YES / Yes 50 Boston 2018 / 2CDR

YES / Yes 50 Boston 2018 / 2CDR / Galaxy

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Live At The Wilbur Theater, Boston, MA July 10th 2018 Audience

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The latest live instrument of Jesus arriving in 2018 continuing the 50th anniversary tour arrived! July 10, 2018 Completed performances from Boston Wilbur Theater, Massachusetts, from the highest quality high-quality audience recording master. The set list also changed so far and the opening started from “crisis”. A set list including recent numbers such as “Nine Voices” from “Ladder” album and “We Can Fly” from “Fly from From” is an attention. On this day, Alan White participates in drums from “Awaken Kun”, and from “You Are No Disgrace” to “Encore’s Starship Truper” Tony Kay also joined the keyboard and it is the latest live sound source not to miss!


01. Close To The Edge
02. Nine Voices (Longwalker)
03. Parallels
04. Mood For A Day
05. Leaves Of Green
06. Fly From Here Part I : We Can Fly
07. Sweet Dreams
08. Heart Of The Sunrise

01. Perpetual Change
02. Does It Really Happen?
03. Soon
04. Awaken (with Alan White)
05. Yours Is No Disgrace (with Alan White, Tony Kaye)
06. Roundabout  (with Alan White, Tony Kaye)
07. Starship Trooper  (with Alan White, Tony Kaye)
◆Live At The Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA July 10th 2018

Galaxy. GX 084A/B

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