YES / West Palm Beach 1998 / 1 DVDR

YES / West Palm Beach 1998 / 1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Mars Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA 8th August 1998.

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Main press 2CD is a large masterpiece that will the “Igor Koroshefu & Billy Sherwood entering YES” only Japan tour to experience superb sound. In the bonus, will gift you a multi-camera professional shot that contains the full show of Japan just before. How much of it was just before, so that you realize it, Let’s look at an overview of again “OPEN YOUR EYES AND 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”.

– October 1997 – 12 May: North American tour # 1 (43 performances)
– February 1998 – April: The European tour (46 performances)
– May 1998: Central and South America tour (13 performances)
– June 1998 – August: North American tour # 2 (41 performances) [this work] – October 1998: Japan tour (5 performances) ← main press 2CD

In this way, in front of the Japan tour is “North American tour # 2” I mean that has been done, that the present work has been taken in the last day, “August 8, West Palm Beach performance in 1998”. In other words, the prize of “1 co before the Japan tour”.
This work that contains the such North America last day, wonderfully vivid image. And say normal “multi-camera Pro shot”, but reminded the Migakikoma video beauty, such as official works and television broadcasting, this work is a little different. Of course, I have is to leverage the myriad of camera, the touch is very behind-the-scenes style. At first glance, I seem also to stage the screen, because the site screen do not see in, it might have been taken any time for recording venue. Sound also did the same, rough mix different from the broadcasting sound source and official sound source while vivid in the fiercely direct. Such as the vocals there is also a scene that becomes slightly over-peak, is so to speak, the nuances, such as the IEMs.
Although we have somehow no longer know what is crying down what has been recommended, the charm of these rough edges vividness is also underground unique. Precisely calculated as broadcast video, although not a choreographed cut split, that’s why there is also plenty of surprising scene, it is full of back feeling of the staff point of view. Particularly interesting is, Steve Howe closer to the camera. Hand pat a windup has been quite Fichua, seen until the scene to bring back the musical instrument that does not worship the usual multi-camera. Further, in the solo time addition of “The Little Galliard / Mood For A Day” and “Clap”, do not listen to the main press 2CD “Second Initial” is also showing off. Or virtuosity of the acoustic guitar is even this! If you can witness up close. Furthermore begin is further led to Igor solo appearance wearing a “Long Distance Runaround” The Mexican Hat! Heck why …. Of course, not only how, each person of interest / listening to far from pat. Especially to Goriggori bass sound of Chris Squire is such vividness is played in the brain, you can enjoy plenty of hand also vividly intense myopia point in the solo time.

Main press 2CD, which was a total sound well-equipped beautiful audience recording, of this work is completely different super-modern and direct connection with Japan Tour world. Main the imagination of the press 2CD not just us out on a “sight”, gorgeous set Tsukuseru taste in two different world the band potential that was Tokushutsu in the 1990s. Please, please enjoy plenty together.

本編プレス2CDは、“イゴール・コロシェフ&ビリー・シャーウッド入りYES”唯一の来日公演を極上サウンドで体験させてくれる大傑作です。そのボーナスには、来日直前のフルショウを収めたマルチカメラ・プロショットをお贈りします。どれほど直前だったのか、それを実感いただくため、ここで再び“OPEN YOUR EYES AND 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”の概要を見てみましょう。

・1998年6月-8月:北米ツアー#2(41公演) 【本作】
・1998年10月:日本ツアー(5公演) ←本編プレス2CD

なんだかお薦めしてるのか貶しているのか分からなくなってきましたが、こうした荒削りな生々しさがまたアンダーグラウンドならではの魅力。放送映像のように精緻に計算、演出されたカット割りではないものの、だからこそ意外なシーンもたっぷりとあり、スタッフ視点の裏側感覚が溢れている。特に面白いのは、スティーヴ・ハウ寄りのカメラ。手元もバッチリなドアップが結構フィーチュアされており、普段のマルチカメラでは拝めない楽器を持ち帰るシーンまで見られる。さらにソロタイムでは「The Little Galliard/Mood For A Day」や「Clap」のほか、本編プレス2CDでは聴けない「Second Initial」も披露。アコースティックギターの妙技がこれでもか!と間近に目撃できます。さらにさらにイゴールのソロに導かれて始まる「Long Distance Runaround」ではメキシカン・ハットを被って登場! 一体なぜ……。もちろん、ハウだけではなく、各人の見どころ/聴きどころもばっちり。特にクリス・スクワイアのゴリッゴリなベース・サウンドは脳内で再生されるような生々しさですし、ソロタイムでは手元も鮮やかに激近視点でたっぷりと堪能できます。


1. Firebird Suite 2. Siberian Khatru 3. Rhythm Of Love 4. Yours Is No Disgrace 5. Open Your Eyes
6. And You And I 7. Heart Of The Sunrise 8. The Little Galliard/Mood For A Day
9. Second Initial 10. Clap 11. Wonderous Stories 12. Khoroshev Solo 13. Long Distance Runaround
14. Whitefish/Alan White Solo/Ritual 15. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 16. Close To The Edge
17. I’ve Seen All Good People 18. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar Chris Squire – Bass Alan White – Drums
Billy Sherwood – Guitar Igor Khoroshev – Keyboards


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