YES / Apocalypse San Diego / 2CDR

YES / Apocalypse San Diego / 2CDR / Galaxy

Live At Balboa Stadium San Diego, CA July 18th 1976. Audience

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From the 1976 YES American Tour, the performance at Balboa Stadium in San Diego, California on June 4th will be released with a new excavation sound source of the high-quality audience recording master!

The live performance at this time when Patrick Moraz was newly welcomed as a keyboard player after releasing the album “Relayer” showed the number from the album “Relayer” which requires advanced technique, and the rare Beatles cover ” “I’m Down” is shown in Angkor.

YES Collector is a noteworthy title as a valuable record of the 1976 tour that cannot be overlooked! !!




01. Apocalypse (Intro)/02. Siberian Khatru/03. Sound Chaser/04. I’ve Seen All Good People/05. The Clap/06. The Gates Of Delirium

01. Moraz Keyboard Solo/02. Ritual/03. Roundabout/04. I’m Down

Live At Balboa Stadium, San Diego, CA July 18th 1976



Galaxy. GX 140A/B

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