Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Rick Wakeman ( ARW) / Definitive Buffalo 2016 / 2CD

Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin & Rick Wakeman ( ARW) / Definitive Buffalo 2016 / 2CD / Virtuoso
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Live at University At Buffalo Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY. USA 2nd November


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ARW (Anderson · Rabin · Wakeman) decided to arrive in April 2017 as early as possible. Ultra superficial live album that is also perfect for its preparation is released in press 2CD.
I think you already know an enthusiastic YES mania / collector, but this ARW is the greatest focus project of the 2016/2017 progressive rock scene. As the name suggests, Rick Wakeman & Trevor Rabin, who is known as a talented expert, knew not only John Anderson, but also his successor YES Men, was partnering with “Originator: John Anderson” And great praise. It is ARW which is whispered even to “true yes”, but still no official work has been announced yet, only the sound source mania knows the true price. Although it is inevitable that a big reputation will spread at once in the coming Japan tour, there will be people going to the concert or going on a second leg. So we decided to upgrade the best and best live album at the moment and press it. Let’s taste the highest peak of fresh and beautiful “new YES music” which does not differ from rumors, and let’s expect much for visiting Japan!
The identity of such a work is the audience album of ‘Buffalo November 2, 2016’. ARW began activities in October 2016. Currently, I just finished the 2 month North American tour. Let’s take a look at the schedule from the start of gathering to arrival in Japan.

· October 4 – 2016 – December 3: North America (36 performances)
“About 3 months later” ← ★ Coco now ★
· March 7, 2017: Tel Aviv Performance
· March 12 – 25, 2017: UK (10 performances)
· March 27th, 2017 + 28th: ​​Belgium + Netherlands (2 performances)
“About three weeks later”
· April 17 – 24, 2017: Japan (6 performances)

All of the schedule this is published to date. The North American leg continued the high pace of “more than once every two days” for two months in a row, so I think that it depends on how old it is a musical Ikeike (dead word) in terms of age. Currently, after the North American leg has finished all over the world mania summarizes the recording. The Buffalo performance which is included in this work is the highest masterpiece who took in the throne of “North America Best (= Existing President)”.
Only so much sound, it became a topic too much from the time of its appearance. In our shop Amity label introduced as “BUFFALO 2016”. This work is a decision board that refined its name recording by remastering. Of course, we do not do any intrusive mane like to raise the sound pressure and give a shameless power. It made it to “ideal sound” while making full use of the frightfulness of the original recording which is designated throne from mania. To be specific, although the original sound is transcendent clear, when viewed from the “ideal” point of view, the middle range protrudes somewhat, and the edges of each instrument had sweetness. Therefore, in this work, the balance from the treble to the heavy bass was prepared, and the outline of each musical instrument was emphasized clearly. In addition, it was carefully treated one by one petit noise which was scattered throughout (although it was a level whether it is understood by listening with headphones) individually. I realized the “ultimate” and “ideal” shape.
The sound that polished with such precise mastering is exactly the best in the finest. One sound 1 tone is extremely thick and glossy, details are detailed enough to feel even the touch. Even though there is no sense of distance, there is also a beautiful “ringing” that pulls out the taste of YES music. The heavy bass has a feeling that the floor of the feet trembles, the treble shines like falling down. This is not “just a sound board” but “level of the official board” level. There is a hot audience breath between the songs so it is definitely an audience recording, but it is no longer a superb item to exceed the limit of concert recording beyond “line or customer record” or “official or informal” .

It has become long only with a story of a too terrible sound, but of course, the essence of this work is in the live depicted with that sound. I have repeatedly touched it until now, but those who touch ARW for the first time, please pay attention to a fresh arrange. “Classical YES” famous songs revive with Rabin’s sharp guitar, “90125 YES” repertoire is grand and colorful by Rick. In addition, the support rhythm team is also a point, Lou Molino III who is said to be “powerful like Cozy · Powell freely like Bill · Blueford”, reminiscent of Chris · Squire, furthermore Lee · Pomeroy’s intrigue with a unique dynamism. And while accepting all those new tastes John ‘s singing voice as if it declares powerfully, “This is YES …”.
It is a new classic music group that I listened to over the years but it is new, yet it has no discomfort, and it seems to be able to remember even dizzying in dazzling active sense. YES music. I do not have any more album than this work to taste the sound world. In the future, some official work may be released, but at the moment there is nothing beyond this work. Ultimate one work that further raised vertex recording. As well as those who keep on walking with ARW start, “lump album” of live album which we recommend with full power to say, “What kind of sound is ARW?” “What is different from YES?” We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.



それほどのサウンドだけに、登場当時から大いに話題にもなった。当店でもAmityレーベルから『BUFFALO 2016』としてご紹介しました。本作は、その名録音をリマスタリングによって磨きをかけた決定盤なのです。もちろん、ムリヤリ音圧を上げて見せかけの迫力を出すような無粋なマネは一切しておりません。マニアから王座を指定される元録音の凄まじさを最大限に活かしつつ、“理想サウンド”に整え直したわけです。具体的に申しますと、原音は超絶クリアではあるものの、“理想”の視点から見るとやや中域が張り出し、各楽器のエッジに甘さがあった。そこで、本作では高音から重低音までのバランスを整え、各楽器の輪郭をクッキリと浮き立たせた。さらに、全体に散見されたプチノイズ(ヘッドフォンで聴き込んで分かるかどうかレベルだったのですが)も1つひとつ丁寧にトリートメント。“究極”・“理想”形を実現させたのです。

あまりに凄まじいサウンドの話だけで長くなってしまいましたが、もちろん、本作の要はそのサウンドで描かれるライヴこそにある。これまでも繰り返し触れてきたことですが、初めてARWに触れる方は、ぜひフレッシュなアレンジに注目して頂きたい。“クラシックYES”の名曲群はラビンのシャープなギターで蘇り、“90125 YES”のレパートリーはリックによって壮大かつカラフル。さらに、サポートのリズム隊もポイントでして、「ビル・ブルーフォードのように自在でコージー・パウエルのようにパワフル」とさえ言われるルー・モリーノ3世、クリス・スクワイアを彷彿とさせつつ、さらに独特な躍動感を湛えるリー・ポメロイの妙技。そして、それらの新味を丸ごと受け止めながら「これはYESだ」と力強く宣言するかのようなジョンの歌声……。

Disc 1(66:31)
1. Symphonic Music (Perpetual Change Theme) 2. Cinema 3. Perpetual Change 4. Hold On
5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. Drum Solo 7. Lift Me Up 8. And You And I 9. Rhythm Of Love
10. Heart Of The Sunrise

Disc 2(71:30)
1. Jon & Rick MC 2. Changes 3. Long Distance Runaround 4. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
5. The Meeting 6. Awaken 7. Make It Easy 8. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 9. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – lead vocals Trevor Rabin – guitars Rick Wakeman – keyboards
Lee Pomeroy – bass Lou Molino III – drums

Virtuoso 326/327

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