Alcatrazz / Definitive Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Alcatrazz / Definitive Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Live at Tsutaya O-East, Tokyo, Japan 31st May 2019 plus Bonus DVDR ” Defintive Tokyo 2019 Final Night The Video”

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Even in the revival ALCATRAZZ, which caused a great acclaim, “DOWN TO EARTH” all-music performance night that was realized only for one night. The transcendental original recording is appearance in permanent preservation press 2CD.
Of course, “May 31, 2019: TSUTAYA O-EAST” performance is included in such a work. The other day, I did the latest report of the latest Japan tour with a number of original recordings, but this work is a super-superior audience recording different from any of them. It is a live album that has surpassed the title group that had a great masterpiece. It’s still new to memory, but it’s also permanent, so let’s look back on the dates here for your records.

・ May 28 “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT”
May 29 “OSAKA 2019”
・ May 30: Nagoya Bottom Line
● “DOWN TO EARTH” night
・ May 31: TSUTAYA O-EAST [this work] [Official work !? The transcendent sound doubting your ears] Above, all 4 performances. The first three performances on May 28-30 were “NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL”, but on the final day all songs “DOWN TO EARTH”. It was a live of shock that you can enjoy not only “No Time To Lose” of the world premiere and “Danger Zone” of the Japan premiere but also “The Great Performance of Live Performance Version”. The pattern has already been reported in “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT (Shades 1056)”, and the highest quality has a great reputation, but this work has transcended that great masterpiece “the ultimate audience It is “recording”.
In fact, I can not find words to say in the sound of this work. Even in the previous work “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT,” I was surprised that it was “like a sound board!” But this is astonishing, “But this is a sound board of official live! I am annoyed. Because it was handed over from the sound recording person himself, it is definitely a hat for audience recording ……
If you have not experienced “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT” and you think “everything is an iron wall” and “it will not change from the official one”, the most difference is the midrange compared with the one for the one who heard the previous work The force of mass and heavy bass. “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT” is a super vivid name recording even if I listen now, but the bass was clear and did not reach “weight”. However, in this film, Bass shakes the heart with Zunsund, and Basdora kicks up the sixth base. Of course, not only the bass is pierced, but the guitar is clear to the touch sound that sounds like a pick or fingerprint when touching a string, and the high notes of the synth also dances beautifully. Rather than being unbeatable to the powerful bass, it is only because the bass is powerful that a miracle balance is realized that the vivid or even shine through from there.
And above all Graham’s chorus! It became the driving force of this great reputation, the vocalization that had achieved a tremendous revival after abstinence. The voice that stretches comfortably is close to strange. It is the same as the previous film because it is a scene PA that is off in a few seconds at the beginning of “Eyes Of The World”, but after that it’s a completely ear-sound. From the breath level to the endless growth, you can enjoy a lot of singing voice as if your head had become a microphone itself.
The sound is amazing, but it’s not surprising, though. The reason is the recorder. This work is a masterpiece in the field of masterpieces left behind a number of extraordinary masterpieces. There are countless press titles, but one of the most memorable places for HR / HM fans is “SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2017 2ND NIGHT (Zodiac 231)” by GUNS N ‘ROSES. In spite of the performances in Japan where tapers have been cut off in Japan, they have stripped the throne with an unsurpassed quality with unsurpassed quality, and even they were said to be “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME … TOUR’s top masterpiece” worldwide. That very famous board. This work is such an extraordinary collection of such masterpieces and is a transcendent recording.

