Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Fourth Dimension Dream / 2CDR

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Fourth Dimension Dream / 2CDR / Windmill

Live at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK 24th October 1989 STEREO SBD

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Complete recording of Birmingham NEC performance on October 24, 1989 with ultra-high-quality stereo sound board recording. For the period of activity, there are many high-quality sound sources of ABWH including excellent audience recording, but since this board is a special stereo line recording, fans are definitely a must listen. The set is familiar, but it’s unbearable to hear the transcendental performance of Tony Levin and Bill Bruford’s exciting rhythm section. It is a masterpiece that Simmons-based drums that seem to be at this time fly to the left and right in stereo. Perfectly corrects the rough joints between songs that were on the original tape. Only Time And A Word at the beginning has audio deterioration due to the master, but after that, you can enjoy the whole concert with the highest sound quality without any problems. Long Distance Runaround, where Bill’s drums appear cool, and the drum solo that follows are must-listen parts in the first half. Listen to the extreme band ensemble in the 7-beat part that makes heavy use of Tony’s aggressive bass play and rim shots at the end of the disc 2, which is related to the bass dora 4-minute hit at the beginning of Disc 2. It is one of the places. In the duet part with drums and bass that you can enjoy a unique rhythm combination, Tony’s vividly unfolding and illusionary bass play is wonderful! Vibrato is used to give off a unique swell (exquisite way of capturing beats). Expressiveness with 3-4 strings, pulling with octave sound at the final shuffle part, beauty of voicing, etc. are exciting. Play continues. I can’t stand the flexible rhythm work that mainly consists of odd beats peculiar to the building that comes in irregularly! The original sound image of Close To The Edge, which makes you feel as if you are listening to a monitor mix, is definitely a must-listen for fans. ABWH’s highest sound quality board, whose unique sound image and unique personality have a strong impact in the long history of Jesus. It’s a special piece! !!

★ Beatleg magazine vol.91 (February 2008 issue) This is a review summary of “FOURTH DIMENTION DREAM”. For your reference.

In a short period of activity by Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe (ABWH), the best compilation album has arrived, except for the official ones. A 2-disc set that completely recorded the live performance in Birmingham, England on October 24, 1989. First of all, I am overwhelmed by the high sound quality. The technical problem at the beginning of the show was quickly resolved, and I realized that I was thrown into the crucible of the angry concert venue. The sound space is completely different from that of the sound board sound source of Sojosoko, and no matter who thinks it, it sounds like a sound source that is properly mixed for broadcasting, not a sound source from PA out. Also, I’m glad that Tony Levin participated in the UK performance as a bass, and I could only listen to the bass of Jeff Berlin as a substitute on the official live board, so this work is the true live of ABWH. It will remain in posterity as an album. After all, it’s okay to put out this sound source as it is on the official board. By the way, for the important performance, the sound is good, and the ears are sucked into the exquisite sharpness of the rhythm combination of Bill Bruford and Tony Levin. Of course, star player Jon Anderson, Steve Howe’s guitar, and Rick Wakeman’s Varius keyboard are also great. However, I still want to take a closer look at their rhythm section here. Of course, these two plays can also be heard on King Crimson, but the fact that they play a number of Jesus’ masterpieces on a stick bass gives us a new feeling that has never been seen before. I don’t care about small mistakes anymore. Even though it is a sound source almost 20 years ago, it is the appearance of a masterpiece that makes me excited again. I have to listen!

