart of that time is also excellent. The bassa is fat but the flowing lines are clear, the sound is very rich and there is no cloudiness. From deep bass to treble, from faint to peak, all pitches and volumes are clear, and the series is also smooth, with a glossy feel encompassing everything.
This sound is completely official. If the TV version is the mastering master’s excavation official class, this work is a sound that should be called a master board official class comparable to an official studio work. Although many masterpiece sound boards are left in the “EARTHLING” era, this work is the sound quality, length, special feeling … at the top of all. It is a super-super-sounding world that I would like you to release even if it isn’t too bad to say that you can release it as it is.
The ultimate sound is depicted in a gorgeous show that will be one of Bowie’s entire careers. The set is to pre-empt “EARTHLING TOUR” half a year later, and the new song of “EARTHLING” which was before release at the time is also a big-screen behavior (especially “The Last Thing You Should Do” “Looking for Satellites” is a valuable premiere). But more important than that, luxurious guests. Louie lead to PIXIES’s Frank Black, FOO Fighters’ Dave Grohl, SONIC YOUTH, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’s Billy Corgan, and THE CURE’s Robert Smith. The new and old charisma perform together to celebrate Bowie’s 50 year old. Let’s arrange the co-percussions here too.

● Frank Black (2 songs)
・ Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), Fashion
● Dave Grohl (2 songs)
・ Hallo Spaceboy (with FOO FIGHTERS), Seven Years in Tibet
● SONIC YOUTH (1 song)
・ I’m Afraid of Americans
● Robert Smith (2 songs)
・ The Last Thing You Should Do, Quicksand
● Lou Reed (4 songs)
・ Queen Bitch, I’m Waiting for the Man, Dirty Blvd., White Light / White Heat
● Billy Kogan (2 songs)
・ All the Young Dudes, The Jean Genie

The most exciting of these is ally Lou Reed, who is introduced by Bowie as “The King of New York”. In addition to “I’m Waiting for the Man” and “White Light / White Heat” of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, “Queen Bitch” with their motifs written on them as well as a total of four songs of “Dirty Blvd.” To fulfill. Especially valuable is “Dirty Blvd.” Bowie also shares the vocals, but he sang this song on the stage only later or earlier. Also, speaking of specials unique to this day, it is a birthday song. After introducing the members, Gail Ann Dorothy sings on Mike Gerson’s piano, and about 20,000 large audiences follow. You can enjoy a number of such precious scenes on the official grade ultra-super stereo sound board.

Bowie has continued to boldly challenge new sounds even after 50 years of age. It is a super high-quality stereo sound board album that can taste his birthday concert with the highest quality ever. A show that shares stages with many heroes and heats up new and old famous music groups. “EARTH LING” era … No, it is a super-live live album that symbolizes “90’s of Bowie”. Please enjoy it with the press 2CD which leaves the shine forever.

その究極サウンドで描かれるのは、ボウイの全キャリアでも屈指となるゴージャス極まりないショウ。セットは半年後の“EARTHLING TOUR”を先取りするもので、当時リリース前だった『EARTHLING』の新曲も大盤振る舞い(特に「The Last Thing You Should Do」「Looking for Satellites」は貴重な初演です)。しかし、それ以上に重要なのが豪華なゲスト陣。PIXIESのフランク・ブラック、FOO FIGHTERSのデイヴ・グロール、SONIC YOUTH、THE SMASHING PUMPKINSのビリー・コーガン、そしてTHE CUREのロバート・スミスにルー・リード。新旧のカリスマがボウイの50歳を祝って共演するのです。ここで共演曲も整理しておきましょう。

・Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)、Fashion
・Hallo Spaceboy(with FOO FIGHTERS)、Seven Years in Tibet
・I’m Afraid of Americans
・The Last Thing You Should Do、Quicksand
・Queen Bitch、I’m Waiting for the Man、Dirty Blvd.、White Light/White Heat
・All the Young Dudes、The Jean Genie