[The world’s first “ideal DOWN TO EARTH”] If the sound is a miracle, the stage to be drawn is also a miracle. After all, it’s “Live version DOWN TO EARTH” …. The show is roughly composed of three parts, the first part is the whole song performance of “DOWN TO EARTH”. However, the order is not completely reproduced, but the order of songs has been changed. This is a reminiscent of the reminiscent of the live and hold down the “next is what?” I have also created an exciting feeling, but in fact more than that. As a matter of fact, “DOWN TO EARTH” has made the impact of the single for sale first but the natural flow unique to the show is excellent. The opening “Eyes Of The World”, a deadly opening that can be called “Graham’s Highway Star”, bursts out, and then groove, pop, and dramaticism and freedom. I do not yet know what the future tour will be, but for the moment “DOWN TO EARTH” all songs performed only in Japan. You can experience the DOWN TO EARTH that you should have in the world just once.
And Joe stamp for the new guitar. It is well-known as an Yngwie follower, but in recent years the sense of intertwining a richie-like phrase has blossomed and is rated highly. Not only so much Ritchie is instilled in my style, Ritchie even a little play phrases and tones in this work. It is not a complete copy of the studio version, but the phrase “It looks like Richie will play” mixes a little Neocra flavor with the phrase … it makes me listen to such an exquisite guitar.
Although “DOWN TO EARTH all songs part” alone can not be told completely, this work is still great afterward. The second part ALCATRAZZ section from the second part of the “DOWN TO EARTH” part at “Lost In Hollywood”. Change the mood with “Night Of The Shooting Star”, and in the “No PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL” song, you will be collapsing six core songs at once in all ten songs. Furthermore, the third part across the guitar solo time is also Tokuno. Luxurious great hits such as M.S.G., IMPELLITTERI, solo etc. burst. What’s more, each song is selected from a variety of careers from melodic / style beauty tastes, and despite the three-part composition, it has a sense of unity. Finally, organize your set and let us feel the luxury.

● RAINBOW (8 songs)
“DOWN TO EARTH” all songs
“Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live” “Hiroshima Mon Amour” “Jet To Jet” “General Hospital” “Starcarr Lane” “Kree Nakoorie”
● M. S. G. (3 songs)
“Desert Song” “Rock You To The Ground” “Assault Attack”
● IMPELLITTERI (4 songs)
“Stand In Line” “Leviathan” “Tonight I Fly” “Goodnight And Goodbye”
● Solo other (4 songs)
“Night Games” “Long Island Tea” “Into The Night” “We Won’t Be Forgotten (BLACKTHORNE)”

Whatever the case, the sound quality is exceptional. No. 1 in this Japan Tour … No, it is definitely No. 1 impact audience recording throughout Graham’s entire career. It is Graham that sings the song to update career high in 2019, but this work is the highest peak and masterpiece of all generations in sound. A live album where you can listen to the world’s first “live version DOWN TO EARTH” with its exceptional quality. That 1979 to 40 years. A piece that seems to be truly good to survive to here. Please bite this habit with the permanent storage press 2CD.

大絶賛を巻き起こした復活ALCATRAZZでも、ただ一夜だけ実現した『DOWN TO EARTH』全曲演奏ナイト。その超絶級オリジナル録音が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは、もちろん「2019年5月31日:TSUTAYA O-EAST」公演。先日は、最新ジャパンツアーを数々のオリジナル録音で最速レポートいたしましたが、本作はそのどれとも違う超・極上オーディエンス録音。大傑作揃いだったタイトル群を凌駕してしまったライヴアルバムです。まだ記憶に新しいところですが、永久保存でもありますので記録のためにもここで日程を振り返っておきましょう。

・5月28日『TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT』
・5月29日『OSAKA 2019』
・5月31日:TSUTAYA O-EAST 【本作】