★★ Released on the WIND MILL label at the end of 2007, the leaked version of the popular 2 hours and 25 minutes of the 1989 Birmingham performance of the ultra-high-quality stereo sound board was directly digitally recorded, and remains in the history of ABWH sound sources. Remastered recording of one of the best-known albums “FOUR TH DIMENTION DREAM”. The first perfect version in history that clears all the problems of crackling noise in the unstable part at the beginning, which is the only drawback of this super sound source. In addition, the hiss noise that had been created in the low-pitched sound area was appropriately reduced to achieve a clear, high-quality sound that is easier to hear. Anyway, in the old version where “Direct” was sold, the sound pressure was so high that the original sound cracked, but it was adjusted appropriately for commercial products. This is finished into a highly complete piece that can be released as it is on a press CD. Even in the specialized magazine beatleg, a remastered and upgraded version of the famous sound source that was highly acclaimed when the original version was released, “The sound source is almost 20 years old, but a masterpiece that makes me excited again”.
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1989年10月24日バーミンガムNEC公演を超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボード録音で完全収録。活動期間の割にはABWHの高音質音源は優良なオーディエンス録音を含め数多くしますが、本盤は別格のステレオ・ライン録音ゆえに、ファンは間違いなく必聴です。セットはおなじみのものですが、トニー・レヴィンとビル・ブラッフォードの刺激的なリズム隊の繰り出す超絶パフォーマンスをこの音で聴けるのは堪りません。この時期らしいシモンズ主体のドラムがステレオで左右に飛び交う様は圧巻です。オリジナルテープにあった曲間のつなぎの粗い部分も完璧に補正。冒頭のTime And A Wordのみマスターに起因する音声の劣化がありますが、それ以降は全く問題なしに最高音質でコンサートの全貌を堪能することができます。ビルのドラムがクールに登場するLong Distance Runaroundとそれに続くドラムソロは前半の必聴パートです。ディスク2冒頭のThemesでのバス・ドラ4分打ちに絡む、タイム感抜群のトニーならではのアグレッシヴなベース・プレイや終盤でのリム・ショットを多用した7拍子パートでの至極のバンド・アンサンブルは聴き所のひとつです。唯一無二のリズム・コンビネーションが楽しめるドラム&ベースによるデュエット・パートではトニーの鮮やかに展開する変幻自在なベース・プレイの数々が見事!ヴィヴラートを効かせ、独特うねりを放つ(拍の捉え方が絶妙)3〜4弦での表現力、終盤シャッフル部分でのオクターヴ音を駆使したプルの入れどころやヴォイッシングの美しさ、など刺激的なプレイが続出します。変則的に入ってくるビル特有の奇数拍をメインにしたフレキシブルなリズム・ワークも堪りません!Close To The Edgeもまるでモニターミックスを聴いているようなオリジナルな音像は間違いなくファン必聴です。長いイエスの歴史の中でその特異な音像とユニークな個性が強烈なインパクトを放っているABWHの最高音質盤。別格の一枚です!!

★beatleg誌 vol.91(2008年2月号)「FOURTH DIMENTION DREAM」のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


★★2007年末にWINDMILLレーベルからリリースされ、好評を博した、1989年バーミンガム公演の2時間25分に及ぶ超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボード音源の流出版をダイレクトにデジタル収録した、ABWH音源史上に残る屈指の名盤「FOURTH DIMENTION DREAM」をリマスター収録。このスーパー音源の唯一の欠点である、冒頭不安定なところのバチバチしたノイズの問題を全てクリアーした、史上初の完璧版。更に弱音部分出来になっていたヒスノイズも適宜緩和し、より聴きやすいクリアーな高品質サウンドを実現しました。とにかく「ダイレクト」が売りだった旧盤では、元が一部音割れが出るほど音圧が高めだったのを、商業品に相応しく適度に調整。これをそのままプレスCDリリース出来るほどに完成度の高い一枚に仕上げました。専門誌beatlegでも、オリジナル盤リリース時に「もう20年近くも前の音源だというのに、改めてワクワクさせてくれる名盤の登場」と大絶賛された程の名音源のリマスター&アップグレード版。

24th October 1989

Disc 1
1. Time And A Word 2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 3. Teakbois 4. Clap 5. Mood For A Day
6. Wakeman Solo 7. Long Distance Runaround 8. Bruford Solo 9. Birthright 10. And You And I
11. I’ve Seen All Good People 12. Close To The Edge

Disc 2
1. Themes 2. Bruford/Levin Duet 3. Brother Of Mine 4. The Meeting 5. Heart Of The Sunrise
6. Order Of The Universe 7. Roundabout 8. Starship Trooper

Jon Anderson – Vocals Bill Bruford – Drums Steve Howe – Guitars Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Julian Colbeck – Keyboards Tony Levin – Bass Milton McDonald – Guitars


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