中でも最も盛り上がるのは、ボウイから「ニューヨークの王」と紹介される盟友ルー・リード。THE VELVET UNDERGROUNDの「I’m Waiting for the Man」「White Light/White Heat」の他、彼らをモチーフに書かれた「Queen Bitch」、さらにはルーの「Dirty Blvd.」の合計4曲で共演を果たすのです。特に貴重なのは「Dirty Blvd.」。ボウイもヴォーカルを分け合うわけですが、彼がこの曲をステージで歌ったのは後にも先にもこの日だけ。また、この日ならではのスペシャルと言えば、バースデイ・ソング。メンバー紹介の後でマイク・ガーソンのピアノに乗せてゲイル・アン・ドロシーが歌い、約2万人の大観衆が付き従う。そんな貴重なシーンの数々をオフィシャル級の超極上ステレオ・サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。



Disc 1 (52:55)
1. Radio Introduction / Opening S.E.
2. Little Wonder
3. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
4. Telling Lies
5. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
6. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (with Frank Black)
7. Fashion (with Frank Black)
8. Hallo Spaceboy (with Foo Fighters)
9. Seven Years in Tibet (with Dave Grohl)
10. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
11. I’m Afraid of Americans (with Sonic Youth)

Disc 2 (68:22)
1. Radio Introduction
2. “Heroes”
3. The Man Who Sold the World
4. The Last Thing You Should Do (with Robert Smith)
5. Quicksand (with Robert Smith)
6. Queen Bitch (with Lou Reed)
7. I’m Waiting for the Man (with Lou Reed)
8. Dirty Blvd. (with Lou Reed)
9. White Light/White Heat (with Lou Reed)
10. Looking for Satellites
11. Under Pressure (Queen cover)
12. Moonage Daydream
13. Happy Birthday (Performed by Gail Ann Dorsey)
14. All the Young Dudes (with Billy Corgan)
15. The Jean Genie (with Billy Corgan)
16. Space Oddity
17. Radio Ending

David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar Reeves Gabrels: Guitar Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass
Zachry Alford: Drums Mike Garson: Keyboards



David Bowie / 50th Birthday Bash / 2Single DVDR/ Non Label

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 9th January 1997 PRO-SHOT

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This press 2CD is a super-super-stereo soundboard album that will be the highest in the 90’s. As mentioned in the commentary, this show is also broadcasted on TV, and its multi-camera pro shot has become a staple. Therefore, the bonus video version is also included as a bonus for the premium live album.
That’s why, the same as the main story press 2CD, “Madison Square Garden Performance on January 9, 1997” is included in this work. This show is broadcast in each country, has been a large standard has produced a number of previous releases. It is also known in the Japanese broadcast version, but actually the Japanese broadcast is a shortened version with several songs cut. This work is not a Japanese broadcast version, but a full broadcast US version.
The length is overwhelming but the quality is the highest. Master freshness is excellent though the sweetness is also felt a little with the modern standard of the digital grand prime only for analog broadcasting more than 20 years ago. White line noise and tape twist are not seen either, and the beautiful coloring and the lustrous screen are the time itself. It is an image beauty that seems to receive the airwaves of that time beyond time and space. The audio exceeds that video. Although it does not reach the main story press 2CD which renews the highest peak indeed, it is a dimension of fine ringing and feeling. This work is no problem at all, it is the sound board sound of the official grade.
Such a work is a video because the taste is enormous. After all, this show is one of Bowie’s best careers in all careers. Many guests appear and perform with Bowie. The first time you see that luxury, you can see the essence only by looking at it with your eyes. The new and old charisma are impressive, and the energetic ensemble with FOO Fighters who finished “Hallo Spaceboy” as a perfect cyber punk and the noisy co-star with SONIC YOUTH in “I’m Afraid of Americans” are really cool. Especially intense is Robert Smith of THE CURE. It is a striking impact to sing the new song “The Last Thing You Should Do” (world premiere!) In tandem with Bowie in an eccentric appearance. Together with the occasional handy-like camera work, the rich 90’s color is released. And co-starring with ally Lou Reed, who is still a must-see then, was said to be “meeting with a lover”. It’s a good-looking bowie from the start, but it’s very proud to introduce you to Lou, and the look of Lou that is a bit shy to the “Lou! Lou!” Call is great.
Other than such co-starring is a must-see birthday song. Mike Gerson’s piano, Gail An Dorothy’s beautiful voice, and the 20,000 chorus spectacles were tasted in the main press 2CD, but a birthday cake also appeared on the scene. You can also witness a scene where Bowie blows out a candle as the huge venue MSG sways.
Moreover, in addition to such a birthday show, this work also includes a delicious bonus video. As I mentioned in the commentary on the main press 2CD, the birthday show was the day after his birthday, but this is Bowie’s 50th birthday. It is a BBC pro shot of “January 8, 1997” and a promo video of “I Can’t Read” and “Repetition”.