以上、全4公演。5月28日-30日の冒頭3公演は『NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL』がテーマでしたが、最終日だけは『DOWN TO EARTH』全曲演奏。全世界初演の「No Time To Lose」や日本初披露の「Danger Zone」だけでなく「生演奏版の大名盤」を味わえる衝撃のライヴでした。その模様はすでに『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT(Shades 1056)』でレポートしており、極上のクオリティが大評判となっておりますが、本作はあの大傑作をも超越してしまった“極みのオーディエンス録音”なのです。
実際、本作のサウンドには形容する言葉が見つからない。前作『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT』にしても「まるでサウンドボード!」と驚喜したのですが、こちらは「もしかして公式ライヴ盤の流出!?」と驚き、「これがサウンドボードじゃないって……」と絶句する。録音家本人から譲られたので、確実にオーディエンス録音のハズなのですが……。
『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT』を未体験の方には「すべてが鉄壁」「公式物と変わらない」でご想像いただくとして、前作を聴かれた方のために比較すると一番の違いは中音域の質量と重低音のド迫力。『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT』は今聴いても超ビビッドな名録音ではありますが、低音はクリアさ優先で“重量”には至らなかった。しかし、本作はベースがズンズンと五臓を揺らし、バスドラが六腑を蹴り上げる。もちろん、低音だけ突き抜けているわけではなく、ギターはピックや指紋が弦に触れた際のクキュクキュと鳴る感触音まで鮮明ですし、シンセの高音も美しく舞い踊る。ド迫力の低音に負けないと言うより、低音がド迫力だからこそ、そこから突き抜ける鮮やかさか一層映えるという奇跡のバランスが実現しているのです。
そして何よりグラハムの絶唱! 今回の大評判の原動力となったのは、禁酒後にとんでもない復活を遂げてしまったヴォーカリゼーション。その気持ちよく伸びる声が異様に近い。「Eyes Of The World」冒頭の十数秒でオフ気味になるのは現場PAが原因なので前作と変わりませんが、それ以降はまるっきり耳元サウンド。吐息レベルから果てしない伸びまで、頭がマイクそのものになったかのような歌声がたっぷりと楽しめるのです。
まったくもって驚異のサウンドではありますが、実は驚きではあっても不思議ではない。その理由は録音家。本作は超絶的な名作の数々を残した名手中の名手なのです。プレス・タイトルも無数にあるのですが、HR/HMファンにとって思い出深いところと言えば、GUNS N’ ROSESの『SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2017 2ND NIGHT(Zodiac 231)』でしょうか。日本中のテーパーが凌ぎを削った来日公演にも関わらず他の追随を許さぬ超絶クオリティで王座をもぎ取り、それどころか世界的にも「NOT IN THIS LIFETIME…TOURの最高傑作」とさえ言われたあの超名盤。本作はそんな名手コレクションでも頂点的な超絶録音なのです。

【世界で初めて実現した“理想形DOWN TO EARTH”】
サウンドも奇跡なら、描かれるステージも奇跡。何しろ「生演奏版DOWN TO EARTH」なのですから……。ショウは大きく3部構成で、第一部は『DOWN TO EARTH』の全曲演奏。ただし、そっくり完全再現ではなく、曲順を入れ替えている。これが再現ライヴにありがちな予定調和を抑えて「次は何だろ?」のワクワク感も生んでいるのですが、実はそれ以上。実のところ『DOWN TO EARTH』は売り出しシングルのインパクトを第一にしていていましたが、ショウならではの自然な流れが絶品。開演から「グラハムのHighway Star」とも言える必殺オープニング「Eyes Of The World」が炸裂しますし、その後もグルーヴ、ポップ、ドラマティシズムと緩急自在。今後のツアーがどうなるかまだ分かりませんが、現在のところ『DOWN TO EARTH』全曲演奏は日本だけ。まさに世界で1回だけの「本来あるべきDOWN TO EARTH」を体験できるのです。
「DOWN TO EARTH全曲パート」だけでも語り尽くせないのですが、本作はその後も凄い。「Lost In Hollywood」で『DOWN TO EARTH』パートの大団円を迎えると、そこからは第二部ALCATRAZZセクション。「Night Of The Shooting Star」で雰囲気を変え、『NO PAROLE FROM ROCK’N’ROLL』全10曲中、中核の6曲を一気に畳みかけるのです。さらにギターソロ・タイムを挟んだ第三部も特濃。M.S.G.、IMPELLITTERI、ソロ他といった豪華なグレイテスト・ヒッツが炸裂する。しかも、その1曲1曲が多彩なキャリアからメロディック/様式美テイストの名曲を選りすぐっており、三部構成にも関わらず統一感まで宿っているのです。最後にセットを整理して豪華さを実感していただきましょう。

「Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live」「Hiroshima Mon Amour」「Jet To Jet」「General Hospital」「Starcarr Lane」「Kree Nakoorie」
「Desert Song」「Rock You To The Ground」「Assault Attack」
「Stand In Line」「Leviathan」「Tonight I Fly」「Goodnight And Goodbye」
「Night Games」「Long Island Tea」「Into The Night」「We Won’t Be Forgotten(BLACKTHORNE)」

何はともあれ、超絶なるサウンド・クオリティ。今回のジャパンツアーでNo.1の……いえ、グラハムの全キャリアを通じて間違いなくNo.1の衝撃オーディエンス録音です。2019年にしてキャリア・ハイを更新する歌声を轟かせたグラハムですが、本作はサウンド面でも歴代最高峰・最高傑作なのです。その超絶クオリティで世界初の「生演奏版DOWN TO EARTH」が聴けてしまうライヴアルバム……。あの1979年から40年。ここまで生き延びていて良かったと心底思える1本。この悦び、永久保存プレス2CDで存分に噛みしめてください。


Disc 1 (68:43)
1. Intro 2. Eyes Of The World 3. All Night Long 4. Love’s No Friend 5. Danger Zone
6. Makin’ Love 7. Since You Been Gone 8. No Time To Lose 9. Lost in Hollywood
10. Night Of The Shooting Star 11. Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live 12. Hiroshima Mon Amour
13. Jet to Jet 14. General Hospital 15. Starcarr Lane

Disc 2 (70:31)
1. Kree Nakoorie 2. Guitar Solo 3. Desert Song 4. Night Games 5. Rock You to the Ground
6. Stand in Line 7. Leviathan 8. We Won’t Be Forgotten 9. Tonight I Fly
10. Long Island Tea 11. Band Introductions 12. Assault Attack 13. Into the Night
14. Goodnight and Goodbye

Graham Bonnet – Vocals Joe Stump – Guitar Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards
Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass Mark Benquechea – Drums

Zodiac 338



Alcatrazz /  Defintive Tokyo 2019 Final Night The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
Live at Tsutaya O-East, Tokyo, Japan 31st May 2019

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This 2nd Press is a miracle live album where you can enjoy the live version DOWN TO EARTH with the highest quality in Graham’s entire career. We prepared the “Moving DOWN TO EARTH” of exceptional quality for the bonus.
As a matter of fact, it is the video introduced in the video edition and the gift board of “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT (Shades 1056)” released the other day, but this work is upgraded further. It synchronizes the transcendent recording of the main part press 2CD. If you have experienced the previous version of the game, I think you’re already excited, but for those who do not know, what is included in this work is the same as the Main Press 2CD “May 2019 31st: TSUTAYA O-EAST ‘performance. It is the super-superior audience shot. There is no choice but to write “audience” on a division, but the quality of this work is far from what is imaged from the word. This is also an original master handed over by the photographer himself, but this is already super, super …… super best!
What a great deal from what, but the first thing I am surprised is the super zoom. It seems to be shooting from the back of the seat to detect from the scene of the pull that is reflected a little, but super-de-up bursts out so that it can not be judged for a while. Each member’s west up is natural, and the face and jaw of Graham’s open face and Joe’s hand are close enough to fill the screen. Moreover, it is ultra stable. Despite the zoom, the movement is extremely smooth, and without shaking, Graham moves from side to side without removing it from the center of the screen. Of course, I’m going to Joe’s hand in a guitar solo, but otherwise I will not frame out no matter how much Graham moves around. I think that camera shake is a trap of modern prevention function, but it is a camera work that is too stunning to put it on.
I just forgot to write a huge face that is stable, but the view is also superb. The back seat seems not to be on the first floor, and the gaze is almost the same height as the members on the stage. Pass the overhead of the audience on the first floor and look straight up at the stage. It’s only the stage that dives into a spacious, open view. This superb view, superb camera work, a sense of stability … In fact, it is an audience shot, but it seems to be only a one camera pro shot (as it is common in R ● CK CITY of TV). At least, it is a transcendental image that people who are said to be related to the venue construction are quite convinced.
The voice of this work is further raising the scene that the audience apart. As mentioned above, I am synchronizing the transcendent master of the main press 2CD, but the quality of the sense of zero distance and the official ball is just fit, and the professional shot feeling of the image is pulled up.