A 50-year-old birthday concert that was extravagant in Bowie history. It is one that you can enjoy the scene with multi-camera pro shots. Although it is a video edition that teaches the “other side” of the main press 2CD, this work itself is a masterpiece video that represents the 90’s Bowie. Two gorgeous full shows. Please enjoy it together with the supreme high-end soundboard album.

そんな本作は映像だからこその旨みが絶大。何しろ、このショウはボウイの全キャリアでも屈指のゴージャス・ショウ。幾多のゲストが登場し、ボウイと共演していく。その豪華ぶりは、目で観てこそ本質が分かるのです。新旧のカリスマはそれぞれに見応えがあり、エネルギッシュなアンサンブルで「Hallo Spaceboy」を完璧なサイバーパンクに仕上げたFOO FIGHTERSや「I’m Afraid of Americans」でのSONIC YOUTHとのノイジー共演も実にカッコイイ。特に強烈なのがTHE CUREのロバート・スミス。エキセントリックな佇まいでボウイと並び立ち、新曲「The Last Thing You Should Do(全世界初演!)」を歌う姿は凄いインパクト。時折混じるハンディ感覚のカメラワークも相まって濃厚な90年代カラーが発散されるのです。そして、やはり必見なのが当時「恋人との再会」と言われた盟友ルー・リードとの共演。終始ご機嫌なボウイではありますが、ルーを紹介する際にはひときわ誇らしげですし、「Lou! Lou!」コールに少し照れ気味なルーの表情も素晴らしいのです。
また、そんなバースデイ・ショウに加え、本作は美味しいボーナス映像も収録。本編プレス2CDの解説でも触れた通り、バースデイ・ショウは誕生日の翌日だったわけですが、こちらはボウイ50歳の誕生日当日。「1997年1月8日」のBBCプロショットで、「I Can’t Read」「Repetition」のプロモ映像です。


Disc 1(66:52)
1. Little Wonder
2. Hearts Filthy Lesson
3. Scary Monsters And Super Creeps (with Frank Black)
4. Fashion (with Frank Black)
5. Telling Lies
6. Hallo Spaceboy (with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters)
7. Seven Years in Tibet (with Dave Grohl)
8. The Man Who Sold the World
9. The Last Thing You Should Do (with Robert Smith)
10. Quicksand (with Robert Smith)
11. Battle for Britain
12. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction – As Beauty
13. I’m Afraid of Americans (with Sonic Youth)

Disc 2(62:04)
1. Looking for Satellites
2. Under Pressure (with Gail)
3. Heroes
4. Queen Bitch (with Lou Reed)
5. I’m Waiting for the Man (with Lou Reed)
6. Dirty Boulevard (with Lou Reed)
7. White Light White Heat (with Lou Reed)
8. Moonage Daydream
9. All the Young Dudes (with Billy Corgan)
10. The Jean Genie (with Billy Corgan)
11. Space Oddity

Bonus Tracks
12. I Can’t Read (BBC Radio Studios, London 8th Jan.1997)
13. Repetition (BBC Radio Studios, London 8th Jan.1997)

David Bowie – Vocal Reeves Gabrels – Guitar & Vocal Gail Ann Dorsey – Bass & Vocals
Zachary Alford – Drums & Percussion Mike Garson – Piano


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