A scene of transcendent and a sound of transcendent. Both are quality that pushes the limits of the audience record with force, and it is a work of miracle that mutually enhance each other. And the content is Graham that is said to be career high, and it’s “Moving DOWN TO EARTH”. That’s one of the transcendents that rival METALLIC LIVE and POWER LIVE. Please enjoy yourself in conjunction with the Miracle Permanent Archive Press 2CD.

★ Superb Mirak Experience to enjoy with amazing super high sound quality new source! ! This is the number one video title this year.

本編プレス2CDは、グラハムの全キャリアでも最高峰のクオリティで「生演奏版DOWN TO EARTH」を楽しめる奇跡のライヴアルバムです。そのボーナスには超絶クオリティの「動くDOWN TO EARTH」をご用意致しました。
実のところ、先日リリースされた『TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT(Shades 1056)』の映像編やギフト盤でもご紹介した映像なのですが、本作はさらにアップグレード。本編プレス2CDの超絶録音をシンクロさせているのです。前回盤を体験された方ならすでに心ときめかせていると思いますが、ご存じない方のためにおさらいしますと本作に収められているのは、本編プレス2CDと同じ「2019年5月31日:TSUTAYA O-EAST」公演。その超・極上オーディエンス・ショットです。区分上「オーディエンス」と書くしかないのですが、本作のクオリティはその言葉からイメージされるものとはかけ離れています。こちらも撮影者本人から譲られたオリジナル・マスターなのですが、これがもう超・超……超・極上!
安定しまくる巨顔についつい書き忘れてしまいましたが、視界も絶景。後方席とは言っても1階ではないらしく、視線はステージ上のメンバーとほぼ同じ高さ。1階席の観客の遙か頭上を素通りしてステージを直視。広々と開けた視界に飛び込むのはステージのみなのです。この絶景ぶり、見事なカメラワーク、安定感……事実としてはオーディエンス・ショットなのですが、(テレビのR●CK CITYでよくあるような)ワンカメ・プロショットとしか思えない。少なくとも、会場設営の関係者ショットと言われた方がよほど納得する超絶映像なのです。

超絶の光景と超絶のサウンド。いずれも客席記録の限界を力ずくで押し広げてしまうようなクオリティであり、それが相互に高め合う奇跡の映像作品です。そして、その中身がキャリア・ハイと言われる絶好調のグラハムであり「動くDOWN TO EARTH」。それこそ『METALLIC LIVE』『POWER LIVE』にも匹敵する超絶の1枚。どうぞ、奇跡の永久保存プレス2CDと併せてじっくりとご堪能ください。


1. Intro 2. Eyes Of The World 3. All Night Long 4. Love’s No Friend 5. Danger Zone
6. Makin’ Love 7. Since You Been Gone 8. No Time To Lose 9. Lost in Hollywood
10. Night Of The Shooting Star 11. Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
12. Hiroshima Mon Amour 13. Jet to Jet 14. General Hospital 15. Starcarr Lane
16. Kree Nakoorie 17. Guitar Solo 18. Desert Song 19. Night Games
20. Rock You to the Ground 21. Stand in Line 22. Leviathan 23. We Won’t Be Forgotten
24. Tonight I Fly 25. Long Island Tea 26. Assault Attack 27. Into the Night
28. Goodnight and Goodbye

COLOUR NTSC Approx.137min.

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